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☠ WEST SKULL — updated 03/03/2021
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with the world devolving into a more primitive state, some individuals actually thrived with the set back. the old wild west has taken hold once more, cowboys and outlaws stake their claim in the south western corner of the united states. west skull is one of the most infamous gangs to come out of the blackout. they've made their mark on the new world by stealing what the need, as well as what they want, and living the true outlaw life. this rag tag family is small, but fierce, their brazen ways make them a force to be reckoned with. they're quite visible within the groups across the whole of the groups in the former usa, providing them with their home grown drugs and crafted alcohol; all for a price, of course.
the territory

in the arid plains of the south western corner of what used to be the united states, west skull has carved out a space for themselves. they're a semi-nomadic group who generally stay in their current leader's old family farm. members are welcome to choose a room in the spacious farmhouse or upstairs in the main barn, where they've made a couple extra rooms as well. between the farmhouse and the barn, the group has a medium-sized farm where they grow food for themselves and cultivate tobacco and weed, one of their main dealings. they move whenever their farm isn't producing even to sustain them, going to loot and or trade for their supplies. while they're on the move, west skull uses canvas tents as a camp and usually stays close to various little shacks strewn throughout their territory.
herds of wild mustangs roam the plains as well, which is their main mode of transportation. they have a couple wagons, but can generally get by solely with horses packing their items. a couple miles to the west is a reservoir that eventually flows out into the pacific ocean. this is their main water supply, a left over dam from before the blackout creates the lake.
the ranks

the boss is the leader of west skull. they have worked their way up through the ranks and have proven themselves to be able to lead the outlaws well, providing for them and fostering the family atmosphere.
dusk, penned by scully.

the second in charge, just shortened to second. they are tasked with tracking supplies and just general aid to the boss and sharps of west skull
open penned by open.

sharp shooters, the general members of west skull. they work of the cultivation of crops, caring for the horses and livestock, and patrol of their land.
character penned by roleplayer.
character penned by roleplayer.
character penned by roleplayer.

the traditions

belts and bonfires — west skull has come to adopt belts to signify rank. sharps receive a silver, oval-shaped belt buckles with intricate designs engraved in them. next, the second's is a silver buckle with a set of crossed guns engraved on it; this is passed down from each new second. much like the second's buckle, the boss' is also passed down. theirs is a gold one with a skull and crossbones engraved on it. each member is given a leather belt once they're accepted into west skull, with each achievement, their belt is branded with designs. if the individual does something especially impressive having to do with fighting and or raids, they're awarded with a bandolier, a cross body belt used to store and carry ammunition; these are limited to two per person.
these rewards are given once a month by the boss or second during a big bonfire. they burn that month's waste and enjoy a bit of a party.
the rodeo — the annual rodeo is open to all groups. the events include horse races, barrel races, bull riding, and mustang breaking. prizes change from year to year and event to event, whatever west skull has allotted to give that year. however, the prize for the mustang breaking is always the horse itself. other prizes can range from moonshine, whiskey, cigars or cigarettes, and anything else the group crafts.
the rules

— what the boss says is law. going against the boss will create major distrust and rifts between the group, therefore it may result in banishment.
— west skull doesn't believe in unconditional allies. they'll work with any group for a time, but will turn at any point when it's no longer beneficial to them or they are betrayed. their only current enemies are bluestem prairie.
— members are generally allowed to do whatever they please, as long as they contribute the the whole of the group and support them when needed.
— disputes are handled by shooting contests, unless otherwise stated by the boss or second.
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Re: ☠ WEST SKULL — updated 03/03/2021
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tracking! im SO excited for this! ! !


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Re: ☠ WEST SKULL — updated 03/03/2021
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tracking. also super excited for this.