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Creative Center / Re: no more trying so hard ⋅ ⋆ desolate
« Last post by sunny! on Today at 09:57:42 AM »
blessed :'^)

good idea!! i love him!!
Other Roleplay / Re: BREATHE IN // private
« Last post by salem on Today at 09:47:44 AM »
it mostly tasted like a mix of apples, grapes, and lemon. "it's.. an energy bar of sorts."
« Last post by DAMIAN H. on Today at 09:45:23 AM »
/ your muse has unlocked my muse, apparently

Gratitude has always been a finicky emotion for Damian - it clogs his throat, stoppers up behind his tongue, and choking it out is never easy - but it would take aloofness beyond what he presently possesses to ignore the good fortune bestowed upon him. Initially, his life was quite literally intended for the dogs; Bruce and Dick ripped him from that timeline, though that makes it seem as though the transition was painful. In actual fact, he ought to consider himself lucky, given how he could very well still be eking out a living on those dreary streets, or even dead, claimed by disease, or the cold, or starvation, or some particularly vicious passerby, or a hungry and desperate dog. This life of his, with all its twisting, turning ups and downs, is still infinitely better than the alternative.

That being said, to claim that this existence has been easy would be to lie. Initially, it was the trauma of coming and going that set him on the course of instability, and then it was the taking and leaving - and now, it seems, plagued by a fear of abandonment, he prevents people from walking away by doing it first. Unhealthy coping mechanisms are his forte, perhaps a fact made evident by his split knuckles, and he isn't certain how to cut them out. Much like bad habits, they cling to him as much as he clings to them, steadying him even as they set him up for a fall. He would turn to his parents, but he's too small to comprehend the gravity of it all, and feels only the blinding rage in place of heavy reflection. He's never been good with emotions; that being said, he doesn't exactly have the greatest teachers. Trying to model yourself after champions in indomitability isn't the greatest way to learn softness.

Is it cruel of him to have wanted to escape his fathers' clutches just yet? Perhaps so - he owes them an explanation, but that knowledge is what keeps him anxious, bouncing a little on his toes and glancing nervously past Johannes. It isn't guilt that elevates his heart rate, but something darker; it's closer to fear, in the sense that it's cloying and uncomfortable, but he is not afraid of his parents. (A tiny sliver of him still cringes away from them, however, a remnant of that idle child rocking back and forth beneath a chair, fingers scraping unblemished skin and leaving angry marks in their wake. He loathes that part of him, but he can't seem to slay it, no matter what self-destructive, vicious techniques he tries. Perhaps he ought to be gentle with his trauma.)

The unexplainable mess of feeling is partially why he fails to meet his father's eye when he approaches, but Damian doesn't move away; he isn't certain what he's expecting, but this is not it, and the gentleness is as perplexing as the knots in his stomach. Worried. It's a word he despises, almost - and it flickers in his gaze, shame making itself known in the form of a minute frown and a trembling lower lip. "Sorry," he mumbles, almost tripping over the word - apologies are far more complicated than gratitude, and the agony of it feels like his chest's tearing open. He means it, in a way. The rue he had formerly denied himself twists through his veins like a serpent, and he curls his bloody fingers a touch, trying to grasp onto one of Win's fingers without really contemplating the action. It's easier than spouting his regret.

Alerting his parents of his whereabouts is not such a terrible punishment - in fact, it is no punishment at all. The crumbling of his confidence is enough retribution, though, he hopes, and he nods, watery eyes still on his shoes, rooted and unmoving even when Bruce kisses the top of his head, though he does waver a little, the tension in his shoulders abating. "Okay," he manages, small and unchallenging. "I got rabbits." The hunt seems to be the only thing he can focus on now, though his voice grows more whispery the longer he speaks about it.
« Last post by zenzan on Today at 09:43:09 AM »
Private bc she’d be less likely to run away if there was only one person lol

I can make tonight or tomorrow did you want me to @ your main or your sub?
Fandom Roleplay / Re: FUCKIN DANDY // private
« Last post by salem on Today at 09:42:48 AM »
he nodded and led him off once he had everything. "when do you have gym?"
Other Roleplay / Re: BREATHE IN // private
« Last post by Leafwing12 on Today at 09:41:04 AM »
He glanced down at the bar. Yeah...He was kind of hungry. He opened th bar and hesitated before eating it.
Fandom Roleplay / Re: FUCKIN DANDY // private
« Last post by Leafwing12 on Today at 09:40:05 AM »
Jack blinked and nodded. “Okay. Thank you.” Jack murmjred. He then grabbed what he needed
Helping Hub / Re: Y’all what guides do you wanna see
« Last post by salem on Today at 09:37:12 AM »
how to make a memorable character, maybe?
Fandom Roleplay / Re: FUCKIN DANDY // private
« Last post by salem on Today at 09:36:30 AM »
he nodded. "i know where that class is if you need help finding it." he said. "also, its best if you take everything you might need before lunch." he explained. "we don't get a lot of time between each bell."
Fandom Roleplay / Re: FUCKIN DANDY // private
« Last post by Leafwing12 on Today at 09:34:02 AM »
He blinked. "Nice name. He murmured. "...I have biology right now." He mrumrued.
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