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hit me with your best shot ; p
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trigger warnings mentions of alcohol, blood, mentions of eating disorder, trauma, injuries, things you would expect a doctor to do.

tags  21 years old, easy-medium opponent, nonviolent interactions are open, pm or ask for violent interactions.
"speech" 'thought' text

Snow. She actually liked the white mass that steadily grew on the mountain even as spring approached. There was still a month or so until the snow would lighten up, then in the late spring the passes might open. She would be glad, for, while she loved Flintlock, she hated the trapped feeling she got up here with all the snow. While she could travel down, it would be hard.

She was out in the village, a coat wrapped around her slender form, her hands thrust deep into the pockets to keep them warm, for, while she had mittens they had holes in them, and she wasn't ready to fix them up. She'd just finished a pair for Eddie, which she'd left wrapped in her home with a note. She didn't know the right time to give them to the man.

Her dark eyes looked around the half deserted village. Most people lived up in the lodge, but she liked the freedom and independence she had down here. A sled was looped around her arm and as she trudged towards the edge of the village she wondered if she'd even find anything, but she had seen a few saplings earlier and wanted to confirm they where what she suspected them to be. She didn't tell anyone where she was going, or that she was going, or even when she'd be back.

They didn't need to worry about her.
Maisie Lane is a 21 year old, woman, she is very compassionate and understanding, dedicated to the art of healing, she is a member of Flintlock Lodge. Maisie is calm in most situations. She is a mild to medium opponent and a bit of a mess, feel free to power play nonviolent interactions.