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mr angel — birthday, open.
« on: April 21, 2022, 03:26:24 PM »
He wanted nothing more than to remember this forever.

Nose crinkling up, Green huffed a breath of laughter as he playfully swatted Arlo's hand away. ❝ Twenty five looks good on you... Grandpa. ❞ Arlo had teased earlier as he skipped alongside Green in an attempt to keep up. With Green nearly quivering with enthusiasm, the moment he heard that a celebratory birthday lunch had been prepared for his special day had him eager to see the faces of those he loved.

And now he was sat in one of the terraces that looked out across the cliffs. The sea battered the rocks as the lighthouse remained unwavering in the distance. Like a beacon of resilience for the District. ❝ You actually want me wearing this? ❞ Green jabbed his finger towards his face with a grin that spread from ear to ear, earning a quiet giggle from Arlo. ❝ Yeah... Why?! ❞ The young boy rocked back and forth on his chair, Green raising his brows before pulling the party off his head. Leaning closer towards the boy he had adopted, Green murmured playfully, ❝ Because I'm the only one with a party hat! I might get all shy! ❞ Arlo erupted with laughter, within each huff a deconstructed sentence about how he thought it was hilarious though.

Shaking his head slowly with amusement, Green looked over his shoulder to where Ginnie stood, staring up at him with her dazzling bug-eyes. More than likely begging, but Green always ended up encouraging it one way or another so he couldn't get mad at her. ❝ What about... ❞ Picking the small dog up with a heaving breath, Green placed her on his lap before attempting to place the party hat on her head. ❝ Ginnie? ❞ Pulling his hands away, he huffed as the dog didn't attempt to even shake the hat off her head, instead slumped on Green's lap comfortably as she panted contently. This earned another laugh from Arlo, the boy shaking his head before pointing out, ❝ You're silly. ❞ ❝ Uh huh? Tell me about it. ❞

Food began to get brought out as the group began to sing happy birthday, an enlightened grin sitting on Green's lips as he huffed a breath of laughter to himself. His eyes wandered across everybody. All these people... They were all alive because of him. What more was there to appreciate on this special day? ❝ You guys shouldn't have. ❞ Green sighed happily, lowering Ginnie on the floor again before putting his party hat back on his head with a goofy smile. ❝ Suppose it's only one day with the stupid hat on... ❞


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Re: mr angel — birthday, open.
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2022, 06:57:38 PM »
birthdays were an interesting thing for bellamy now. they didn't feel as complete as they use to, being the only one to celebrate. she missed the days when she was home and she had brooks there to share the day with, bellamy wasn't one to like all attention on them and it helped with her when there was her twin to take away some of the attention. it had been a few years of having the day to herself and it still hadn't been something she gotten use to. she missed her family.

bellamy had shown up to vernon's party with flynn alone, don had left a bit prior without mentioning where he was off too, but it wasn't like she really wanted to know anyways. any chance she got away from him was like a breath of fresh air she was finally able to take after being pushed under water for so long. the fact that there was a celebration going on helped her get her mind more relaxed, and for the first time since being in the district, she felt as normal as she could be in the situation.

as the food was brought out and the residents sang happy birthday, bella chuckled briefly as flynn babbled along before clapping his hands together excitedly at the end with everyone else. "yay!" they cooed lightly towards him, clapping with him as encouragement at his latest favorite thing to do.

after a few moments, bella stood up and walked over towards greenie with flynn resting on his hip, reached out to hand him a homemade card. "happy birthday, that hat really suits you." they joked with a playful smile. "as much as i would like to take all of the credit, it has to go to flynn for the art on it." she chuckled, turning her head to look at her son before lightly tickling his side which earned a giggle from him. once greenie opened the card, she looked back over and pointed towards the scribble made from the green crayon. "i, uh, i think that's suppose to be you? i'm not really sure, the artist loves to keep his pieces a mystery."