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♔ LONESOME TOWN // intro
« on: June 18, 2022, 01:06:21 PM »
books, books, books. so many stacks of books surrounded the man, all about the same subject; animals. what could he say, he enjoyed the little creatures and everything they did. he fully believed each animal on this planet served a purpose, and he wanted to jot those purposes down so he could forever and always be grateful for their work. there was also the plus of just being one of the few who knew how to treat any ailments that someone’s furry friend (or scaley) may have. he was useful, he had a purpose.

griffin flipped through one of his books, the anatomy of equines, and pulled out a sketchbook. he grabbed another book, animal anatomy, and flipped until he found sheep. now he could get to work sketching out his scene. he bummed quietly to himself, loosely and effortlessly blocking out the shapes of a mare and a sheep. he was there for quite a while, switching before his charcoal nub and a pencil as he added more and more detail. eventually, upon his lap, was a fully sketched and shaded charcoal drawing of a horse and sheep grazing peacefully among the grassy field, a sun rising behind them signaling the dawn of a new day.

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Re: ♔ LONESOME TOWN // intro
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2022, 07:59:35 PM »
it is empty achilles, so end it all now
it's a pointless resistance for you

David used to love to draw as a kid. None of the things he drew made proper sense, of course, since he was only but a child. A young boy, always thinking, always dreaming. He had quite the imagination as a child, but that was stripped away from him as he grew up. Through those years in confinement, in a dark room with a single square of sunlight to let him know what time of day it was. He had no crayons, no toys, nothing but those four walls and his bed. He hated those years, pushed out of his memory so much that he could hardly remember anything.

David wished he still had his imagination, and wished that when Roxanne was born, he could hopefully rekindle that flame, and the two could bond over their thoughts of dragons and dinosaurs and everything around and in between, but it was stripped even further, when Roxanne was torn from him, in the middle of the night. It was so achingly hard to be a man, to be a human being without his wife, without his daughter. With nothing but his thoughts, circling and plaguing, forcing him to curl in on himself and focus solely on making sure people knew nothing about him. Making sure that they couldn't get close to him.

He feared that if, one day, he had someone get so close, that they'd suffer the same fate as his wife did, those years ago. Now, Roxanne was with him, at least. Maybe his luck was turning up. Maybe. He had his daughter, had a house, had a stable position with this group, had a horse... all that bad luck hadn't have been for nothing, he supposed, though he preferred he never had to have dealt with what he did. His eyes were plagued with a trauma that would be on his heels for the rest of his life, like a pack of snarling, starving dogs.

David was currently with Oasis, his horse. She had warmed up enough to finally be around other people and horses. She was trotting at his side, stretching her large, solid legs out after a night of slumbering. She had finally even chose to sleep on the ground, whereas before she hardly ever slept, always on all fours, unless David was at her side. She wasn't even reined, she had just chosen to follow the gigantic man, her heavy hooves in rhythm with David's, head bobbing. She was so much more healthy now, her mane no longer tangled, her tail short, but not too short, her forelocks finally straightened out. She bumped her head into the big man and he smiled, petting her head.

It was then he noticed somebody sitting near by, working on...something. He had tons of books around him, and David tilted his head. He looked to Oasis, then headed out of the fenced-in area, closing the gate behind him. Oasis very clearly did not like that, stomping her hooves and snorting before she turned and trotted back off into the large paddock. David shrugged at his mare's response and continued until he was looming behind Griffin.

The poor man would see a very, very large shadow, almost as if a mountain was suddenly placed behind him.

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