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Seagulls cawed overheard and the low rumble in the distance was indication that they were nearing the coastline. That was always helpful — somewhere along the coastline was the city of lights, perhaps not in the literal sense but he had heard that the people around these parts made the city shine a little more than the rest. Perhaps it was the extravegance of the parties, the way multicoloured fireworks ignited bursts of colour throughout the sky.

Out of all the colours, Rafe liked the colour blue the best.

The sea was blue, at least in his illustrations as he’d allow a paintbrush to glide across its canvas. If this place were to welcome the family in, Rafe would love nothing more than to paint a still life landscape of the sea itself. That would be a painter's paradise. What Rafe loved more than his passion for the arts, though, was the fact that his daughter had possessed the same talents as he did. Gianna was growing increasingly adept at her own illustrations — whilst most children thought of the human frame as a body that seemed more fitting for a stick insect than a person, Gianna would attempt the correct proportions, albeit somewhat messily. She drew kneecaps that appeared more like growths attached to the side of her illustrative person and hair as if every person was in fact the embodiment of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The effort to improve was there, however, and so Rafe would praise her with his usual sneering grins and baffled remarks.

Whilst perhaps to some, he seemed somewhat snotty, it was an attitude that Gigi found to be highly amusing. Father and daughter were as close as two people could be, and Rafe’s honesty to his daughter encouraged the freedom to speak up for herself and joke around relentlessly with her father. Because Rafe was one of those fathers; he always favoured the thought of being a friend first, and a parent second. Gianna liked the colour blue, too, but perhaps this was an opinion learned from her father himself. Whilst Gianna’s reasoning was as guileless as one would expect a twelve year old’s to be, Rafe could create art with each word he’d keep to himself, painting the most exquisite scene in explaining what made the colour blue so appealing to him.

Maybe it was just the colour of the sea, that turquoise or cerulean or sometimes a little grey on a particularly cloudy day. Heather’s eyes did the same thing, too. Sometimes her eyes would go from blue to grey, green to blue, all of those awe-inspiring hues and shades all settling within those orbs of hers. Rafe’s eyes were a boring brown, not even the type that would dazzle with specks of gold in the sunlight. But Heather’s eyes were a sight for sore eyes (and excuse him for the lack of better words). This was humiliating and, quite frankly, corny as hell, Rafe would later add with a dismissive huff. He was an artist with an eye for beauty, but never would he stoop to the level of actually admitting such a cheesy admittance to someone like Heather.

They weren’t a thing, despite all signs leading to them being a couple. They had a child together, and Gianna would call them Mom and Dad in the same way any child with two loving parents would. They were close friends, and smiled at each other adoringly every time they passed one another. They lived with each other. But, they were not lovers, but friends. Co-parenting, to put things precisely. The timing wasn’t ever right for them to be anything more than friends and, for the longest of times, Rafe would willingly accept it for what it was. Even up until recently he had been, in fact, none the wiser but feelings sometimes crept upon one until it was blinding. Mind-boggling in the same appreciative way as when Rafe would see his favourite shade of blue. He saw it in the sea, and he saw it in Heather’s eyes.

Embarrassing to say so, but it was true!

Most colours in life were muted, like the humdrum of a hard working day, but as Rafe saw The Badlands just over the horizon, the dullness of its steel shaded silhouette ignited a colourful mind. He looked at those muted colours and thought there ought to be more to it than this. The silhouette shrouded the main attraction in Rafe’s mind — the ocean that he most looked forward to. He hadn’t seen the sea in years, actually, and doubted that Gigi had ever seen the coast at all in her life.

❝ Oof, I’m not as strong as I used to be! ❞ Rafe panted as he finally stopped jogging ahead, eventually letting go of Gianna’s legs as she slid off of his back after a piggyback ride. ❝ You’re not that old… Yet! ❞ She giggled, Rafe raising his brows and allowing his jaw to drop in a feigned look of shock. ❝ I will never grow old, I have you know. I meant that I haven’t done a workout in sometime because someone’s gotta look out for a little monkey that I know. ❞ Poking her nose gently, Gianna swatted Rafe’s hand away with a cheeky grin before looking over her shoulder to wait for Heather to catch up again. ❝ Well, this is it. ❞ Rafe announced, gesturing towards the city that they had since reached before gesturing his pointer finger towards Heather.

❝ Stick with Mom, okay? I’ll do the talking. ❞ Without the pep talk beforehand, Rafe knew that Gianna would try to take over the conversation with her confident, sassy remarks. Whilst Rafe adored her personality, he could never be sure how these people would respond to newcomers. Whilst Rafe didn’t seem like much of a protector  — more like a gentle giant in nature — he would not put his beautiful daughter in harm’s way. Watching Gianna return to Heather’s side, Rafe’s gaze lingered on Heather for a moment too long before he looked back to see a few Badlanders approaching.

