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A twisted grin sat on his lips as Teddy sat right at the front in a place he dubbed the booth. Although it barely resembled any appearance of a booth, the only seating area in the fighting club was cordoned off with a red velvet rope fence so that the seats were reserved solely for whoever Teddy wished to have sit beside him. Within the stir of the excitable yet overcrowded underground fight club, the only area that wasn’t busy with drunken crowds all shoulder-to-shoulder was where Teddy sat comfortably at his own leisure, sipping at a drink with content.

His soft honey locks curled impeccably as he left his hair in its most natural state, and instead today he sported a more casual chino and crisp white dress shirt outfit, paired with a simple tie and his favourite black mules. Twisting his head, he curled his lips into an impish grin as he observed the way Giovanni stared over towards the fighting ring ahead with wonderment. ❝ Ya like what ya see? ❞ Teddy urged for Papa’s approval, his old man leaning back in the seat beside Teddy before he nodded his head towards the ring.  ❝ The crowd’s pretty fired up for today’s events, yeah? ❞ ❝ Mmm, yeah. Just hope it don’t start before Anya gets here. Now where’s she at? ❞

Leaning forward in his seat, Teddy’s eyes wandered the crowds until eventually he spotted Anya wandering over to their cordoned off area, as beautiful as always. ❝ Save some awe for da fighting ring, Cher! Nobody’s gonna be focussing on the fight when all their eyes are on you. ❞ Teddy hummed with approval, holding his hand out for her before pulling her onto his knee. ❝ As always, stunning. ❞ Eyes gazed up towards her, lips tugging into a softer smile before he wrapped his arms around her. Whilst he wouldn’t call them an item, they were certainly something. Not that Teddy was ever one to get into the nitty gritty of labels and any other suffocating terms which could restrain him in any way. Perhaps he cared more for her appearance than the bond they shared  — it wouldn’t have been the first time he’d done that to a beautiful woman — but there was something there. There ought to be in the way he looked at her.

Eyes turned to linger on Papa, watching the way he avoided looking over towards the couple as he rested his chin on his clenched fist. Teddy hesitated for a moment, allowing for one hand to fall to his side before pulling a chair closer for Anya to take a seat. ❝ Hey, Papa. Here’s da fighters coming on now… Comme on dit en français… Bonne continuation 1. ❞ His smile faltered somewhat at Papa’s dismissive hum before Teddy straightened up to watch the fighters step into the ring. The crowd ignited with lairy cheers and hollers, pushing each other around as they eagerly tried to catch a glimpse of the fighters preparing for the fight. Teddy lounged back comfortably, hands resting on his lap as he soon heard the bell ring to signify the beginning of the fight.

1 As we say in French, enjoy.

textSALEMENTRY #018.15.16BL ENFORCER//cw mention of a one night stand/pregnancy

With the arrival of her brother along with her recent breakdown, Salem needed to let off some steam. Usually, this meant her throwing punches in the ring against whoever was pitted against her, but for the past few months she had forced herself to stand on the sides and watch. Tonight, her eyes were glued to the ring until she saw Tatiana saunter by and sit in Teddy's lap, sectioned off with red rope only a few feet away from where she stood. She let her gaze linger and felt the same as she did when she overheard Teddy praising Anya on her dancing: Jealous, angry, hopeless.

She was tired of feeling this way, she realized as the crowd's cheers grew louder. It wasn't Teddy's fault she was pregnant any more than it was hers: she had already been expecting their fling to be a one-night stand, so why should that change now because she was pregnant? Besides, now that Rafe and Gigi were here...perhaps she wouldn't be so alone in raising her kid.

She turned her attention away with a hint of a smile on her face: she began yelling with the other crowd members, partly in support of the fight, but partly to release these oppressing emotions hopefully once and for all.  VITALS> overall status: 100%

> physical status: stable.
> physical health: 100%
> physical afflictions: none yet.
> minor injuries: none yet.
> major injuries: none yet.

> mental status: stable.
> current status: stable.
> mental health: 100%
> mental illnesses: None
> mental damage: NoneTAGS━ ━xGENERAL
> Elisa Barone | "Salem"
> Female
> 23
> Dark brown hair that varies in shade, pale, blue green eyes.
> Carries at least 2 cigars at a time, a small handgun, and a small switchblade.
> tall, lanky and a bit awkward physically.
> N/A
> N/A
> medium physically | easy/medium mentally
> non-violent power-play allowed
> no kill | request maim/capture
> ask to attack in bolded, underlined and italicized black
> Lionel King x Melissa Barone
> Half brother Rafe
> Half niece Gigi
> Cat Chrisanthymum "Chrissy"
>Bisexual | no crush
> this text + this color = this meaningI'VE COME TOO FAR TO SEE THE END NOW━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ even if my way is wronga small everyone. | beware hidden scrolling

★ leave this here run your morning bath in seafoam ♡
Hushed, excited whispers followed the two brothers as they filled in the fighting ring. Ves was practically buzzing beside his brother, where Axel was fiddling with his sweater band. It wasn't often when the two could watch a fight, let alone be in one. Ves always wanted to weaseled his way into fights, get his hands bloody and to prove how nasty he was. Axel, however, usually held him back. He didn't want his brother getting injured.

