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plot with my chaotic leetole gorl
« on: March 04, 2020, 02:55:42 PM »
Reuses the same introduction for all of my threads teehee. ALL RIGHT HERE WE GO FOLKS. I am up for some  s p i c y  plotting with people ‘n’ their fictional people pls ma’am thanks ma’am. Here are all of my characters in this group, and they are all up for new plots or further developed plots etc etc. TBH they are probably up for more or less anything because 99% of the time I’m happy to discuss plot ideas and whatnot! But, I’ll clarify if there is anything I would like to see/would not like to see for particular characters! Anyways, this is open for any character from any group and if you don’t wanna reply here, feel free to DM me on BB or on Discord at truce.#2909!

So without further ado-

MOLLIE is known by everybody and nobody all the same. She is a face and name that everyone seems to know as she tends to travel around a lot and she’s incredibly easy to get along with. She’s captivating and seductive, a woman who seemingly has her shit together, and yet Mollie also tends to be the master of her own destruction. She’s fiery and mouthy where what you see is what you get; a lot of the time, she can be overbearing. She seems like the type to be open about herself when in reality she is incredibly guarded and closed off, refusing to share her insecurities with others (and she has more than enough of them). Mollie is in fact very troubled, but she doesn't ever portray herself as that way because she knows she has to keep on moving on despite all that's happened in her life. She is painfully independent and fickle, and totally unpredictable. Too stubborn and bossy for her own good. Mollie knows that she has a pretty face and has many lovers, yet she is still very noncommittal. She has a lot of skeletons in her closet and her flighty behavior is well justified. She is open to everything except for death!

Spoiler: show
— Friendships because Mollie has a lot of friends from her time traveling around. She is a wild card who hates nothing more than sitting around in one place for too long. Give her interesting conversation and she’ll love you forever.
— Enemies as I can only imagine that only a select few can actually stand her. She is often so painfully overbearing and opinionated that she can be seen as quite annoying. In addition, her past is very questionable where she has gotten into a lot of trouble and screwed a couple of people over, so she also probably has enemies from the past too.
— Found family because it seems like Mollie tends to imprint on people and suddenly you can’t get rid of her. People that she sees as family will often have a loyal friend for life despite her tendency to abandon people as these are the few people who have truly captured her heart.
— Romance as Mollie has a handful of lovers and she shows no signs of stopping. She is very non-committal, but her romances tend to be more like friends with benefits rather than a once-off hookup as she tends to stick around and befriend lovers too, yet still keep at arm’s length away from them. She swings both ways as well.
— Exes as, since she’s had many lovers, she has inevitably abandoned a handful without a trace if she felt that they were getting too close, if she got bored or if she had to continue traveling. She is very flighty and never expects to bump into exes again so it would be interesting if we had a plot where she did reconnect with an ex.
— Plot progression because Mollie is essentially open to help further one of your characters’ plots or developmental arcs  in any way. I’m open to literally anything so hmu.


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Re: plot with my chaotic leetole gorl
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2020, 09:48:53 PM »
her and bestie need a thread
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