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light bump, 2 days left!
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Spoiler: show
i know i shouldnt be so upset and fucking sobbing and being so overdramatic but when i remembered harry had a concert here in june i got so excited and i checked to see for tickets left and there were 2 on hold. i got excited but i couldnt do shit and they were gone and i sobbed?? i cried and im still crying?? bc i love him sm hes one of the reasons i smile his music makes me so happy HEmakes me so happy but now i cant see him for so long until he ever goes on tour again and ik he willl but i dont want to wait..

hi im emerson and i cry about 1000 times a day over harry styles
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there wasnt much change between the boy whod slowly become a man. there was a haunted, gaunt look in his eyes. he was still pale, his hands still twitched when people moved too close to him.

you have a look in your eyes, evan. it usually means youre about to do something im gonna pay for.
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eloise lyrics

« Last post by BUCK on Today at 03:55:35 PM »
Hey guys !!

And yeah same tbh I always let my characters just. Grow as I write. I'm getting really excited for Buck though alsdfk.
Character Creation / Re: off she goes dump
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she's so pretty and i Hate that all i have is her ig bc HOT DAMN IS SHE CUTE
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mmmm cleaning out ten years of my old stuff felt good i love destroying evidence of The Old Times im now under 10000 posts life is grand
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« Last post by mackinac. on Today at 03:50:23 PM »
thes made the code
full name: indiana noëlle roux.
   nicknames indie.
   aliases blackbird.
age: nineteen.
gender: demigirl.
    sex female.
    pronouns feminine (she / her) or neutral (they / them).
sexuality: bisexual.
    romantic demi-homoromantic.
    status single and currently not looking, though she could go for a night of fun every now-and-then.
rank: member.
    species human.

    — indie has the ability to not only communicate with the common blackbird, but with any other bird.
    — she has the talent of taking control over birds, call them her "minions".
    — indie has insanely good eyesight and abnormal reflexes, able to react much quicker than the average human.

    — indie has always looked as if there was a storm gathering in the dark depths of her eyes. both her hair and eyes have been a dark, burgundy that is rich in color.
    — rather tall, indie stands at a height of five feet seven inches. she has a more muscular frame, though it clings to its femininity with the softly hourglass shape she retains.
    — she tends to wear more neutral tones, though this doesn't consist of blacks, grays, and whites. she wears every color possible, though never bright and happy. they are dull and muted, such as an olive green or rich maroon. her superhero uniform consists of a close-fitting black jumpsuit.
direct family: adalene roux, mother, alive.
darren roux, father, alive.
    other relations nana lefevre, maternal grandmother, deceased.
louis lefevre, maternal grandfather, deceased.
birthplace: bourges, france.
history: as a child, indie didn't experience very much. she was typically kept near home, and she'd never traveled past the several other cities surrounding her birthplace. but as a young girl who didn't know any better, indie was happy with where her family was. as long as she had her parents she was content.

the first time indie moved, she was thirteen. she had developed a large base of friends which she had grown close to, all having lived together for a long period of time. so naturally they were all affected by the move. it sort of tilted indie's world to an awkward axis, displacing her in an unknown place with unknown people.

to recuperate, indie spent a lot of time with her maternal grandmother, nana. her family had moved to be closer to her, since she had begun to show signs of incoming major health issues. she found herself growing very close to her grandmother, and being with the elderly woman changed indie in small ways.

when her grandmother died, indie's world was yet again turned upside-down. this second move was a big one for fifteen-year-old indie. to a whole new country €” a whole new continent €” and she struggled with getting back on her feet. for the three years following the move, indie floundered. she discovered things about herself and others that she would rather have not found, and over all she just wished she were back in france.

a year after graduating, indie found her feet again. she had become accustomed to the differences between her hometown of france and this country, the united states of america. although she still struggled and grew confused, she had started fresh and put the past behind her.
traits: sly, observant, curious, humorous, creative, resourceful, irresponsible, protective, passionate, confused, flirtatious, debonair, courageous, overconfident, restless, daredevil, carefree, kind, distrusting.
    summary of persona although indie is kind and protective, she is generally more harsh and reluctant to care. years of strife have given her a fresh layer of traits. she is no longer the innocent child from france, but instead the flirty, overconfident thrill-seeker from the u.s. she loves the thrill of adventure and although she seems nosy, it is simply her incredible amount of curiosity showing through.

indie would never go back on her word, and she is eager and more than welcome to express this idea. she is loyal to the bone and even if she may seem like she could switch sides at the drop of a hat. she is picky with her friends and finds herself distrusting, having experienced the outcome of picking the wrong crowd to hang out with in the past.

