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the risk i play is crazy * / meet and greet
« on: April 11, 2021, 05:43:32 PM »
They were small in numbers, but that was to be expected.  After all, they're a group that thrives under the sea, and he can't exactly blame anyone for not wanting to venture down into the depths.  Whatever, it meant less work for him.  Still, he had a few duties he needed to attend today, and right now that consisted of a meet and great.  Horrid events that needed to be held at awkward intervals of the group's growth, and if he wasn't the Leviathan, he absolutely would not be here.

The canine slinks forward, selecting one of the tallest spires in the camp to act as a beacon for the rest of the members.  Wings flare slightly as he shifts his weight about, attempting to get comfortable and steeling himself for what's to come.  "Alright, let's all get buddy-buddy!" he calls, smooth bark echoing out and bouncing off the various objects and buildings that dot the camp.  The Leviathan waits in silence for members to trickle towards him, letting out a sharp puff of air when he deems there's enough of a crowd.  "Standard meet and greet, you all know the drill, yes?"  Heterochromic eyes scan the group, daring anyone to disagree.

"Great.  Well, I'm Goldentower, your Leviathan.  If you didn't know this...distressing."  A smile tugs at his maw, but it doesn't convey much light-heartedness.  "Fun fact about me: I have gone through extensive medical training.  I have the ability to patch you up, but don't do stupid shit and then come crying to me."  He's been told that his bedside manners weren't the best, but he'd long lost the ability to care.  It was either deal with it or remain injured as far as he was concerned.  "Now, your turns.  Share a fun fact or ask a question to the next member.  Or both.  Knock yourselves out."  A pause.  "Erhm, if you're next, what's a major interest of yours?"
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