But tonight was different. Ves was excitedly patting Axel's arms as they headed towards Teddy. He would have vibrated to the moon by now if he could, but his feet kept themselves planted on the ground. Axel pulled at his sweater sleeves as he cleared his throat, pulling his hands away and putting them at his sides. He was nervous. Ves' antsy movements wasn't helping.

"Mister Teddy, sir," he spoke lowly, glancing at the woman on his lap. "I...I would like to join in the ring tonight."

Ves wanted to ask if he could join, too, but if he were pit against his brother- the albino shook his head and leaned back, letting his brother talk to the group leader. He noticed Salem and waved to her, a big smile on his overly tattooed and pierced face. At least there was a semi-familiar face here, even if he hadn't talked to her much. He knew she was friendly and that's what counted.


well alrighty aphrodite | bio updated 18/09/20acrylic
Spoiler: //tags — updated ;; 09/01/21 • show
> axel bielschmidt ;; ax, bee
> male;; he/him
> 29 years ;; ages real time ;; march 5th
> former los santos member

> physical health ;; 100%
> minor injuries ;; n/a
> major injuries ;; n/a
> important things to note ;; n/a

> short, greying blonde hair ; bright blue eyes ; very stocky and muscular ; 6'3" ; 260 lbs
> no body modifications
> usually a grey or yellow sweater ; blue v-neck or light grey crew neck ; khakis ; saddle shoes
> pocket money ; band-aids ; basically a whole first aid kit
> important things to note ;; two scars on his head from cutaneous horns that he had removed

> very warm; level headed ; easily trusted, though guarded on some subjects, very trustworthy ; rule-follower ; parental figure ; love not fighter ; stubborn
> anxiety
> plays with hair

> pheobe bielschmidt x henry bielschmidt ;; pheobe - m.i.a ; henry - deceased
     > henry passed in freak accident
     > pheobe went missing at scene of the crime
> ves bielschmidt ; chris bielschmidt ;; ves - alive ; chris - deceased
     > chris passed away due to an illness
> bisexual/demisexual ; biromantic
> no known crushes

> medium mentally | medium physically
> non-violent power play allowed
> will not attack/kill/maim/capture without asking the author
> do not kill/maim/capture without asking me (timothy)
> if you want to attack, use this colour (red) and underline it

misc importance
> "this is him talking." ;; his speech is coloured
> this is him thinking ;; thoughts are in italics

// just hopping in 'n making nik one of the fighters for the first round! hope that's alright ^^

Nikolai had not participated in the fighting ring for the sake of money and glory. Currency was practically nonexistent in this world, even though the Badlands was supposedly making its own money. He didn't care about materialistic things, hoarding riches and becoming a wealthy snob.

The young man was first up in the ring, white hand wraps covering his hands and knuckles. He also sported a black tank top and forest-green shorts that reached about knee length. A lot of Badlanders speculated that Nik was going to be one of their best fighters, maybe even a champ. He possessed defined muscles and tall, lean stature. He personally couldn't care less if he was known to be a prominent fighter or not; fame did not matter to him. Nikolai simply enjoyed the rush of a fistfight, as he used to participate in "fight nights" in his old gang where they would have friendly spars.

Eyes intensely trained on his opponent, Nikolai started to round around them with his face guarded. He dodged out of the way just in time as the other individual took a swing at him, and he returned their attempt with a left hook to the jaw.

The first fighters stepped into the ring, and Teddy bellowed a laugh. He gave them a solid round of an applause, pleased grin on his face whilst he watched all preparations take place. Perhaps he appeared somewhat too thrilled in anticipation of the sport, but it wasn’t the sport itself which invigorated him; it was the roar of the crowd that had Teddy reeling. This was exactly what he’d been dreaming of for years — eyes flitting between Badlanders and guests, all together as they placed bets on who’d win this very fight. If Teddy was to place his money on one fighter this round, it would probably be on Nikolai. He had rarely lost a fight ever since he first joined The Badlands, and any lost fight was certainly a close call.

The bell rang and, next thing, the fight was in full swing. When Teddy wasn’t fixated on the result of the fight, he glanced around at nearby bookmakers, doing exactly what they did best. Fight nights like these are what attracted guests to The Badlands where they’d eventually become trapped in the glorious nightlife that they offered. That was power. That was power; not an iron fist, but allowing them to believe that they were in control. His attention was diverted as the Beilschmidt brothers approached. ❝ Mais… You want to fight? ❞ Teddy inquired, quirking a brow as he observed the man’s frame. He was tall and muscular and, whilst Teddy wasn’t sure how he would hold up in a fight, Axel surely looked the part. ❝ Next fight, they need an opposition. You ready to make your debut? ❞ 


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