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Guys! I just thought it would be fun to discuss what we like most about each other's characters for all that good loving that they deserve! You guys all have such unique and interesting characters so I think it'd be fun for us to tell each other what we like most about them!

I like how charismatic and effortlessly suave Teddy is, attracting adoration and enemies in a sophisticated manner. I also enjoy his unpredictability, it really is a delight to read his posts and wonder what he’ll do next.

Omg thank you sm ! ! !

Mike. Where do I start with Mike?? I love how consistent he's been as a character for the long term — an unwavering presence in The Badlands which is an impressive feat as, as a writer, it's not an easy thing to do! His backstory is heart breaking and the way his character develops with each blow adds insult to injury in the most interesting of ways. Over time, I've been able to see the way he's become more guarded and melancholy and, whilst it's so sad to see for Mike, it's really cool to see as a writer!

micah has been one of my favorite characters of mine for maybe two years now? and when i created him, he did have a brother, but he never saw him. ever since you came to me with the idea of making a brother for him, i have just adored the ways micah has changed as well as the light and life that teddy brings with him. he’s like one of the villains that everyone loves, charming and charismatic so it makes you forget his true intentions; quite evil genius of him. i also LOVE how he loves his nephews! i feel like that really highlights his upbringing and why he’s so determined to have what he wants. they were used their whole childhood and just learned that only the privileged have good lives. i also feel like that validates why he’s doing everything?? or maybe not validate but gives a good reason thats heartbreaking.

so! micah has of course always been one of my Favorite characters! he is just always so interesting to me?? it's not very known to very many people other than his family and those close to him, but he has so many layers and with a character like him they just all go so nicely together and is so cool to see you play out! i also love how he just doesn't give a fuck, he doesn't sugarcoat things or care about how other's view him, like he's just so effortlessly himself and tells it how it is to everyone. kinda going back to the layers, i also just love how you wouldn't expect it from him right away since he is so rough around the edges, but he is just so so family oriented and would do anything for them and you play that out so well! i love my son a lot and could keep going, but don't wanna make this Super long FGHJKL


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