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Creative Center / death note ┊ blurbs
« on: October 11, 2021, 03:36:21 AM »
this is just a place where i'm gonna store my random lil blurbs n everything! feel free to track!

Creative Center / goodnight moon ┊aesthetic storage
« on: October 10, 2021, 04:42:24 PM »
just a place to where im gonna store my aesthetics n moodboards! feel free to track!

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« on: May 14, 2021, 03:49:54 PM »
hey guys! staff has a few updates and announcements to make about various things so we decided to sum it all up into one post!

firstly, both wynter and cygnus have decided to take a step back from the staff team due to personal reasons. we appreciate all of the help you contributed throughout your times on the team!

next on the list, some aesthetic updates and announcements about the site! as you may or may not have noticed, all of the icons are officially updated and matching! this is our first step towards making the site look a bit nicer and to just change it up in general since it's been the same since the start. we also started the process of deleting most to all of the old skins to clear up space and clutter to make new ones, so keep your eyes open for those in the near future! going off of that, we also have plans on moving around various categories and sub-categories to make it more cohesive and easy to navigate. this will be happening as we update with new skins.

to finish things up, we wanted to bring notice to the small drought bearbones is in right now, which almost always happens around this time of year. we hope that finals are going well / went well for those in school and hope to see activity pick up soon!

we will keep everyone updated as we work on these exciting new changes!

Private Threads / an untold story ┊ LAYNE (P)
« on: March 02, 2021, 03:32:59 AM »
a cloud of smoke left gemma's lips as she exhaled, kicking sand up from the ground as she hopped down off of bullet. she took the time to take in her surroundings, dropping the cigarette on the ground and stepping on it with the heel of her boot. she turned around to lightly pat the black horse on the neck, leading him to a small stream so he could have a drink. "wait here until i hollar, got it?" she knew he didn't understand a single word she said, but he was a good horse and wouldn't wander off too far and would come running when she called. she took the gun and bow that were attached to the saddle and put them around her shoulders before starting to finish the rest of the way on foot.

her pace slowed down as she got closer, the smoke from a recently extinguished fire giving the hint that the area was just up ahead. gemma crouched down once she saw the figure of someone walking around the makeshift camp, waiting behind a tree as she watched and thought of a plan in her head. his back was to her, so in the end she decided to carefully make her way closer before eventually tackling him to the ground. with a few swift moves, she had his arms and legs hogtied together, something she had gotten quite good at throughout the years.

after tightening the knot, a small chuckle left her lips before she stood up straight and began to flip the guy around. her eyes slowly narrowed she she examined the attractive face that was very different from the drawings of the target that she had seen. "who the hell 're you, pretty boy?" she made no move to let him free, even though it was so painfully obvious that she had gotten the wrong guy. instead, she took a step away from him and settled her hands on her hips, staring down at him. after pacing around him, she stopped once again before crouching beside him, flicking some of his hair out of his face. "ya weren't suppose to be a decoy to help let that bastard get away, were ya?" her voice was low this time as she spoke, unaware that he had been another bounty hunter looking for her target. "i sure hope not... it wouldn't end well for ya."

Creative Center / it gets freezing here after dark ┊dump
« on: September 21, 2020, 06:33:51 AM »
welcome to my new dump! my old one was alive for so long, but it was finally time to let her retire. feel free to track and chat!

i dont think anyones gonna be reading this besides scully and i but just in case, this is a zombie apocalypse themed thread so tw in advance for violence and death
h o l l a n d m a t t h e w s.
holland had probably been the most unlikely person to still be alive during this type of shit. truth be told, if something happened to mack and he didn't make it back to the apartment like he did, she probably would have died right within the first hour when it started. mack did go back for her, though, and they went to be with their family and she was still here, learning how to survive and deal with this one day at a time. having bradley with them had definitely helped with her anxiety, she felt safe and comfortable with him around. when mack had died, she spiraled for a little bit from losing her twin, the fact that they had no contact with bradley during that time due to the power outage definitely didn't help that out either. she was grateful to at least have the others around still, but mack and bradley had always been the two people who could actually help calm her down when her anxiety was too much, something the others had struggles with.

holland had been out collecting water with bradley to stock up on it, just in case there weren't very many places to find some during their next few days of traveling to the community they had heard about. during their trip to get water, they ended up coming across another survivor, the two ultimately deciding to help amor out and have her join them back to camp. holland wasn't the most social person when it came to meeting new people, she often had a tough time trusting people and overall just being comfortable around them, but amor was nice and kind and she had found her talking to the other woman more than she would to most strangers, which was a little surprising to even herself.

