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the great perhaps
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fairy kid
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avvie credit: me its all mine i did it
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June 08, 2017, 10:11:01 PM
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About Me

hi there, my name is lark but it changes pretty frequently. i'm 15 which means compared to a lot of people on websites like this, i'm,,,, pretty much a baby but i really do try to fit in lmao. i do my best to be positive but it's incredibly difficult so please please be patient.
i'm physically disabled due to nerve damage in my hip. it kinda,, keeps spreading so walking and generally moving are difficult and painful. it's been this way for about 8 months so i'm honestly kind of tired of it, and it's part of the reason i don't always have a good attitude.
i also have anxiety, depression, and ptsd, along with other unspecified illnesses.

My Interests

i have had an intense obsession with phantom of the opera for 8 years now. i am ALWAYS down to talk about it.
i like homestuck but,, i don't talk about that bc of how 'cringy' it is. same goes for fuckin,,,,,,,,, undertale of all things (it's a good game i swear but the fandom is the worst)
i like marvel movies (my favorite is black widow- i have like a mild crush on her)
i LOVE marching band. i play tuba and baritone (last chair but there's only three of us and most of my problems come from having a garbage instrument). my favorite time of year is marching competition season gosh i just. sit there and flap my hands excitedly. good stuff
i like john green books
i like books in general
morrigan/laika - 15 - they/them - mentally ill - disabled
doing my best to be a positive person!

on hiatus

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July 18, 2018, 01:25:48 PM

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