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I WAS KING // Open
« on: November 26, 2022, 07:45:01 PM »
Lillith had realized recently that stealing was pretty easy, as long as you put on a smile.

She tried to stretch her money for as long as she could. She survived on what she could find in trash bins or what she could buy for cheap. She was still living in the same clothes she came in, having washed them in the ocean. Considering how much of a struggle getting through the day was, she couldn't even begin to think about securing a place to live. So, she slept outside, and okay, maybe she snuck through a window or two when the nights were really cold. Could you blame her?

Maybe she had come off as too naïve. Each time she had waltzed into a shop or a bar, she had tried to come off as earnest and contain her excitement as she asked for a job. They all seemed to shoot her the same scowl, one that said you don't belong here. She knew she was younger than most here, and perhaps she was a bit excitable, but since when did that become a crime?

So, Lillith had resorted to actual crime instead of relying on whatever charm she thought she had. Strolling through the streets in broad daylight, she held three cans of beans that she figured she could stretch for a few days, a large carton of water, and a pretty striped blouse that had just been calling her name.