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Originally built from nothing into a bustling trading facility that negotiated with the other two original districts, Northstar District had since fallen from its former glory, leaving behind a measly, barely-there group of outcasts who struggle to make ends meet. Since then, the group has tried grasping onto any means of survival but, as if the ocean's turbulent waves kept on sucking them into the currents, Northstar truly struggled to keep afloat after a series of hardships crashed into them.

But, Northstar is known to be resilient; a small group, but a resilient one nonetheless.

After the brief occupation of the Badlands was bravely diffused, Northstar District was now liberated once more to rise from the ashes after the incredible fall from its former days of grandeur. This time, residing in a small port city, Northstar District acts as a true neutral group, maintaining the belief that they can return to a life of peaceful trading so that they can not only keep their head above the water but they can also protect their people and territory from the threat of the New World.

⤖ Weapons are not to be used in Northstar territory unless it is used in self-defense. Keeping weapons on the body, however, is not an offence. Failure to comply will result in punishment as chosen by a democratic vote between all members of Northstar District. As a member, you will have your weapon taken away for an undetermined amount of time until the leader sees you fit to carry it once again. Weapons are to be used for your own protection, not aggressively.
⤖ Starting drama with other groups is prohibited, and if you are caught doing it, you will receive a punishment depending on the severity of your crime, including being banished from Northstar District all together.
⤖ No stealing. If you steal, the person you stole from will receive what was taken from them twice-fold. (i.e., if you steal an apple, you will give them two in return).
⤖ Report to the Guardian or Prodigy if there is any suspicious activity occurring within the group or the territory.
⤖ All religions, genders, sexuality and races are to be welcomed.
⤖ Everyone is equal and neutral in Northstar District and should be treated as such.
Any outsiders are to be welcomed unless they prove to be a threat to the integrity of Northstar District.
⤖ Anyone can have a dual alliance with ND. Being a neutral group, once you step on their land you will not attack an enemy you are at war with, but outside of their territory, you are allowed to return to that life if you choose.
⤖ If in the rare case ND is attacked by a neighboring group, they will deny them all access to their supplies for a temporary amount of time until they have negotiated a solution. If the attacks continue, Northstar District will be given the right to attack back until they beat their enemy into submission. They do not tolerate violence, at all.

Northstar District resides in a quaint coastal city settled within a cove. The structures there go back many years and it shows in the stone that was used to construct most of the buildings, however there are several more recent additions that are made of brick, particularly in the industrial areas. On the outskirts of the territory, there is a somewhat ill-maintained industrial area where supplies are often stored and products are manufactured and packaged for trade. The industrial area is where you will find the factories and warehouses, though these are only located on one side of the city. Behind the warehouses and factories is a set of train tracks which are laid in the direction of the surrounding forestry and meadows, and there's even a long abandoned train on them.

The District itself is constructed with stone, the entire city giving off a very quaint and homely atmosphere. Solar-powered string lights are often strung across the street to light the way in the night time. Homes — particularly ones nearer to the centre of the District — are often in close proximity to one another, whilst others seem hidden away by other homes. Things are rather overgrown in many places, to the point that they can barely be used as they are. Slightly further out of the District, there are several wider streets dedicated solely to larger homes. These are often reserved for larger families.

The heart of the District is the liveliest area in the city. In the very centre of the city, there is a modest town square with a functioning fountain. These are often where quick announcements are made, or where chores are handed out for Northerners to complete. Down these streets, there are many stores and cafes as well as the homes of many Northerners who wish to reside in the heart of the city. A few minutes walk away from the town square, there is a small green space with an old playground for children to play in. It's very popular for those with children. There's also a market, which is often quite busy.

Directly on the waterfront, there is a promenade with many cafes and shops that overlook the ocean. Slightly further along the cove is where the boats are moored. From here, many Northerners set off of fishing trips to bring back fish to trade. At the edge of the city, there are two walking trails: one goes up along cliffs towards an old lighthouse and provides an excellent view of the water, the other leads down to a hidden beach on a cove in the shadow of the city. There's also another beach which actually takes up the majority of the cove.

