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Tout a changé depuis hier et la rue a des yeux qui regardent aux fenêtres .

Saint Louis; a city of elegance and sophistication, they never quite abandoned the life of luxury that the modern day had offered them. After the events which had shaped the New World, socialites and elites realized that they weren't prepared to stray from the life of security and glamour and so, in retaliation, they chose to change very little to their high-end ways. Adopting a lifestyle which reflected a life in the late 1800s, Saint Louis thrives on the upmarket and exclusive life which many in the New World do not have the fortune of experiencing. For many, this is the closest they will ever get to living a normal, modern day life. Without Saint Louis, those who have settled here would have to live in utter anarchy.
Saint Louis is a city that'd been influenced by the Parisians who flocked to the city long before the blackout. Based in the mountainous greenlands, the outskirts of Saint Louis is modest, hiding the true gem of the city inside. The only entrance to the city is over a bridge, the outskirts otherwise surrounded by a swampy marshland around the bridge. Many factories reside in the outskirts as well as flats closely built together to house the lowest societal class whom of which often work in said factories. As one travels into the heart of the city, they will first pass a series of streets with shop after shop after shop. From general stores to cafes to barber shops to bakeries, these streets are often very humble and only sell mere basics. Above these shops are often apartments where the lower class often reside, bartering on the streets and working hard to make ends meet.

Creeping further into the heart of Saint Louis, the city begins to grow more regal in appearance, often well-kept and beautifully decorated. Architecture is elegant, the roads are paved with grey bricks and colorful floral arrangements are planted in hanging pots outside buildings, weaving up glorious black lampposts and planted in risen plant beds. There are many stagecoaches which act as the 'taxis' of Saint Louis, transporting people and goods across the large bustling city. Expensive restaurants and bars, salons, fancy boutiques and hat shops, liquor and cigar stores and floral stores are often found along these streets. Buskers are often stood along the side of the street, sometimes playing a cheerful tune on the trumpet or a small group singing as a barbershop quartet. A church with stained glass windows can be seen along the street.

There is a museum of aviation located magnificently on display at the end of one street. Glider planes and hot air balloons are on show as well as a history of flight pre-blackout. Turning left down the street will find you heading towards the city hall with a garden extending out towards the mayor's house. Onsite there is a smaller cottage where his staff live, as well as a private stables for his racehorses. Nearby is a public livery where the elite can stable their thoroughbreds for located here is a large racecourse where races are often held. One of four major bars in the city is settled on this racecourse, often a hub where many gather on race days to get their bets in with a drink. In this area there are many residential areas dispersed around here. Houses for the middle class citizens overlook pretty grey brick streets with decently sized rooms and garden.

Turning left down another street leads you to the part of the city which makes Saint Louis notable for its culture. Though monotonous compared to the rest of the higher end of the city, Dimont Avenue it the hub for artists, actors and musicians hoping to get their shot at being a local celebrity. There are many small shops which take place as privately owned art galleries and also there is a theater which performs shows every day of the week apart from Sundays. Tuesday through to Friday is reserved for the show company whilst on Saturdays and Mondays the theater is often flooded with people who wish to listen to live music or comedy.

Nearby, Rue Sandrine is a street notable for its Sunday marketplaces. Often lower to middle class citizens who wish to earn a couple of Chreqeuds (Saint Louis' currency) will be found here manning stalls, selling items such as flower arrangements, soaps, cheeses, fresh produce, breads, chocolates, small keepsakes and jewelry. Further along this street you are met with the trading hub where horse and wagons are stockpiled with produce and other valuables to be transported to surrounding areas. A dirt track serpentines out of the busy gridlock city into a more scenic area. A green belt surrounds a single paved track which leads you out of the main city and into the most sought after residential area: Square du Vaugirard.

This is where all of the elite live, trying to live a life of luxury. Although everybody in the city is free to make use of the amenities in this area, its often more easily accessible to the residents of this area. A bridge which crosses a river will find you headed into Vaugirard.  Firstly, before heading into the more built up area, there is a beautiful park which is passed. Here, there is a pond which is often seen with little toy boats bobbing around in the water. Walking further into this park, there is a large lepidopterarium. Here, butterflies are bred and are free to flutter about in a beautiful biome, open to the general public. Further along there is a more high-end area of the city, all built up with fancy restaurants, boutiques, bars and tailors.

The Boulevard is where many of the richest residents live. Beautiful houses lined up in a row boasts spacious rooms, beautifully decorated architecture and large gardens. Travelling down the street, you are eventually met with a promenade which overlooks the river. Many amenities are found here such as cafes, boat rides, pharmacies and so on. Live music is often played in this area, making it a beautiful place to spend the afternoon.