we're almost there. ❞ she mentioned lightly to amor, her voice slightly out of breath. holland wasn't the strongest person alive, so even with the help of bradley, she was struggling a little bit to help carry amor back to their temporary camp on top of the long distance they had to walk. she didn't mind helping her out, though, she liked helping others. ❝ once we get back, you can sit for awhile before we leave so you can rest your leg more. ❞ she adjusted her arm around amor, looking over to offer her a small smile. eventually, they neared camp, alyx announcing their arrival before going to help andres takeover getting amor to a comfortable place to sit down so holland and bradley could rest too. holland took her backpack off, unzipping it to get out her canteen, taking a sip of it as ajax walked over to talk with her and bradley. her eyebrows furrowed at what he said, setting her backpack down after she put the canteen back in it. ❝ she needed our help. ❞ holland told him, walking past him to go and sit down with the others, listening to nate as he started to ramble on about some story.

a j a x f o r r e s t e r.
ever since the world went to shit, there wasn't a day that went by where ajax didn't think about the day that they had lost their mom. it had been a little over a week into the apocalypse when they had all decided they needed to leave and go somewhere else. they were starting to run low on supplies due to the size of their group, their family and extended family alone were enough to pass as a small community of survivors sticking together, which it technically was, though the roots ran deeper than just the average group of people trying to make it through this world together. they were scavenging through a grocery store when he had heard a scream come from his mother towards the back of the store. he had reached her just in time to witness one of the dead biting her shoulder, his heart sinking as he shoved it off of her and stabbed it in the head.

there was still the same guilt he felt that day lingering within him, the guilt of feeling responsible for the death of his and alyx's mom. he felt stupid for not checking the store more than he had, he looked throughout the aisles, but the idea of checking for back rooms didn't cross his mind until it was too late. he had started thinking of that moment again as he was taking down one of the tents, his eyes focused on one of the hooks that kept it tied to the ground. he could feel his throat tightening up, eyebrows knitting together in frustration at himself. he needed to keep the others safe. he couldn't lose another person - not like that.

hey, they're back!

alyx's voice pulled him back to reality and his head turned to look towards the opening of their campsite as holland and bradley made their way over, eyes squinting slightly at the sight of their 'plus one'. he stood up, brown eyes still watching as alyx and andres had swapped out with the other two to help the stranger sit down. he focused on them for a few more moments before shifting his attention to bradley and holland, crossing his arms over his chest. ❝ she's going to slow us down with her leg like that, we're already behind schedule as is. ❞ they didn't really have a solid schedule, but they had plans to go to a community and ajax wanted to get there as quick as possible, he didn't like being out in the open like this with no walls to keep the family safe. he watched briefly as holland walked away, before looking towards bradley.


Advanced Roleplay / I SEE THE LIGHT > p
« on: November 24, 2019, 03:54:13 AM »
you're amazing!
u rock !
the loud and lively sounds of the pub had transitioned into the eerie silence that enveloped the tunnel hook hand showed them. normally, it would have sent shivers down honey's spine but the adrenaline was still rushing through her veins from the excitement she just experienced with the ruffians and thugs mother had previously warned her about, but with most things, she soon realized there was more than what you saw on the surface and they were actually delightful.

there was a small skip in her step as she walked alongside lysander, looking down at monet as she weaved through honey's legs with each step she took which made her let a small giggle. eventually monet climbed up her leg and side to her shoulder before going behind her neck some and rested on her shoulders. honey finally looked over to her guide and smiled. "soooo, lysander. where ya from?" apparently the trip took more than one day, so she figured she might as well get to know him, right?

General OOC / who do you know me by
« on: June 12, 2019, 09:16:48 PM »
im jumping in on this too because im Curious
what character did you first know me by? what character do you think of when you think of finny?

i have a lot of characters but these are my like
tnw characters i did the,, most with? idk
Spoiler: show
jordan, willow, juliette, azaria, creed, maika, fallon

Advanced Roleplay / i will love you without any strings attached - p
« on: April 30, 2019, 08:12:34 PM »
how long had she been tied up for? jordan did keep track at first but after the first two weeks all of the days began to be a blur and she couldn't keep up with it. they were saying that they thought she was the second kira, which was bizarre to her. she had admired kira and liked his idea of making the world into a better place but there was no way that she could be the second kira that showed up. wouldn't someone remember doing something like that?

after the test e had wanted to try out, the chief drove the duo to the new base for the task force. she stuck close by thorne's side as he lead them into the main room after all of the security precautions. her eyebrows furrowed together at the stranger sitting weirdly in one of the desk chairs as the chief addressed him. so this was the worlds best detective she had heard about. she didn't know what she was expecting him to look like, but it wasn't quite.... this.

jordan pursed her lips and put her hands on her hips as she watched someone handcuff thorne and e together. "so this is what you meant by keeping him around you 24/7." her blue eyes finally trailed up to look at e. "how are we suppose to go on dates with you around?" jordan and thorne weren't actually dating, it had been a cover up for something she couldn't even remember currently, but she did her best to make it seem as real as possible.


