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— A dump for Theodore Knope, a Member of The Badlands. This thread will store all random notes, content and rambles about Teddy. Please feel free to track/reply to this thread! It will be a very casual and laid back thread, unlike his biography.


Teddy is the twenty eight year old definition of a baby-faced gangster with an entrepreneurial mind. He is a charismatic, ambitious, personable and suave man who is all brains and beauty. He's smart and he knows that he is, but tends to use his intelligence in very backhanded and sly ways. The world is his stage, he works hard and plays hard, and he works in a cool and collected manner to make people believe that he is everyone's friend. With that being said, he'd also very unpredictable. It's hard to know when you've angered him because he has very good self-restraint, but he will also eventually make you wish you never crossed paths with him because he will turn on someone in a blink of an eye. As long as you stay on his good side, he will be a very nonchalant and polite; otherwise, you're nothing to him, and that's a dangerous position to be in.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Teddy came from a family who lived on the wrong side of the tracks. His parents struggled to make ends meet, often sacrificing themselves so that their children wouldn't have to always sleep on an empty stomach. Eventually, out of desperation, the family turned to a world of crime where this provided them with enough fortune just to keep afloat. Due to this upbringing, Teddy has grown up to become hellbent on creating a better life for himself. But, his ideals for his best life is a very superficial notion, but one as he readily accepts as his future.

He travelled with his childhood best friend and right hand man, Julien, where Teddy managed to schmooze his way into the lives of the affluent and famous. Here, he learned the ways of an entrepreneur and how they became successful. Eventually, he heard of The Badlands, a group in which he believes he can achieve his dream life with by developing it into a haven for criminal activity. Not long afterwards, he found himself walking the streets of The Badlands, along with his best friend, as well as his older brother and his wife, Micah and Juliette, and their two children after reuniting with them.




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