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September 24, 2021, 03:40:38 PM
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hi there! i'm finny but feel free to call me whatever you want! i've been on the site since january of 2017 and before that i was on ff for many years, mainly hanging out on the human boards. i joined the staff team on 10/19/18, got promoted to moderator on 12/26/18 and finally, got promoted to senior moderator on 5/13/19. for a bit, i left the staff team to focus on myself in 2020, but ended up rejoining it as a senior moderator once more. on 2/28/21, i became one of the co-admins of the sitr alongside truce!

here are some facts about me!
- i am 20 years old and i go by she/her pronouns! my timezone is eastern
- i have quite a bit of pets and i love them so much! my oldest pet is a shih tzu named sophie, i got her for a christmas present when i was ten and then my other dog is named odin. my family has a lot of cats, but my personal baby is my pride and joy, negan. our other cats are link, smoke 2.0, fuzzlebee, and lily.
- i love music and my music taste ranges quite a bit, i really don't have a set genre as my favorite and i tend to like more individual songs than i do bands or artists.
- i tend to be kind of shy/awkward when meeting new people because i get really anxious but i'm trying to work on that!
- some of my all time favorite shows include the office, the walking dead, death note, over the garden wall, and disenchantment. currently, i have also really been into the queen's gambit and wandavision. i have a large selection of favorite movies, but have recently been revisiting my love for marvel movies.  
- i may add more but for now that's it i think!

feel free to message me on here or on discord (my discord is finny#1264, just let me know who you are on there if you do message me) if you wanna plot or just want someone to talk to!

(also just a reminder to drink water and take care of yourself ily)

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