In the area outside the city there are some rather important things to note: one is a formerly abandoned mill that has since been renovated to become functional, and the other is an overgrown graveyard. Most of the names on the graves have faded, but there are a great many of them, spanning back many, many years. Beyond that the territory is mainly comprised of rather hilly fields, where horses are often left to roam, though they do have a stone stable further within the District for working horses. There is also a goat pen in the outside area of the city, located nearby the apple orchard which spans across eight acres of land.

Northstar District has a Pinterest board with further images which inspired the group.

GUARDIAN: The leader of the group. Is in control of everything, and their word is typically law. They are considered to be the group's representative and protector, hand-chosen by fate to guide them into a better era than the last.
Spoiler: Permissions • show
— Can do pretty much everything except abuse their power. Their word is law and they get the final say on everything.

— green, played by truce.

PRODIGY: The second-in-command, or deputy; they are up in line to succeed the guardian, and are expected to learn the ways of becoming an even better guardian than the current one. They have a lot of influence and authority over everyone else, and will have a hand in leading themselves, and substituting for the guardian when it's needed.
Spoiler: Permissions • show
— Can hold meetings.
— Can give other ranks other tasks/the authority to do certain tasks.
— Offer promotion/demotion ideas to the Guardian.
— Substitute for leader when necessary.
— Take over when the leader steps down, dies, or goes missing.
— Can stress authority over other members to settle disputes or answer problems.
— Accept members into the group.
— Can step in and do anything a lower rank can if needed.

— mickey, played by elysian.

MERCENARIES: A special ops force of fighters exceptionally skilled in combat. Act as police when needed.
Spoiler: Permissions • show
— Guard and keep track of those without an ID.
— Apprehend and carry out punishments of those who break the law.
— Settle disputes.
— Guard the camp and Apothecary's office.
— Accept members into the group.
— Can search suspicious booths and/or houses with permission from the Guardian.
— Keeping inventory of weapons and armor.

EMISSARIES: A group of members who oversee trade, events, etc. They are often trusted, loyal people who the guardian can trust to carry out his word, and can sometimes serve as diplomats during times of conflict with other groups. Highly regarded.
Spoiler: Permissions • show
— Oversee trade.
— Travel to other groups with news or other information.
— Hold events and contests.
— Act as diplomats during conflict.
— Accept members into the group.
— Keep inventory of supplies.

APOTHECARIES: Men or women highly skilled in medicine and the art of healing.
Spoiler: Permissions • show
— Healing members of Northstar.
— Recording history.
— Studying and preserving texts from before the blackout.
— Overseeing farming.
— Keeping inventory of medicine and food.
— Overseeing the maintenance and availability of horses.
— Accepting members into the group.

PAGE(s): Stepping stone rank for members that show promise.
Spoiler: Permissions • show
— Helping new members get settled into Northstar.
— Answering basic questions if they're asked.
— Helping the higher ranks with anything they need help with.
— Teaching what they know to Demos and learning what they don't from the higher ranks.

DEMOS: People without a higher rank - "common people". They have no special abilities and make up most of the population.
Spoiler: Permissions • show
— Permission to carry weapons.
— Permission to enter Northstar's territory without escorts.
— Permission to have their own housing.
— Permission to attend meetings.
— Permission to have a trading booth in Northstar.
— Permission to be promoted to higher rank.
— Permission to allow joiners into camp and to bring them to higher positions.

Political Relations.
Northstar is a neutral group that invites anyone that isn't an enemy to events and to trade, though anyone that enters their territory must do so under the conditions that they will set aside politics and do no harm to anyone.

ALLIES: Flintlock Lodge
NEUTRALS: Bluestem Prairie
ENEMIES: The Badlands

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