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Bonjour, je m'appelle ASmallEveryone mais je préfère Every. That was French for "Good day, my name is ASmallEveryone but I prefer Every". I did not use google translate just then; I actually have taken three French classes at my high school but, unfortunately, I never get to use what I have learned because no one speaks French around where I live. I am eighteen years old and am an American citizen who lives in EST. According to my mother, I have been all over the country but I don't remember hardly any of it due to the fact that I was a baby/toddler/small child then. When I am not doing school work or learning to drive, I usually bide my time drawing, writing, reading, riding my bike, or playing video games. I plan on becoming a Paleontologist while being an author on the side as a hobby. Despite the fact that I would like to publish books later on in my life, I do not do as much reading as I did when I was younger. I've read more books than I can count or remember. The last books I finished were The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon and The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue. I was working on The Sight by David Clement-Davies but I had to set it aside for a book that was assigned by my Biology teacher (Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin). As mentioned previously, I play video games; however, I will spare you any babbling on that. As for riding my bike, other than running/hiking, that's really the only "sport" that I engage in. I am not all that interested in sports in general and the only reason I don't participate in track or cross-country is simply because I cannot make those hurdles for the life of me. Concerning pets, sadly, I do not have any. My grandfather (the guardian in which I live with) will not let me have anything that sheds or could tear up the furniture. I could get something that could be kept in a cage (i.e. rodents, lizards, birds, etc.) or an aquarium, but I don't exactly enjoy those kinds of pets. I have had roughly seven cats, one lizard, and two fish over the course of my history. However, since my mother and I moved around quite a bit, we often had to depart with our beloved pets - except the fish, I was actually glad to get rid of them. I would like to go horseback riding and visit other parts of the world, eventually. I would also like to dabble in making 3D models for video games at some point, most likely while I am in college. As for me being a part of this website, I came here from FeralFront (FF). I haven't been around here for very long but I intend on sticking around for a bit (or, at least, as long as I can). The only role-playing I participated in on this website would be Warriors: The New Generation. I say that in past tense due to the fact that I am on somewhat of a hiatus for the time being - which is due to the fact that I have tons of work piled on me from the classes that I am currently taking. I suppose that is all I have for now; hopefully, I did not bore you. If you would like to shoot a PM my way with any concerns you may have or just want to chat, don't be afraid to (I've been told I am quite friendly). See you around!

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