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what do it mean — volleyball, open.
« on: August 04, 2021, 03:00:51 PM »
tw. mention of past character death.

As the weeks began to pass by, the soul-crushing ache remained. Vernon dreamt about him all the time because when he was asleep, it was the closest thing to Mickey that he could get. To relive all of those memories again as if he were still by his side but, as he’d wake up the next morning, the other side of the bed remained cold. He envied his dreams, in fact. His dreams could just turn the pages back and time could rewind just for a moment. It felt so real when he was asleep. He couldn’t be afforded the same thing in real life, else perhaps maybe then he would have had the chance to say goodbye.

Every time he’d part his lips in preparation to speak, nothing could come out because his life had started and ended with a man he’d never see again. Vernon no longer spoke of his name, not even to Arlo, as if it were easier to pretend that he had never been such an integral part of their story. Perhaps some could even wonder whether Green even cared about his passing at all, as if he lingered in a permanent denial. But it consumed him. It did. Every thought and feeling, every memory of their midnight strolls down the promenade, or how they’d lay down a blanket on the private beach as Green would teach Mick each constellation in the night sky. Perhaps that was where Mick was now. Stardust. If that were the case, then Green would remain envious of the stars because they could be with him and Green could not.

Life went on without him, though. Of course it did. Green knew death like the back of his hand. Death was forever an ending, but never the end.

Arlo hadn’t uttered a word since Green had sat him down that fateful morning, and there was no sign of improvement even now. Instead, avoidant eyes darted towards Vernon for reassurance, and slouched shoulders made him seem even smaller than ever before. It was as if Arlo was preparing for his life to fall apart all over again. Vern knew exactly how he felt, and sympathised greatly. Losing a parent was not at all easy and, in Arlo’s case, he was merely anticipating that soon he’d lose Greenie, too. It was what happened to kids like Arlo, in the same way it had happened to Green in his youth. Family never lasted, and so it paid to be wary.

Green would insist that nothing could ever possibly happen to him, but how could he be too sure? Especially with his next plans — perhaps too reckless for a man with as much nerve as Green — he wasn’t promised another tomorrow. Nobody was. But, what Green had to do next, for the benefit of his people, was a risk he had to take for the greater good. He was their Guardian and he’d act as such. Guardian angel to many but, too Green, he was just Greenie. It was what he did — help people when they needed it.

In preparation for his next grand plan, Green would allow himself some downtime to rest and relax before the big day. In order to put his mind off of the nerves of his imminent journey, as well as distract him from his grief, Green plastered a smile on his face as he brushed the sand off of his hands and took a step back to admire their work. A volleyball net was erected for an afternoon of games, as well as a couple of foldable beach chairs and drinks cooler nearby for Northerners to hang out together. Arlo sat at one of these chairs, leg bouncing as he sipped quietly as a juice.   

❝ So who’s up for a game of volleyball? ❞ Green questioned with a softening smile, picking up the volleyball nearby before messing around with it as he waited for people to organise teams for the game. When people were ready, Green teased playfully, ❝ I hope you’re ready to lose, by the way. ❞ before he served the ball over the net to begin the game.

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Re: what do it mean — volleyball, open.
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2021, 04:49:19 PM »
like my mirror years ago | idealism sits in prison, chivalry fell on his sword | innocence died screaming; honey, ask me, i should know | i slithered here from eden just to sit outside your door
there's something wretched about this | something so precious about this | where to begin? | there's something broken about this | but i might be hoping about this | oh, what a sin    — .
Gail wouldn't know what to do if she lost Erin. Her smile and those gorgeous eyes always made the woman lost, stuck admiring her when Erin would do so much as look at her. Gail loved the smaller woman with all her heart and she would defend her with her life. Gail currently was sitting with Erin by the beach, having found a nice secluded spot to sit and talk. They had a lot on their minds as the past few weeks had taken a lot out of them.

First it was Ves. He disappeared one night, and neither Gail, Erin, or even Axel could find him. He seemed to have just up and vanished. Axel went out looking for him, and he had not returned. Erin was worried sick, pacing in front of Gail and expressing this. Gail offered her her hand, and when Erin grabbed it, Gail covered it with her other hand. She pulled Erin closer and gave her knuckles a small kiss. Erin exhaled and sat down beside Gail, putting her head against her shoulder and watching the court, her thumb idly running across Gail's hand. Gail gave her head a small kiss and let Erin relax against her.

It was then she could hear Green ask about volleyball. Erin looked up at Gail, seeing the woman's eyes spark when she glanced towards the man. Erin stood up and pulled Gail to her feet as well, pulling her towards Green. Gail hesitated, her steps taking much longer to move. She shook out of the hesitance and marched towards Green, her hand gripping Erin's tightly. Erin giggled, having to jog to keep up with her large girlfriend.

"We'd like to join," Gail's voice was very quick and out of breath. Excited. "Erin and I." She pointed her free hand to Erin, who was hiding behind Gail's arm.
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