❝ You’re in The Badlands. We don’t allow kids at casino night, ya know? ❞ The one NPC pointed out shortly, Rafe staring with slightly parted lips before he said, ❝ Uh, no. I’m actually looking for… Elisa? ❞ Salem, but she’d given Rafe no more than her birth name and her location when they first united. ❝ Huh, all right. And you are? ❞ The NPC took a step back, readying themselves to look around for Salem. Rafe gave him a shrug before he said, ❝ Just tell her that her brother’s here to see her. ❞ With that, the NPC gave him a slow nod before turning around to notify Salem.

Several moments after he left, Rafe began to give the growing crowd of Badlanders a cheesy grin, pulling his head back and clasping his front hands together in front of him before he began to ramble. ❝ Well it’s… It’s half-brother, technically. You wouldn’t believe the story behind it. My father… What a funny chap. You all have probably heard of him. Lionel King, you know? Starring in all of the Revenge of the Lost Pioneer films? That’s my father — yes I know — they all say I'm a spitting image of him. Must've been one handsome feller, hey? ❞ One of the Badlanders curled his lip. ❝ Man, I hated those films. So boring. ❞ Rafe raised his brows as the Badlander cut him off, before eventually Rafe laughed an awkward chuckle. ❝ At least you’d heard of them, right? Right? ❞ There was silence for a moment before Badlanders began to laugh. Perhaps out of pity, Rafe would have imagined. After all, this was a slightly awkward conversation. Hopefully Elisa would show her face soon enough.     

// Revenge of the Lost Pioneer? Yeah it's totally a made up film series in the same way that Rafe's dad was a made up celebrity film actor, we'll just go with it HGJFKL Also sorry I totally rambled, the only important part are the last two paragraphs!

Oh, so he had stumbled across a family reunion of sorts. The young man sports his usual frown, coming to a stop near the crowd of gathering Badlanders and crossing his arms as he watches the man introduce himself.

Family... He was surprised that the people here even had families that cared about and loved them. The Badlands wasn't a very family-friendly environment as it was, so with very few exceptions, most of its members were lone rogues and travelers seeking refuge in the beachside city with either loved ones who were estranged, missing or even dead.

It was a fickle thing to Nikolai, family. He had abandoned his father and little sister in a fit of rage and rebellious teenage angst to seek a newfound purpose. Hell, you could say that he abandoned his family to seek out an uncle that he'd never even met. It sounded fucked, but at the time, Nikolai would have rather been anywhere else in the world other than stuck in a house with his insufferable father.

Back to the trio, assumedly the two parents and their daughter, the father seems to be a bit of a character. Apparently he's the "spitting image" of a famous actor, though Nikolai doesn't recognize the name at all. He doesn't know many celebrities other than utter legends like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Nikolai had been born right as the apocalypse had begun, meaning that he didn't grow up with media like movies or TV. "Never heard of him." Comes the blunt comment from Nik, finally interjecting into the conversation. Nik didn't have to speak up, of course; he didn't even have to be present at all. He had just merely come across the scene by chance, having been out on a walk.

After a few seconds studying the small family, he returns his gaze back to Rafe. "... Who'd you say you were lookin' for?" Elisa didn't ring a bell, though he really had not been in the Badlands for too long as of yet. He certainly did not know Salem well enough to know that was her birth name.


♔   Ves had been sitting with a group of Badlanders, the large straw hat had been abandoned somewhere- probably set down and forgotten about. He was talking--well, flirting, mostly--with them, when the group of newcomers came. The man, Ves had to quint to see his features, asked for an Elisa, and Ves glanced towards the other Badlanders around him for their reaction. Upon seeing their reactions, Ves decided to blend in with them and nod his head, pretending he didn't like Lionel King--in truth, he just did not know who he was.

♔   And then it hit.

♔   "Rafe?" Ves asked, slowly standing up, putting his hand over his brows to be able to see properly. "Rafe, is that you? It- it's me, Ves!"

♔   "TEXT!"

//it's so short i am so sorRY

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textSALEMENTRY #018.15.16BL ENFORCER//cw mentions of pregnancy, insinuation of sex

Salem had always considered herself a lone wolf in the Badlands. She had tried, once, to visit Rafe in Los Santos, after hearing a rumor that Lionel King had had another child.

Lionel King, a father. She remembered thinking it was strange: to her, he was just a man who impregnated her mother and left. To her mother, he was a demon, and she tried everything she could to poison Salem against him, perhaps to deter her from running away and living with him. As if that had ever been an option for her.

