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have a great day — introduction, open.
« on: August 19, 2021, 07:58:38 PM »
tw. mention of alcohol use, drug use, parental neglect.

The lighter flickered, the same as any person did from time to time.

Boy Carlisle was born Kelly Boyd Carlisle and it appeared that, for the entirety of his comparatively short life, he could not care less about the harsh realities that life had offered him since birth. He was undoubtedly bulletproof, and every comment about his unwashed hair or slovenly taste in clothing ricocheted off of him effortlessly because Kelly Carlisle never cared for the opinion of others. His laugh was erratic and painfully contagious, and he never made an effort to appear manicured for the likes of anyone. Oftentimes, he’d be reminded that he was a pestilent wart on everybody’s asses before Dad would fling an empty can of beer his way. Like water off a duck’s back — Kelly would bear the smuggest closed-lip smile as he’d reflect — and then he’d turn to leave, not without flipping the bird behind Dad’s back on the way out.

He liked it when people thought that he was incapable of vulnerability.

But there was a good reason he dropped the name Kelly in favour of his nickname, Boy. Boy found it easier to hide those vulnerabilities than Kelly ever did.

Boy had been a long-established name derived from Boyd which derived from his name itself, funnily enough. That was usually where nicknames came from. He wasn’t going to preach a fabricated vision from his notorious Steezy philosophy, but... once your friends had come to eventually reveal your true denomination, it would be a crime not to wear it like a badge of honour. Once the Steezies — the best friendship group this world had to offer, Boy would have you know, no bias involved but maybe just a little bit of bias was involved — had trifled with a nickname that had been long in development, it felt as if it were a crime for Boy to revert back to the name Kelly, just because his parents felt that Boy was humiliating as a nickname.

But hey — it wasn’t as if the name Kelly was humiliating enough, right? Kelly’s fine, but Boy most definitely crossed the line. Boy was disgusted with himself for even contemplating the nickname (sarcasm intended)!

Whilst his parents seldom gave a shit about their kids, Boy was more than content with his found family that were also known as his friends. Sometimes his parents would moan, but most of the time they didn’t even care if Boy had left home for days at a time. He was only thirteen when he went off the rails, spending days at a time crashing at friend’s houses and barely speaking to his parents unless they made the once in a lifetime effort to talk. If Boy had never come home one day, he doubted that his parents would even notice. Mom usually had her head down, snorting up a line of white stuff whilst Dad spent twenty five hours a day pissed out of his mind. These were the same parents who barely wept a single tear when Mia decided to run away from home. If only she had brought Kelly with, then maybe he wouldn’t have had to have been thrust headfirst into a great big reality check that yeah, their upbringing was shit and the only way Boy would be able to survive this knowledge was by quietly leaning on his friends for support.

So when they began to find excuses as to why they shouldn’t leave the city with Boy and travel the world in one big adventure, it hit Boy harder than he expected. In retrospect, perhaps he should’ve been a teeny tiny bit more understanding — some of his friends actually had decent parents who’d break to find that their kid had up and left for some dirtbag named Boy Carlisle. For months, Boy travelled the country in search of Mia, met so many awesome people along the way and lived the life that he actually wanted to live.

Except seeing the world all alone was less exciting than doing so with your best friend. At least, for Boy, he was one of the lucky ones. Soon returning to his life was the beautiful Samantha Young. Don’t tell anyone that he used her full name; she hated when people called her Samantha. Sam it was to most, Sammy to Boy. For as long as Boy had a genuine understanding of what it meant to like someone — to like like someone, if you caught his drift — it had always been her. A stupid boy crush on a girl that would forever remain completely out of his league. But, Boy was all right with it. Whilst he’d sit back on the sidelines and watch the way she’d kiss boys that were not him, they were best friends and Boy was happy with that. Sometimes playing it safe was better than risking it all.

What could get better than having a best friend like Sammy Young? The answer is ❝ absolutely nothing ❞, Boy would have you know, actually.

