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Welcome to The Badlands' new plotting thread! We've got a few rules in place to keep this thread enjoyable for everyone, and they are as follows:

• Keep things PG-13, and don't mention any vulgar or sensitive topics you think might need a trigger warning. Asking for your friends' support is fine, but serious discussion should go to either pms or the support center.
• Make sure to be inclusive! Don't skip over anyone and be sure to make people feel welcome. Try to reply to every post you can, and don't be afraid to hop into a conversation!
• Don't spam the chat, double posts are fine here and there as long as you're not repeating yourself and have something new and important to say, and you're not posting for the sake of it or for bones.
• Be kind to one another. Rudeness and passive aggression will NOT be tolerated.
• If an argument begins, agree to disagree and move on.
• Have fun!

If there are any issues please message @truce, @finny or @scully.

*throws teddy in*

track++my girl Salem is currently open for plots!

henlooo, i have micah boy and kippy


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