fiercely protective, indie would risk her life for others. call it dumb courage, idiotic selflessness, or dangerous impulsiveness, she wouldn't hesitate to step in front of a flying bullet. though she is only found to do this for the people she cares for, if indie believed there was enough good in anyone she would do the same for them.
face claim astrid berges-frisbey.
« Last post by mackinac. on Today at 03:50:05 PM »
u rock !
curious △ dumb courage
alias: riven
human age: 21 years old
spiritual age: 67 years old
birthday: 01/26/1996
gender + pronouns: cisgender boy + he / him
sexuality: asexual demi-biromantic
main power: gravity manipulation
zodiac: aquarius
appearance: his faceclaim is park jaehyung
━ literally blind without his glasses, so he must wear them
━ hair the color of honey
━ pretty straight so its always static-y
━ really lean and athletic build
━ has an average height of 5 feet 10 inches
━ long fingers
━ sharp, defined jawline
━ holds a resemblance to chicken little
━ eyes the color of coffee beans
━ asks a lot of questions all the time, which often labels him as a nosy and annoying person
━ really cares about others. like, a lot
━ super easy to talk to, he can always make others laugh
━ laid-back and open, he's the least judgmental person on the face of the planet
━ so recklessly impulsive it's been labeled "dumb courage"
━ incredibly easily impressed
━ won't ever talk shit, though he isn't brutally honest
so weak for children
━ actually really sassy
━ can be the most unmotivated person ever
━ king of procrastination
━ lewd and flirty, he isn't shy at all
━ really empathetic (he'll start crying if someone else starts crying)
━ distracted by literally everything
━ the person who laughs really hard at the bad jokes and puns
━ comes from a really bland and lifeless planet called quifalm (kwee-follm)
━ he wasn't allowed to express very many of his emotions, his planet generally taking on a very monotonous and apathetic concept
━ began to rebel as he drew closer from graduating, which gave him trouble with the law
━ was really a bother to both his houseparents, who didn't take very well to raising rourke
━ at one point he fled his planet to annora yin's, where he sought refuge and got to know her for a period of time

power details:
━ gravity manipulation, also called gyrokinesis, is the ability that can bend gravity to make the environment very "heavy" or "light", cause objects to "fall" toward another object instead of the earth, flatten objects, and generate miniature black holes to compress objects into oblivion. they can repel and attract matter and energy regardless of its mass or move objects in a manner similar to telekinesis
━ he cannot bend gravity around himself, but he can manipulate the gravity around others to enhance their blows or lift them places
« Last post by mackinac. on Today at 03:49:49 PM »
— i'm blind and afraid, the colors of this sound like shape, the feast of words you never could say, and i'm torn apart, in the sun, there is red, the epitaph of an old record player, the sweetness in the salt of her hair, and there's no decision

FULL NAME: zion lee chronicle.
   name origin hebrew.
   meaning monument; raised up.
   nicknames none.
AGE: seventeen.
    dob the fifteenth of march.
    spiritual age nineteen.
GENDER: cisgender boy.
    sex male.
    pronouns masculine (he / him).
SEXUALITY: asexual.
    romantic homoromantic.
    status single.
ALLIANCE: camp half-blood, though he is neutral.
    previous alliances none.
RACE: korean-german demigod.
ABILITIES: he has the ability to communicate with plants, as well as modify the inner workings of beings' bodies.

PARENTS: his mother is demeter while his father is caspian chronicle.
    other relations he is half-siblings with the other demigods occupying the demeter cabin, but it was always just he and his father.
ORIGIN: sioux city, iowa.
EARLY YOUTH: he was born to his single father who worked in the agricultural field in iowa, being raised surrounded by the countryside.
ADOLESCENCE: later on he and his father moved out of iowa and into california, where he remained in the countryside.
LATE ADOLESCENCE: he began attending public school after living a life of being home-schooled his freshman year of high school and met the saytr who would later take him across the united states to camp half-blood.

TRAITS: introverted, dedicated, curious, gentle, humble, hardworking, passive, gullible, clumsy, oblivious, dreamy, caring, content, pessimistic, cautious, shy, hopeless romantic, easily embarrassed.
    summary of persona zion is very much the gentle giant sort. he towers at a tall six foot three and retains quite a hard face, but he is found often silent and drifting, almost always lost in his own world.

zion is the most unobservant human being on the face of the earth. he is oblivious to a great many things, which can make him both an embarrassment and joy to be around because of his complete cluelessness.

however, zion still keeps to himself and will never be found initiating conversation between anybody at any time. he seems to enjoy being by himself more than with others, which can be relatable if you've lived in the literal middle of nowhere a good chunk of your life.
    personality type isfp.
    tropes to be decided.
    alignment neutral.

  • he was always taller than everyone else his age.
  • immediately joined band when he transitioned into public school, playing tenor drums.
  • he is fluent in english and english sign language.
  • he has really nice handwriting and is often asked to write things for projects etc.
  • he wears a lot of earthy tones and it can range from shorts and a t-shirt to skinny jeans and a chunky turtleneck.
  • roadtrips are his life.
  • owns a journal which he uses to write his thoughts and other miscellaneous things in.
  • literally owned, like, seventy chickens once.

  • epitaph, hippo campus.
  • silence of siberia, lowercase noises.
  • automatic, the mowgli's.
  • the weight of living part two, bastille.
  • paradise, coldplay.
  • smile, galantis.

  • none.

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