When he left that life behind, he never expected for Sam to eventually follow. Perhaps it was for the fact that their lives were equally as fucked up; neither had nothing to live for back in Boston, especially with a world out there calling their name. A world where, somewhere in it, Boy would be able to find his big sister again. Why would he want to reunite with the woman that left when he needed her the most, some would ask? Well, Boy didn’t have the answer for that yet. Maybe he wanted to ask her why she did it. Maybe he just missed her. He didn’t know, all right?

The lighter flickered when enveloping the end of a joint, just as Boy did from time to time. Because he wasn’t bulletproof. In fact, he was really not at all bulletproof. The opposite, sometimes. He was damaged goods and he was still learning how to make it in a world where he never had much to begin with except for his unwavering integrity and adoration for his friends, his found family.

Today was his seventeenth birthday. Yeah, he was proud of that fact. He was a Leo which didn’t make him the worst star sign. Stall two days and he would’ve been a Virgo which would have royally fucked up any redemption for him. See, he wasn’t entirely a lost cause yet. Even though he was useless at rolling his own joints, Sammy thought she’d surprise him with the greatest birthday gift of all. It wasn’t much but pre-rolling a handful of joints for the clumsy-handed Boy made life so much easier for him when he’d get to lounge in his very, very humble abode. The back door of their beach shack swung open whenever someone didn’t force it to shut until the latch would click, and the exterior’s paint had since flaked off, leaving behind decayed wood which should have been properly treated, Boy would argue.

Lounging in an old wooden beach chair, Boy took a long drag of his joint, satisfied by the result of his lighter before he returned it into the depths of his oversized socks. Somewhere between the sock and the work boot would the lighter sit comfortably until Boy required it again. For now, he wanted to enjoy his seventeenth birthday in style, watching the waves rolling up and down the shoreline as the sun rays dazzled light across the District. ❝ Hey, Sammy. ❞ He sat himself upright so that he could peer over his shoulder to look back towards their shack, slanted smile somewhat disguised by squinting eyes as his gaze lingered on Sam. Soon, he wagged his brows, toying with the joint between his fingertips before he stated, ❝ Wouldn’t wanna miss out on the best joint you’ve ever rolled, amirite? Come watch the waves with me — I feel so old now, is this what the geriatric do all day?!  ❞

He made himself comfortable again, looking back out across the ocean again before mumbling to himself, ❝ Couldn’t be me. ❞
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Re: have a great day — introduction, open.
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2021, 06:10:12 PM »
if there was one way that samantha young truly chose to live her life, it was to go with the natural flow of things. it made her uncomfortable and anxious when people would try to force things into happening or people tried to stick with set in stone plans. not to mention, how boring would it be to have your life laid out for you? if you couldn't just let life happen the way it was suppose to, what was the point on even living? things happened and there were no way of changing those things, and even if you could do something to sway the outcome, the butterfly effect and karma were always there to bite you in the ass when you could just go along with it from the start.

besides, they were on a floating rock in the middle of space, why worry about things you shouldn't have to worry about?

in a way, sticking to this way of living let her deal with shit better. it helped her when her parents and young brother died, as well as when the same fate met her aunt. it wasn't very much a religion thing for her, she didn't think there was a higher power out there who decided when it was their time to go. to sam, it was kinda just the universe deciding that it was their time. maybe there was something better for them out there, a different predetermined destiny that was far more important than staying with her. it hurt to think about, but in the end it started to give sam more peace about them passing.

however, this always led to one question that was always stuck in the back of her mind - what was she still doing down here on earth? what lessons did she have left to learn?

no matter what happened in her life, sam would continue to try and go with the flow, only spending a few seconds on hoping about specific things that would happen, one of them being that she would reunite with her best friend. the luck was on her side with that one when she finally left boston. even with the earth just being a tiny floating rock in the grand scheme of things, there were so many places to go and against all odds, she was able to find him again.

it wasn't hard to miss the obvious feelings the two shared with each other, unless you were them. sam always had trouble admitting when her feels were deeper than that of a common friendship, but even with her doubts placed in love, she was sure of the fact that boy carlisle was her other half. the two completed and understood each other in ways that no one else ever had. without a doubt, the greatest friendship of her entire life was the one she shared with him.