Helping Hub / TNW interest check
« on: March 04, 2019, 04:26:11 PM »
would anybody be interested in this group?? sksksk

Flintlock Lodge / ◜ . walk the line ┊double joining . ◞
« on: March 03, 2019, 08:59:43 PM »
there was always countless times throughout the day where cobain had to stop and think of how she ended up in the situation she was in. curiosity always had gotten the best of her and her need for adventure only made her decisions worse. lately it seemed as if her "let me make bad decisions" gene was taking over. first, she had tried to take stuff from a old train station that she knew someone was still staying in. when she ran off after that she found herself in yet another pickle that the person she was about to steal from helped her out of. she had ended up staying with oliver, finally deciding that human interactions might be good for her again. he didn't talk much and cobain was pretty certain that he didn't really want her around but in the end it was his dogs that had made her decision to stick around.

the last situation she was put in wasn't really coby's fault but nonetheless she still felt bad because ollie had gotten sick trying to save her and mukluk who had gotten off her leash and was chasing after a small animal. cobain went chasing after her and due to the deep snow that covered everything in sight she didn't have the chance to realize that they had ran right out onto a lake that had only a layer of thin ice from keeping them from falling through. cobain found that out pretty damn quick though because before she could react both her and the dog had fallen through and got pushed farther into the water under the ice.

oliver had once again saved her though, punching the ice to pull them out of the water. when he ended up falling into the ice cold water as well, cobain felt bad. but when he had ended up being the one to get sick she felt horrible. he kept repeating that he was going to be fine and didn't need help but when she found him unconscious one night she made up the decision to help him like he had helped her.

he had just started teaching her the very basics of dog sledding, so with oliver unconscious it was difficult for her to direct the dogs to the lodge. she wasn't even sure exactly where this place was, he had told her the general area of it but he never went into much detail so she was sure they were gonna be screwed. that was until the building came into view in the distance. she let out a relieved sigh as the dogs neared it, she stopped them before they got too close just in case as she got off the sled, checking on ollie briefly before walking to the front of the line.

"hello?! we really need some help, my friend is sick!!" cobain yelled,a frantic tone laced within the words.

// shes joining with oliver who is played by @vix 
he's unconscious though so he'll be posted with soon ffgf

Creative Center / i want to change my mind — writing dump
« on: December 31, 2018, 03:51:49 AM »
i decided to make one of these bad boys again finally
track if you want and watch me never use this probably

« on: November 30, 2018, 08:37:00 PM »
hey everyone!
regarding the sitewide plot discussion we had a little while ago for tnw, it seems like a lot of people were interested in the electricity plot so that's what we have decided to do with. it won't be starting up until after the leader tryouts are finished. which group would you all like to see have the electricity and how do you want to see the plot go?
feel free to pm me or any other staff members with any questions or concerns!

Advanced Roleplay / YOU DON'T NEED TO RUN - p
« on: October 25, 2018, 02:30:46 AM »
it was funny how it took an accident to happen to for her parents to show interest in her (even if it were very little interest). things seemed to be good after she woke up from being unconscious for two weeks. the two weeks were a dream in her head, taking her to a place where she was happy. evan made her happy. even if he wasn't real. she hadn't seen him since the car accident, sure she saw him when she was passed out but now that she was awake he wasn't around anymore. she knew he had feelings. she made him up, didn't she? jordan was sure she hurt his feelings dropping the bomb of him not being real like that.

her body was still sore from the accident. bruises and cuts littered her body and whenever she moved they stung. she was alive though - that was a good thing..... right? she wasn't so sure quite yet. maybe if she did slip away after the car accident things would've been better.

jordan sat at the dinner table, using the fork to push around the rest of the food that was on her plate. her parents were talking about work until they brought her into the conversation. "yeah?" she asked them lightly, blue eyes looking up. "we're thinking about inviting the stevens' over for dinner friday. it would be good for you to spend more time with hunter." hunter. his name left a bitter taste in her mouth, the taste only got stronger with what happened at the party. "but-" "- if you weren't so stubborn and just actually went out with him he wouldn't of had to go to those measures at the party."

jordan sat there, a numb feeling growing over her as she stared at her mother and father. after a few minutes their voices turned to white noise and she blinked a few times, trying to keep the tears down. "i'm going to bed." she said quietly before getting up and putting her dishes in the sink, ignoring her parents bickering at her about walking away. she took a deep breath as she walked upstairs and turned into her room, jumping slightly to see the familiar figure sitting on her bed.

Helping Hub / help pick this good boy's name
« on: October 23, 2018, 12:00:59 AM »
so my character has a dog and he needs a name! im torn between two so decided to get some help
here he is

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