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devils ditch — updated 10/14
« on: October 14, 2021, 04:10:52 AM »
he found a six shooter gun
in his dad's closet .
there were legends that there was a ghost town over the mountain, telling a tale of how a group of teenagers murdered their entire community out of rebellion. you might remember the nights where your mother would tell you to never walk alone after dark because someone might come in the middle of the night to lure you away into their forest, never to be seen again. their voices echo throughout the night air, beckoning you into the darkness so they can sink their claws into you and drag you away. would they bring you into a cave where the haunting monster resides? or would they inflict a more chilling end on you? no one has made it out alive to say. will you be the first?

as you look around for supplies, you find a tattered journal hidden between the couch cushions. the almost obvious placement makes you skeptical, but your curiosity grows so you open it up and begin to read.

february 24th

hello , survivor .

it seems as if you had the unfortunate fate of ending up in devil's ditch forest . it has been 37 days since i had entered the forest to save my sister and i haven't seen her yet . i have been trying to remain hopeful that i will make it out of this place , but i don't see any escape happening in the near future . i don't know how many of them there are , they travel around the forest with a terrifying ease and are always watching .

it doesn't matter anymore if you believe in the scary stories you have heard about this place , they are painfully real and you are in danger . the killers view this has a game for them , they only have one goal and that is to make sure you are dead . i am still not sure if my sister is even here anymore , i am afraid that i fell for their trap to lure me in here .

i hope to write to you again , stay safe out there .

march 13th

i have noticed that even during a chase the killers will avoid the cliff at all costs , often stopping dead in their tracks at some unmarked barrier . if you need a quick escape , this would be the best place to go and regroup . i still have yet to find out why they won't enter this area , it's better to be safe and leave before finding out .

don't stay here after dark !

april 2nd

i have scouted out more of the territory today and have come across a cemetery on the edge of town . some of the graves look fresh , this must be where we all end up .

it would be wise to not get too close to the town , i have noticed that this is where they spend a lot of their time when they aren't hunting us . it would be smart to just keep your distance from the area , if they catch you then you are already dead .

may 19th

as the months go on in the forest i have learned a lot of secrets and tricks . i hope these are able to help you .
  • no matter how quiet and careful you might be , they know where you are and they will find you .
  • if you are alone , find other survivors . it seems as if they all have their own people they are chasing , there is more than likely other allies around you .
  • sleep in shifts , not having someone on lookout is a death wish . always stay within yelling distance , once you are alone they will close in on you .
  • never get too comfortable in one place , always be on the move and changing your camp .
  • don't trust the voices calling out to you at night , they are not your friends and they do not wish to help you .
  • beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing .
june 5th

i'm afraid this journal might be coming to an end soon , my friend . the killers have gotten closer since the last time i had written , i won't be alive for very much longer . ending up in this forest is a death i wouldn't wish on anyone , i hope that no one will be around to read this , but if you are then i hope you find some use in it and make it longer than i did .

before i go , i wanted to share my last piece of advice with you and give you tips on how to combat each killer effectively . understanding these points may end up saving your life down the road .

the leader is -

the rest of the journal’s pages have been ripped out and you are unable to read the rest.

before you leave the cabin, you look over the contents of one of the tables. something interesting catches your eye, on a weather piece of paper.

the killer's code of conduct .
  • betrayal against the other killers can result in death as punishment .
  • guns are frowned upon , it defeats the whole purpose of the game and can mess up other people's hunts . knives and other melees are encouraged .
  • under no circumstances are you allowed to be around jackson's cliffs , if a chase ends up that way you drop it .

on the back of the journal, there are barely legible coordinates written across the top. you decide to go find what they had left for you, upon entering the cave you don't see anything of importance, assuming it must have been found already. as you begin to leave, a glow catches the corner of your eye. you walk over to the edge of the cave wall and find a piece of glass half buried by the dirt, you dig underneath and find another journal, this time containing a description of the territory seemingly written by the previous journalist.

devils ditch forest [ x , x ]lives up to its name - it’s the perfect place for these killers to play their sick game . though they navigate the woods with ease , it’s a twisted labyrinth of repetitions . the forest itself looks touched by the devil- it’s trees twisted and gnarled , the shrubbery thorned and reaching for you , the ground dry and infertile . however, there are landmarks that have helped me regain what few bearings i keep .

the forest spans for miles, and just a couple more away is the town of ripmourne [ x , x ] it’s sign standing wearily , covered in graffiti . it’s a small residential area , with what looks like mostly-completed single family homes . it looks strangely out of place after being stuck in the forest for so long , but don’t fall for its normalcy - this is where some killers rest and regroup when not pursuing us . i have only seen it from a safe distance . this is not your escape route- find another way. i’ve seen too many fall into this trap .

the cliff i mentioned as a sort of safe - zone is somewhere in the middle of these woods . the trees clear out , as the edge becomes rocky . if you peer over the edge , it plummets into a shallow creek . slipping off the edge would surely kill you . again , the killers seem to avoid the area - perhaps due to its danger . don’t get too comfortable .

the creek below is called crimson creek [ x , x , or so a handmade sign declares at the edge of it . i’ve seen killers here squatting to wash the blood from their hands , making the water run red . it seems like they have a sense of humor in their names .

just a few dozen meters from the creek are the caves , a small system of three caves intertwined . they don’t go very deep , but provide a few hiding spots in the pitch black . the creek nearby also provides a sound that helps mask subtle sounds you may make .

lastly , i’ve come across a worn down cabin somewhere in the woods . approach with caution - this is the wolfs den . i entered with another survivor who did not make it out . i managed to steal some weapons and food from it , but it is not worth the risk unless you’re in a group . it’s a small one story cabin , sleeping bags and supplies scattered around the various rooms . as we looted , we discovered polaroids of the killers , grinning and posing together , some wielding weapons or masks with pride , posted on the walls . as if this wasn’t sickening enough , they have photos of us . taken from a distance , as if stalking us . we even found drawings of previous survivors , their bodies full of wounds and sickly pale , posted on the fridge as if a parent taking pride in their child’s work .

watch for these landmarks - they may save your life when running through this labyrinth of rot .

good luck .

devil's ditch forest
all the other kids with the pumped up kicks
you better run, better run, outrun my gun all the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run, better run faster than my bullet . ————
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Re: devils ditch — updated 10/14
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