it was weird being back with him again, especially due to the fact that they had gotten into an argument when he left. sam didn't have any idea on how their reunion could have went when it finally happened, but as soon as the two saw each other it was like all hard feelings were buried in the ground and there hadn't been a gap in their friendship, it took mere seconds and they were as close as the day he left her in boston. the only difference now was the secret she had been keeping from boy, the one thing that solidified the fact that there was a period of time where the world's greatest friends were separated. it was easy to act like they were just together that whole time, but it was always there to remind sam that it happened.

sam had gotten up earlier than boy, which wasn't very surprising to her. she spent the first part of her morning sitting on the floor of the living room rolling a handful of joints for boy for his birthday. it wasn't much for a birthday present, but they were teenagers living in a run down shack on the beach that was one or two storms away from collapsing, what else could she give him? neither of them ever had much of an interest in material things anyways.

she was in the back room painting the walls when she finally heard boy get up for the day, deciding to finish up on one of the colors before she would go to look for him. she changed out of the paint covered t-shirt and replaced it with her bathing suit before pulling over some shorts and an unbuttoned flannel, her usual attire she had picked up on since they arrived in northstar. it wasn't long before she made her way out of the house to go sit with boy where he was already enjoying one of the pre-rolled gifts.

"yeah, pretty much." she began to say as she sat down, accepting the joint he was offering to share. "give it one more year and you'll be able to qualify for the early bird's special." a playful smile was on her face as she looked over to him. her eyes lingered for a moment longer than she intended, taking a drag off the joint before finally shifting her attention to the ocean. there wasn't any awkwardness in the silence briefly shared between the two, the calming noise of the waves meeting the beach filling the area surrounding them. finally, as she was handing the joint back over to the birthday boy, she cleared her throat.

"so, what would make your birthday top tier? wanna go surfing in a bit? or we could skate around the parts of town we haven't seen yet. the world is your oyster, boy."
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Re: have a great day — introduction, open.
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tw. mention of past neglect/abuse, mention of drug use

This was the life. No, seriously. It was. Boy had almost everything that he could ever ask for now that Sam was back in his life. He had the Steezies who would never let him down, he had Sam who would always keep him company as they officially lived together in the Steezy Digs, he lived in a Goddamn coastal paradise (how cool was that?), and he didn’t have to abide by any authority (except maybe Green, sometimes, and a couple of other higher ups, but who was counting?). This life was easy compared to what he used to have in Boston, and he preferred it that way. Life without the constant reminder that he was a worthless pile of shit actually felt pretty liberating. Who would have thought?

❝ You think they do a senior discount around these parts? Bingo night? ❞ With a grin on his lips, Boy wriggled his shoulders to emphasise his joke before exclaiming a little louder, ❝ Think I'm ready for adulthood  — Bingo! Bingo! His gaze lingered on Sam, eyes hopeful for a smile or laugh from her. He loved nothing more than to be the one to make her day and so he’d relentlessly clown around in front of her. Even if he could only ever achieve a minimal success rate with all of his messing around, some laughter was better than none.

Tickling his chin theatrically, Boy contemplated his options carefully. The world was indeed his oyster — Sammy’s too — ever since they both decided to leave Boston for the wide expanse of the rest of the world. He remembered the freedom back in Boston had a different taste. Whilst it felt liberating to sneak out of the house to roam the hidden coastal routes with the Steezies, Boy still had to eventually return home to an addict mother and a father who’d stub his cigarettes out on Boy just to hear Boy spit the words sorry. In Northstar District, Boy truly was liberated from his chickenshit excuse for a childhood.

❝ Wanna skate to the industrial side’a town? Green told me he shits bricks when he’s there cuz he thinks it’s haunted. ❞ Giving Sam a playfully sly shrug of the shoulders, he took a long puff of the joint, ❝ Sure there’s something to do around there, especially if everyone around here’s too much of a pussy to explore the place. It’s basically uncharted territory there. ❞ He took one more drag before handing the joint back to Sam. He leaned back into his seat, readying himself before rolling onto his feet so that he could grab his baseball cap nearby and position it backwards on his head. A silent signal that he was ready to take on the day.
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