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Wilderness Rising is the animal game here on Bearbones alongside the human game, The New World. This game strays from realism where your imagination is free to run wild. Explore vast territories, cultures and beliefs deeply rooted in the heart of Wilderness Rising, a world where humans no longer exist and animals can thrive. Creatures are all unique to one another; different species, sizes, abilities and more. Many creatures even possess powers which evolved following the nuclear fallout. Some of these animals have chosen to work together in groups, inhabiting unique territories across the map, and there has been disarray between groups and their difference in opinions.

Will your character pick a group to side with or will they explore the expansive loner lands and take in all that this fantasy world has to offer?

It was the year 2921 when the world as humankind knew it perished. Their greed had spiralled out of control and inspired anarchy, a state of mass disorder until, one day, a nuclear war devastated the world. This exchange wiped out the human race, reshaping the land and leaving a highly irradiated but colourful environment for the remaining species to survive in.

One hundred years on, survivors of the initial collapse have since passed on, but not without passing on their stories for future generations. Their legacy left behind deeply rooted customs and beliefs that are reflected in groups today, but it is quickly becoming apparent that some of these beliefs across groups seem to contradict one another, causing dissent and quarrels between groups.

Wilderness Rising (WNR) is made up of four main groups. The groups are Amphiria, Sequoia Springs, Neptune's Ridge and The Black Dog Motel. All of these groups are unique and unlike one another. There are also the Loner Lands, an extensive world where characters are not tied to any one allegiance. These groups have their own separate sub-boards whilst this main board reflects the Loner Lands.

There are no rules on how to make your characters, but there are helpful things that you should keep in mind. Names do not have to follow certain guidelines; you can name your character whatever you want, so long as it follows site rules and is PG-13. If giving your character powers is something you want to do, check out this list here!

Your character can also be whatever animal you want it to be, as long as it exists in real life or can be made via mutations. Also bear in mind that characters should not be human or any semblance of a humanoid creature; that species became extinct one hundred years ago!

Firstly, think of some character ideas that inspire creative freedom and muse for you! If you wish, you may even use this board to develop character concepts. Afterwards, create a subaccount for your character before making your first thread — it’s as simple as that! All groups auto-accept new members so, once you make your first post, feel free to post around the board! There are two main ways to bring your character into a group in Wilderness Rising.

Joining thread: By making a joining thread, your character is a newcomer to a particular group, whether your character purposefully approached a group’s territory in order to join their ranks or they were wandering through the territory, aware that it was inhabited. The story of why they are joining the group is up to you to decide!

Introduction thread: By making an introduction thread, it will be assumed that your character is already a member of a particular group and they are only now making themselves known IC!

In Wilderness Rising, official ranks are held by those who were promoted ICly or given a position via HP tryouts. Things to remember when trying to earn a HP: being friendly OOCly can help, and often high ranks should be available to help newer members get into the game! Being helpful to new members OOCly and ICly is a good quality for future high ranks.

Since this section of the site doesn't have staff influence, it is up to the members to step up when a leader falls inactive. Generally, inactivity consists of two weeks without posting in threads — OOC posts do not count towards activity.

Like all of the site, the WNR category follows the main rules stated here.
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