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― julien leblancmyquietminddissolvesatthethoughtofyou! ! !
this is gonna be julien's little corner of the internet.

i'm gonna get some stuff up here and the first couple posts might look decently aesthetic but after that it'll look hella laid-back so ! ! (he doesn't have a discord channel so he deserves this y'all,, he deserves this,,, )

feel free to track or whatever !

also creds go to truce because she suggested this to me the other day and i was like "hey,,, good idea"


the man. the myth. the legend.

his history is actually really depressing to me, like it gets to me
but he was born in new orleans on the "wrong side of the tracks." his mother and his father never got along very well; he remembers them fighting a lot when he was young, and his little brother was too young to remember that. when the electricity went out, his mom saw that as her opportunity to leave her husband and her kids to chase after better things. his dad struggled with type 1 diabetes, and julien picked up all sorts of odd jobs and really worked his ass off to pay for his insulin every month and to make ends meet. eventually his dad ended up dying, and in some ways julien always wishes he could've done something more to keep him around longer - even when he did everything he could've possibly done at the time. he raised his little brother, who eventually decided to go off in search of bigger and better things. julien couldn't blame him.
he was best friends with teddy, and he followed the man with a chance of getting a better life for himself. he wasn't very impressed with teddy's idea of a better life,,, he still isn't,,, but hey it beats whatever he left at new orleans.

personality wise, he is very blunt and tells it as it is. it can be admirable, or absolutely terrifying depending on which side you're on. he's quick-witted and has a very dry sense of humor. it's often hard to tell whether he's joking or not. it's even harder to tell if he actually likes you or not - but the more you get to know him, the more in-tune you get with his personality. he strives for creativity and originality and gdi i love it

and yeah, that's about it !


i haven't had too much luck finding gifs that really fit what i picture for him but
i will add some here in the morning


he has a bio right

and a spotify right here


feel free to track, comment, or anything really !
super excited to have him here : ' )

track. i rlly love him


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