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Post by: truce. on February 16, 2021, 02:16:11 PM
Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that we have revamped the shop! All items are limited to The New World as Wilderness Rising has no restrictions on what can or cannot realistically be obtained in the game. Weapons are organised by type, and explosives are organised by usage rather than quality.

Additionally, we have an exciting new addition to the shop. We have removed the option to purchase a solar powered grid and instead replaced this with the opportunity to obtain an Alternative Power Source of your choice: solar, wind or water power! Hopefully this will open up different opportunities to produce realistic plots as some locations in The New World would benefit from different sources of alternative power.

As well as this, to adhere to the realism seen in this game, mutations have now been limited solely to natural genetic mutations on animals or plants — anything which will benefit the quality of your character's life. This may be a genetic mutation for their dairy cow to produce a higher quantity of milk or their corn crops to grow all year round rather than seasonally etc.

The shop is fully stocked once more and now categorised based on the type of item you are searching for. Hopefully this will make your experience a lot easier when purchasing items for your character!