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You're my sister. Salem nodded slowly at this: so he had come to terms with their shared heritage. She had to wonder, however, if he had left the "half" out purposefully. Was he trying to play her? What was going on? She felt strange: always quick to distrust, Salem judged anyone who breathed wrong in front of her. Even still, despite her worries of Rafe's authenticity, something deep in her gut told her to trust him. Wiping the tears from her face, she finally pulled her hand away from her temple and stared at Rafe, her brother, her only remaining kin.

Gigi. So his daughter's name was Gigi. At the mention of the girl, Salem's eyes drifted back towards her, an unfamiliar warmth filling her watery eyes. Gigi had drawn a picture? For her? Salem couldn't imagine what she thought of her. Was she the home-wrecker, similar to how Rafe had first perceived her, or how her mother had described her father, or was

Rafe said that word, family, so confidently. It sounded natural coming from his tongue, while Salem couldn't even begin to comprehend how she could say it, never mind accept it. Even still, everything in her being at this point was screaming to welcome these three in with open arms.

She never considered herself good with children, but she knew this would have to change within the coming months. So, forcing a smile onto her lips, she bent down to Gigi's eye level. "Hello," she began hesitantly, "I'm Elisa, but most people here call me Salem. me whatever you'd like." She directed her gaze towards Rafe and the woman, signaling that that went for all of them. Hearing the name Elisa come from other's mouths was usually grating to her ears; it was too personal for her liking. However, she believed she was ready to let Rafe and his family use that name. Hopefully, with time, she would consider them her family too. VITALS> overall status: 100%

> physical status: stable.
> physical health: 100%
> physical afflictions: none yet.
> minor injuries: none yet.
> major injuries: none yet.

> mental status: stable.
> current status: stable.
> mental health: 100%
> mental illnesses: None
> mental damage: NoneTAGS━ ━xGENERAL
> Elisa Barone | "Salem"
> Female
> 24
> Dark brown hair that varies in shade, pale, blue green eyes.
> Carries at least 2 cigars at a time, a small handgun, and a small switchblade.
> tall, lanky and a bit awkward physically.
> N/A
> N/A
> medium physically | easy/medium mentally
> non-violent power-play allowed
> no kill | request maim/capture
> ask to attack in bolded, underlined and italicized black
> Lionel King x Melissa Barone
> Half brother Rafe
> Half niece Gigi
> Cat Chrisanthymum "Chrissy"
>Bisexual | no crush
> this text + this color = this meaningI'VE COME TOO FAR TO SEE THE END NOW━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ even if my way is wronga small everyone. | beware hidden scrolling

if he could have it his way, micah wouldn’t ever have to greet newcomers; luckily, with who juli and teddy are, he rarely has to. today, they seem busy, so micah’s up. he takes a deep breath and shakes his head, narrowing down exactly which ones are actual joiners. as micah nears the little group, he catches the tail end of some tiff between this man and salem… great, like they needed any more interpersonal drama; just the fleeting thought of it is exhausting. he sighs quietly, coming to a stop just behind everyone. muscular arms cross his chest, his tattooed hands gripping each forearm; an intimidating sight. a downward gaze switches from newcomer to newcomer, then a curt clearing is his throat follows.

” why’s yous family here, salem? “ but it looks like she isn’t the only one who knows the father daughter duo. micah focuses on them now, eyes almost scanning them. he can’t admit that he’s impressed by any father participating in their child’s life, but he also knows his frame of reference isn’t like most, the bar literally set even lower than the ground itself. ” we ain’t really family friendly here, “ he warns, still skeptical of the man. he looks like the type that micah’s learned and grown to hate; the pretty, smooth talkers who come from wealth: they make micah uneasy and he’s never quite shaken off the envy he feels.

Spoiler:  tags, updated 03/29/2021 • show◜BASICS ┊ NOW SHUT YOUR DIRTY MOUTH◞
&. ❝ micah alexander knope ❞ | male [ he/him ] .
&. 30 years old . | june third ; gemini
&. 1/3  of the administration of badlands .

&. ruthless . silent type . rough exterior . heartless . every man for themselves . controlling . a planner . brooding . apathetic . determined . cold . short tempered . impatient . serious . stoic .

&.  six foot four & one hundred and eighty-nine pounds ; reference ; stephen james .
↳ keeps the sides of his heads shaved, exposing some tattoos on his head with his hair slicked back in a clean fashion.
↳ nearly his whole body is covered in tattoos.
↳ has ice grey eyes and an oval face. his chin is wide and jawline sharp.
↳ almost entirely muscle.

&.  [ 10/10 ] physically  |  [ 9/10 ] psychologically .
↳ difficulty w/ guns [ hard ] | difficulty w/ melees [ hard ] | difficulty w/ hand-to-hand [ hard ]
↳ combat information .
&. attack in bold #000000 | @scully | PM for any major plots .
&. friendly or nonviolent actions may be powerplayed .

&. [ 3 ] weapons | [ 0 ] armor pieces | [ 0 ] consumables | [ 3 ] aid items | [ 2 ] misc .
↳ one shotgun
↳ one rifle
↳ one set of brass knuckles
↳ three low quality explosives
↳ one pitbull puppy named leia
↳ one munchkin cat named ozzy

&. npc x npc | eldest child to a crime family .
↳ theodore knope, 28, badlands .
&. heterosexual, heteroromantic ; mongamous  . | never had a good model for relationships growing up, is learning how to be a good significant other .
↳ in a serious relationship with juliette rousseau .
↳ father to matthew knope & milo knope, 9 months .


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