Rafe had snapped at her when she showed up, claiming that Lionel King had no other children, and Salem wasn't about to change his mind. She assumed that was that and went back to being a lone wolf in the Badlands, letting people close enough to like her but keeping them far enough to avoid any form of emotional intimacy.

Of course, that was before Teddy. The night of Teddy's birthday party, she had let her guard down around him because she was so, so tired of their little dance. The power games that they had been playing for months were starting to grate on her last nerve, and for a moment, when they sat and talked about their pasts, they were equal. It's been months since she's spoken to him, not since she found out she was pregnant: in the end, he won, like he always did.

Only twice had her birth name been uttered in the Badlands: once by her mother, coming home to fetch her and possibly turn her in to the authorities for stealing, and once by a hitman hired by her mother, out to kill her and reclaim the stolen jewels Salem had taken. Nevertheless, Salem didn't have positive associations with that name anymore, especially when it was uttered in the Badlands. So, when she heard NPC knocking on her door, yelling "Salem? Someone's here to see you. He asked for an Elisa, and he said he's your brother," Salem's immediate reaction was dread. She was having a particularly bad bout of nausea, reclining at her desk chair with her eyes closed, but she forced them open and staggered to her feet, her eyes boring into the NPC as they led her to the gathering crowd.
"Rafe?" Salem had to fight a smile from forming on her lips. She couldn't let her hopes get up yet, not after what happened the last time they met. "Rafe, if you're here to accuse me of lying again, please don't bother. I don't want..." She trailed off, her gaze drifting from her half-brother to the woman and child behind him. One was presumably his girlfriend or wife, and one was...his child.

Rafe had a daughter? She was an aunt? Salem's mouth hung agape as she stared down Gigi. For so long she had estranged herself from this notion of family, she believed that she truly deserved to have a lonely life in the Badlands. But her child could have a friend here, a cousin...An image of her child, running around in a diaper, playing with Gigi popped into her mind and Salem began to tear up. She didn't know what emotions were crashing over her, but she shut her eyes and shook her head.

"Rafe..." her voice was shaky as she spoke, and tears still slipped through her closed eyelids as she struggled not to convulse with sobs. She had never cried in public before, and she hated how everyone stared at her as she covered her face with her hand, placing her pointer finger and thumb on her temples. "...Rafe, what do you want from me?" There was a hint of desperation in her voice. She figured that, if he had his child with him this wasn't just a scolding session, but something bigger. Joy, curiosity and panic all swirled within her, heightening both her sobs and her nausea. "Why can't you just leave me alone?" VITALS> overall status: 100%

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His smile seemed to falter slightly upon hearing the general consensus that Lionel King was in fact not a recognisable name around these parts. How was that even possible? Weren’t these people the Hollywood of The New World or something? Rafe brushed the comments off with a clear of the throat and a grin, hands clasped in front of him as he turned his head towards the Badlander that questioned him. ❝ Elisa, ❞ He repeated in a confident hum, in fact quite uncertain with his answer. That was the only name that she had given him when they first met. Did she go by the surname King or another surname? Was she even known as Elisa here?

As he was about to continue rambling about his introduction to Elisa several months prior, he was interrupted by his name being confidently called out, by someone he didn’t think he would have the pleasure of seeing again. ❝ Ves! Fancy seeing you here. ❞ Rafe purred eagerly, lifting one hand up to wave before commenting, ❝ Not at all surprised, though. If there were any place you’d fit in, it’d be here. Your brother around as well? ❞ Looking around at the crowd, Rafe huffed a breath of laughter before announcing, ❝ A happy family reunion here! ❞ As if they could care less.

And there, moments later, the person he was actively searching for wandered over, but it wasn’t the ❛ happy family reunion ❜ he previously assumed it would be. Perhaps it was maybe his fault for being such a precocious brat the last time they met, but that was all in the past now, right? Wrong. ❝ Rafe, if you're here to accuse me of lying again, please don't bother. I don't want… ❞ ❝ Woah, woah, woah. ❞ Rafe stumbled over a bewildered breath of laughter, brows raising before gesturing a hand towards her. ❝ It was not an… accusation, so to speak. Let's call it a disagreement, perhaps. A ding-dong. A little tiff. ❞ He cackled, mostly with amusement towards himself until the awkward laughter eventually died upon noticing the tears in Salem’s eyes.

Oh. She was being completely serious about this. ❝ Leave you alone? ❞ He hesitated, glancing back towards Gianna and Heather before looking back towards his sister. ❝ No, no... I- I wanted to move my family here. We don’t really have anywhere else to go. Besides… You’re my sister, right? I just want to make that less a question and more a statement. Gigi was excited to finally meet you; she even drew a picture for you! ❞ He gave her a charming smile in the hopes that that was enough to have her allow them to stay. After all, Rafe wouldn’t stick around if it would bother Salem.


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