Author Topic: are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training  (Read 521 times)

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are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training
« on: December 29, 2017, 10:13:32 AM »
[tags] ✦ there was too much happening, with not enough medics. six clans, and then come, were all shoved into one area together in order to flee horrible radiation, sickness, and further injury. the walk was a long one, herbs were lost and people were hurt. he had talked before leaving about the need and desire to take on an apprentice with the workload he had even then, but this was so much worse.

regardless of his mentor status or lack thereof, others needed to know basic herbs to treat themselves and others when he was not around. "all who want to learn more about basic herbs for emergencies and sickness, gather." he called out. it was strange, the stress had gotten to him so much that his fear of being loud and public speaking had vanished. then again, most of his internal worries were gone due to necessity. "i'll also be looking for young people to become my apprentice if they are willing, so gather if you're interested."

ooc ✦ howdy! so cori's going to pick up an apprentice (or two or so) of sorts in order to keep up with the workload of so many people and planting herbs and getting more medics and such. if you're interested in your character taking on this position, please leave a note in your post! and know that this isn't a promotion of any kind, as ranks don't exist yet. this is just for ic plot reasons and character development or your character becoming a medic under cori's wing.

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Re: are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2017, 10:30:20 AM »
  Medical training sessions were usually more effective than combat training sessions in her experience, mostly because there were few, if any, ways in which practicing with herbs could get someone seriously injured. Besides, there wasn't as much of a stigma attached to being inexperienced with medicine as there was to being untrained in combat. Few people were expected to know all there was to know about healing, so if you were upstaged at such a task, no one would hold it against you. With fighting, however, everyone was expected to know how to fight to at least some degree, and the loser of a sparring session was usually seen as "weaker" as a result. That wasn't a knock against learning how to fight- knowing how to ward off an attacker was an important skill, that everyone should be trained in, but that didn't change the fact that few people would participate in something that they knew they risked losing their reputation in.

  And that line of thinking is exactly why no one ever took you seriously.

  Forcing those intrusive thoughts out of her head- she couldn't afford to risk looking weak- the Utonagan approached the Malamute and offered them a nod. She had already learned the basics, but there was no harm in refreshing her memory, especially given how much she had already forgotten over the years. Taking a seat, she waited for other individuals to arrive; if she had to guess, Pip and Lucky would likely be among them.
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Re: are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2017, 12:15:14 PM »
Living in a group brimming with people was not comfortable for him, but he seemed to slip into their way of life easy enough - but that might just be them trying to adjust to the shock of their situations, so it was easier than having joined before, when everything had been set in place and there were rules. And, of course, a leader to steer the ship - now there was only this mess. But he was surprised. You'd think it would be worse. But everything was... surprisingly calm.

He'd been resting when the call was made, and curiosity brought him over, standing up on achy limbs just to saunter in hearing range of what was happening. An herb training? It was a smart decision on the male's part, nothing he was against, because they actually needed it when people were showing up hurt left and right and they didn't have enough time in the world for the few medics they did have to tend to all of them. If everyone knew a little bit on how to heal themselves, though... they could actually get things done. So he approached a little bit closer, the promise of knowledge tugging at the corners of his mind and stirring a feeling of anticipation in his stomach.
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Re: are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2017, 12:18:08 PM »
revolution remembered when he had studied medicine in his younger years. he had back out almost instantly because having to set dimes and stop bleeding had freaked him out. of course, he had been young at the time, and now he knew that they would need healers. "i guess i'll join in, but uh.. before we start, what do you use on cracked paw pads?" he asked, lifting a paw to look at his cracked paw pads.

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Re: are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2017, 01:19:13 PM »
Corban knew nothing about herbs or healing, but he'd never really needed it. The scars lightly littering his body were all trophies, signs that he'd made it and he was strong.

Though now he had to tend to the loss of a limb, and he supposed learning something about the way these clanners healed might help. He limped to the spot where the canine had called out and laid down to watch and listen. He had no interest in becoming a healer, but this was still useful information.
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Re: are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training
« Reply #5 on: December 29, 2017, 06:32:52 PM »
Viribus firmly believed what would save the Clans would be training- harsh, constant, and mandatory. Now that they were forced together, only the strongest would prevail, and a bunch of leaves wouldn't do much but slow down the inevitable.

The only reason he was there was that the whole apocalypse scenario had worsened his constant headaches. The dark male could feel the two points of pressure in his head getting worse, and he thought maybe the dog would know how to solve his problem. "I don't care about your training-" He began with a raspy, irritated voice. Ever word he said only made the pain worse. "Just give me something for headaches." He demanded as he softly placed his paw on his head.
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Re: are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training
« Reply #6 on: January 01, 2018, 03:43:06 PM »
[tags] ✦ Cori let a small grin grace his cheeks as more approached. At least some were interested in herbs. It was nice to have others around where he got to do nothing but talk about his passion. He hoped he didn't move too quickly. At the question of cracked pads, he stood a little taller. "Perfect, a demonstration. Come up here and I can show everyone how it's done."