Hot air balloons are huge in the culture of Saint Louis. Often seen floating through the sky, its a form of entertainment here in the city. It is thought of so fondly that there is a day dedicated to these balloons - the first of May. In the evening, a ceremony called the Dance of the Glow Balloons takes place, hot air balloons lighting up the skies.

Saint Louis still adopts a monetary currency to use in business and trade called the Chreqeud. This can be used to pay for valuables and supplies in shops, pay for the use of amenities such as the theater or in restaurants or it can be used to place bets on racehorses on racing days. Chrequeds can be earned through jobs and careers in the city, through selling goods and services, busking, bounty hunting and through other means such as betting or gambling.

Races are held on the 21st of every month. All groups are welcome to attend a race, placing bets on horses and having some drinks and a meal at the racecourse's bar and restaurant.
                          RULES & RANKS
➤ All those who choose to reside in Saint Louis must be be treated equally regarding their gender, race, sexuality, religion etc. Laws on prejudice against social class within a city so pompous are governed far less stringently but, as a rule of thumb, all residents of Saint Louis must be treated equally regardless of any differential factors.

➤ All those who enter the city of Saint Louis must act in a civil manner. This is a city of high-class and any tomfoolery can be considered an offence. Offences include: aggravated assault, animal cruelty, burglary, arson, contempt of court, dangerous driving, cultivation of narcotics, disturbing religious worship, kidnapping, murder, manslaughter, public nuisance, rioting, vandalism, setting fire to aircraft, theft, unlawful oath to commit treason, violent disorder. Failure to comply will result in an arrest and then held in custody pending a court hearing.

➤ Saint Louis is open for visitors to come and go as they please; they do not require any permission from the mayor(s) to enter the city and are free to use all amenities in the area, unless they are barred from the city for past offences.

➤ People are free to have a dual alliance with Saint Louis. After all, in a city so hustling and bustling, it is not a requirement to show loyalty to the city.

➤ If in the rare case Saint Louis is attacked by any surrounding group, the city will deny them all access to supplies, amenities or other uses. Force will be used immediately to defend the city - Saint Louis does not tolerate violence under any circumstances.

In Saint Louis, many residents have usual day-to-day jobs. Wishing to try continue a secluded society even after the electricity permanently went down, the people of Saint Louis still very much try to live a modern day lifestyle, just with several adjustments to their ways of life. The types of jobs in Saint Louis are limitless, and include:

◘ Artists
◘ Banker
◘ Barber
◘ Boutique Owners
◘ Builder
◘ Business Owner
◘ Butcher
◘ Blacksmith
◘ Doctor
◘ Dress Makers
◘ Driver
◘ Farmer
◘ Jockey
◘ Law Enforcement
◘ Merchant
◘ Messenger
◘ Musicians
◘ Outlaw
◘ Religious Workers
◘ Saloon Workers
◘ Socialite
◘ Theater Actors
◘ Teachers

High positions, which are elected in tryouts and/or promoted based on activity in the city, include:

◘ Mayor
- This is the leader of Saint Louis. They oversee the day-to-day functions of the city and delegates power to ensure that the city can run as smoothly as possible. They are also the face of the City, mingling with their residents and surrounding groups alike to ensure amicable relations all around. The Mayor of Saint Louis is Piers Brisebois.

◘ Deputy
- This is the second-in-command in Saint Louis, often very well-regarded and respected by the Mayor and the city alike. They are usually the next-in-line as Mayor of the city, elected by the council. Once the Mayor steps down or dies, the Deputy will be promoted to Mayor. The Deputy of Saint Louis is Adrian Brisebois

◘ Council
- A group of people responsible in running societal ideas between the people of Saint Louis to the Mayor. They speak for the people of the city, and are often the ones who organize events and parties within the city.

◘ Town Marshal
- This is the person who oversees law enforcement in the city. All decisions for any changes in the law must be run by them and they are responsible for the safety of the city. They are also the representative for the law enforcement of Saint Louis if any big announcements regarding law and order must be made.

◘ Elites
- The richest of the rich in the city, these people often have great influence over the city based on their monetary assets.
Saint Louis is a neutral group that invites anyone and everyone into their territory. After all, they are a large metropolitan city and see little threat in other groups which tend to be smaller in population. There is a general rule that in Saint Louis all visitors must remain civil else the law enforcement will be called out to investigate.

NEUTRALS: All unlisted

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