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﹙ strong looks good on you ┊ joining. ﹚
« on: July 03, 2022, 08:43:13 PM »
she was no longer a young girl; she was a woman. a woman who had been through a ton of hell to get where she was, and she wouldn't trade that hellish journey for the world. she grew from it, she learned from it. without the past she would not be the dylan she was today, and to her that was a dark thought. sure, it was difficult some days, but it wasn't anything she couldn't handle. her father was long gone and heaven above could only know where her old friends were at. her old stomping grounds were no longer a home, but instead a memory of the past that she looked fondly upon. she wondered if many of her old friends, old "crushes", were doing good. if they had found the loves of their lives, if they had a family of their own. a lot can happen over the course of a few years.

as much as she appreciated the years to herself, and the few strangers she met on the way, she was lonely. she had discovered a lot about herself and her identity. she had lost a lot of those close to her and watched relationships fade. she had lost her own furry friend, ollie, during her journey of self-discovery. wherever he had run off to, she hoped that he had found himself a new family. it was probably for the best, anyway; some days were a struggle for her and he deserved a family that would give him the best care he deserved. she was just glad her trusty steed was still by her side.

speaking of said trusty steed, dylan was sat atop the equine. and as they walked towards the start of northstar district's territory, she could see the hustle and bustle of bodies and it brought a feeling of relief over the woman. she took in a heavy breath, exhaling slowly so as to calm her nerves. she had not stayed in one place for long, and to find herself a proper home again was all that dylan desired. they came to a stop at last and she hopped off of desert rose, praising the horse for all these years of service. she ran a hand over desert rose's neck, kissing her on the tip of her nose. dylan, with the reins in her right hand, stood tall beside the horse. she had done this enough times to know what needed to be asked of her. ❝ dylan hartmann, i'm looking to take residency here. if you will have me. ❞ she announced loudly.