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welcome to sequoia springs; here you will find a large bustling group of loud and proud guardians of the land who value good teamwork and trust in each other above all else. denizens of the springs seek to honor the land that keeps them safe as much as they value each other, and they see their ability to naturally farm the land and systematically hunt for better results teamwork with the land as much as another denizen. they are a militialike group that is known for their rowdy nature and frequent roughhousing, often seen as thrill-seekers, but also bringing a sense of security with their promise of protection.


sequoia springs was formed during a great famine many years ago, when the needs of many small rogue groups in the surrounding area aligned well enough that banding together was the best option. even after the famine ended, the group of loners and rogues realized that they had become a close-knight unit and functioned well together even outside of times of disaster. these experiences set the tone for the group as a whole. denizens of sequoia springs are very reverent off their environment, and thoug they are avid stockpilers, they profusely thank the land that they live on for providing for them. in turn, they care for and protect the land.

denizens or sequoia springs are known for being loud and proud. most members prefer to declare their rank and titles with bandanas adorned with small metal charms. bandanas are usually customized in some way to reflect the personality of the wearer.

sequoia springs is located within a scrolling taiga, inside of which is a scattering of colorful pools of water, which to not take long to identify as hot springs. there is a range of jagged black cliff faces that turn to mountain peaks the further you go, which cradle the territory within their grasp. beyond these small ranges are the loner lands, which denizens of the fall have elected to live close to in order to keep an eye on any malicious outsiders.

growing up the side of one of these cliff faces is a massive sequoia tree, which clutches at the rocks around it for added support. this tree contains hollow sections all throughout, and over many years, hallways and stairways have been added to create a cohesive subsystem of tunnels within this great sequoia. located at the territory’s “official” entrance from the loner lands, it serves both as a home base for denizens and a border control for loners who intend to pass through their territory in order to reach the others. this doesn’t mean loners aren’t free to take the long way, but if you genuinely have no ill will then it’s probably safer this way too, since within this home base is a large kitchen, armory, herb store, and a handful of spellcasters for various medical needs. while intimidating, sequoia springs only wishes to scare away those with ill intentions. they still wish to protect everyone else, and will happily provide you with supplies as long as you don’t pose a threat.

a smidge deeper in the territory and away from the great sequoia and jagged black peaks lies the hunting grounds. these take up the vast majority of the territory and are primarily large boreal forests, though there are sections of sparse desert the closer to the center of the territory you get. These are sections of territory that are mostly abandoned but make for great places to hunt as a result.

as the woods thin out, you begin to see the springs’ famous hot springs pop up. theyre large expanses of hot water, and at the edges there are massive rings of color thanks to the microorganisms that thrive within these springs. the air gets hotter as you treck deeper into the springs, until at the very center of the territory you find a massive geyser. denizens of the springs believe that this geyser, when it blows, indicates some kind of major change in their way of life. this change can be good or bad, but either way the geyser is associated with them. denizens call this geyser the teller, and the soothsayer makes frequent trips to the teller and the springs surrounding it to read the waters, scrying for answers in the rainbows during difficult times. often referred to as the rainbow locus.

located slightly away from the sequoia tree but still near enough to travel between them quickly is a large cave that is guarded with brambles and barbed wire. this is where the members of the springs keep their sick, wounded, children, and new parents. there are a handful of knights present at all times to provide for and protect the vulnerable denizens. they call this place peace cave.

there is also a large clearing in the forest close to peace cave that is optimal for training and is used as a barracks. most trainees of any kind spend much of their day here.

denizens sleep wherever they wish in the territory. some have small shacks or dens, while others live in the sequoia itself. yet others live in peace cave, or even deeper inside the territory. the bulk of the members have a room in the sequoia tree, though.

CAPTAIN high position. the captian is the highest authority within sequoia springs. their word is law. however, if their law becomes corrupt or no longer has the well-being of the residents of sequoia springs in mind, then the group is welcome to, and should be encouraged to, overthrow their power. their goal first and foremost is keeping the peace and keeping everyone safe and alive. it is the captain’s responsibility to care for every denizen of sequoia springs with the same love they would care for their own family members. they are expected to keep morale high and keep everyone in line. they are given a black flame shaped badge.
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ADVISOR. high position. the advisor is the second hand to the captain. they are expected to call them out on any actions that may cause harm to befall the group as well as advise the current captain on any and all leadership related subjects and act as a sounding board. they are also expected to succeed the captian in the event that they are unable to continue to lead. they are given a black teardrop shaped badge.
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GENERAL. high position. the general makes a large portion if not all warfare related decisions with the captain’s approval. they are expected to train the deadeye. they are given a black triangle shaped badge.
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              — DEADEYE. semi-high position. the deadeye is a selection made from some of the entire population of sequoia springs. they are selected because the show promise in combat and strategies, and are to train under the general. they will succeed the general if they are unfit to keep their position. they are given a brass triangle shaped badge.
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SOOTHSAYER. high position. the soothsayer is usually a calm presence in the bustling and rowdy action of the rest of the springs, as they are required to keep a calm demeanor even in the face of an emergency. they typically believe that bedside manner is half the battle, and as the springs healers, that is essential. their responsibilities include holding basic medical trainings for all denizens, training the bard, and continuing oral traditions by holding storytelling events. they are given a black musical note badge.
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              — BARD. semi-high position. the bard’s responsibilities include oral storytelling, as well as studies in healing. The bard will become a soothsayer when they have completed their training and have hosted their first lore festival. they are denoted with a brass music note badge.
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KNIGHT. knights are the soldiers and hunters of the springs. they provide everyone with food and protection. they receive a silver circle badge.
              — SQUIRE. squires are knights in training. they are not old enough to execute all duties on their own, and need time to train. they receive a brass circle badge.
DENIZENS. denizens are the civilians of sequoia springs.

                — TITLES
member prestige is not typically indicated through a particular name, but rather a badge on their bandana that marks a certain accomplishment. they, as well as guild names, are detailed below.
                    guild name. a member’s guild name is an identifier that immediately indicates to other traveling denizens of the springs that you are a friend. they are formatted as _noun_ the _adjective._ for example: daisy the fierce, or radio the bold. it is considered intimate to tell a stranger your true name to sequoia springs denizens. your guild name is acquired upon joining.
                    the sun. members who have a small golden sun pinned to their bandanas have shown notable warmth when welcoming newcomers and visitors. they are commended for their hospitality and friendliness.
                    the star. a small white star badge signifies bravery in a life or death situation. members who participate in combat will typically have this badge, but it can be acquired other ways as well.
                    the moon. a small silver moon shows great contribution to the inner workings of the springs. denizens who lead frequent patrols, trainings, and other contributions by are commended with this badge.

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