Licoricetwist patted the ground while he got out herbs. "Coltsfoot is the best herb for cracked pads. Due to the trip, we're almost out of it, but any other herb for wounds, as well as yarrow, works as well. Now, coltsfoot," he searched around for the flower, pulling it out and showing everyone its long, thin petals, "looks very similar to a dandelion, but with less petals, a bigger center, and slightly bigger. Unlike the dandelion, we don't use the flower. We use the leaves." He stripped the flower of it's leaves, shredded it, and chewed it into a pulp. "It grows best by running water in the spring, so understandably, it's a little hard to find this time of year."

"This here is a beech leaf. It comes from a tree. Nothing special, but when dried right they can be used to carry herbs in bundles and wrap up wounds." The pulp was put onto leaves. He gestured for Rev to put his paw on it and finished securing them in place. "It has to be kept on, and if you're going to be moving a lot, well... Don't. Take them off if you have to. If you don't have beech leaves, cob webs can hold the herbs on, but you'd have to stay still and turn your paws up so the herbs won't get everywhere."

He frowned at Viribus. "As healers, we help everyone. Even if we don't want to sometimes. Keep that in mind." Cori dug around for feverfew, holding up a wad of it. "This is feverfew. It grows in big bunches, kind of like a bush, with little white and yellow flowers that look like daisies and soft leaves. It's used often to the chills or fever, but it works very well of headaches. If you're running low -- which, we are -- poppy does the trick too." Licorice pushed the small bundle of feverfew in front of him to eat, flowers and all, and three poppy seeds.

"Now... Does anyone know the difference between these two seeds? Are they the same?" He pushed forward two piles of nearly identical looking seeds.

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Re: are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training
« Reply #7 on: January 01, 2018, 03:54:16 PM »
/ sorry my muse is horrible.

rev would do as he's told, moving up to cori formhe demonstration and then slowly moving to the side. he looked to the seeds and narrowed his eyes for a moment. "i think.. one of those is foxglove, right?" he asked curiously, trying to get a closer look. "i hear their easily mixed up because they look so similar."


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Re: are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training
« Reply #8 on: January 01, 2018, 08:57:13 PM »
Medic training, eh? The male feline's interest sparked by the sound and thought of it. He crawled out of his nest that Cori made and heaved a painful grunt. He took a seat next to the healer and mused. "I'm just watching."
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Re: are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training
« Reply #9 on: January 02, 2018, 09:44:32 AM »
both the announcement and the scent of greens drew bub into the crowd, his expression turning from new curiousity to delight. adjusting the little blue bowtie on his neck, his mind numbing the thoughts of his parents and their minds that gushed with dreams and hope, he observed the first minutes of the session. he had brought his burlap bag when he was rushing over, and thankfully, it had the bare essentials, the few herbs he had remembered.

slipping between the growing group, he arrived near the front, able to see the seeds as little blurry specks. squinting, the forms became more detailed. studying the minute differences that he could, he added, ”aren’t the other ones poppy seeds?” stories of mistaking foxglove seeds and poppy seeds had not gone unheard by his ears, the grave endings often including death, especially with children. it was a horrible mistake, or in some cases not a mistake at all, more brutal and cowardly than using teeth and claws to murder. his mind hurt at the thought of having to deal with being the one who couldn’t tell the difference and not being able to save someone. guilt was his own weakness, if he messed up so much his clumsiness earned a body count he might’ve burned into mere dust with shame.
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Re: are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training
« Reply #10 on: January 05, 2018, 06:27:35 PM »
Knowing herbs was something that Angel needed to know, but had never found the opportunity for anyone to teach him, as most adults were rude assholes who expected his respect without first earning it. Luckily, Licorice was near his own age and was far from someone he disliked. As he ambled up, he easily settled across from the malamute with a considerably more open expression that what he would have, if it was anyone else. "So, we know that one is foxglove and a poppy seed. What's the difference?" He arches a fictional eyebrow at the malamute, eyes questioning in nature.

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Re: are you going to scarborough fair? ✦ open, herb training
« Reply #11 on: January 05, 2018, 06:33:34 PM »
Is even meeting a healthy idea ・゚✧
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They had a healer? He hadn't been aware that they had a medic in the group, but it was good to know they did. He did have an interest in learning, so he decided to join in on the teaching session to learn.  He started towards the back of the group but slowly made his way forward so he could actually see. He didn't really know anybody here, like, at all. Maybe he should remedy that at some point. He kept a mental note of what did what. Coltsfoot for cracked paws, beechleaf or cobweb to hold herbs in place. Feverfew for fevers, easy to remember. Poppyseeds for pain? hadn't he seen that before in his twoleg home? Huh. Well than. And people were saying the other was fox glove. Oh! He knew that one! "Foxglove makes a cat really sick, right?"
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