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the blue wrath — competition, open.


tw. the competition is a little dark in nature... capturing or killing a runaway badlander.

Perhaps slightly contentious and inhumane, Theodore Knope’s intentions were to amass a group of callous scourges to get a tricky job done for him before one could say knife. Sometimes, the prospect alone of hunting down one’s own species seemed barbaric, dehumanising even. But, it was a policy that all members of The Badlands were well aware of, so they willingly agreed to such treatment if they were to ever betray the group and try to flee. A bounty was on the head of several renegades, one in particular especially ruffling Teddy’s feathers after leaving with a bag of stolen Bones.

So, Teddy would incite feelings of resentment within the crowd, hoping that the injustices towards their patriotic group would disgust them as much as it disgusted Teddy. He wanted them ruthless. Next, he would attempt to bring out a fierce competitive streak within all willing competitors as he stood outside of the fighting ring, arms folded across his chest sternly. ❝ So, y’all heard about Harley and want to do somethin’ about it. ❞ He announced to the group of volunteers, features scrunching up with displeasure. ❝ He made off property of The Badlands. He fled, like a fucking coward, and I want him back. Whether it be alive or in a body bag, I don’t care; I want y’all to use ya tracking skills and bring him back ‘ere, okay? ❞ 

The proposition was simple, but not enticing enough. So Teddy had a plan. ❝ Either pair up with another person or fly solo and the person — or people — who brings him back to me gets to keep the Bones he stole. A gift from me. He shouldn’t be too far away so ya best get going! ❞ Using his hand to nonchalantly shoo the competitors away, he watched as Badlanders began to pick out their hunting partners in preparation for this bounty hunting competition Teddy had organised. A competition, more like a glorified search party. Whatever brought Harley back to The Badlands, Teddy supposed. He wasn’t finished with him, yet.


♔   Ves had been told to keep his head low, but the albino's excitement to get involved into everything had made him jump the gun on everything that the Knopes trio brought up. Currently, he was amongst the crowd, excitedly chatting to anyone who would listen. When he lead Los Santos, he would let the dogs run through the streets to find anyone hiding from him. He missed being in control. He craved it. He looked up at Teddy when he began speaking, his red eyes zoning in on him immediately, stopping his excited chatting to listen. The chance to get money made him buzz. He got to taste blood and be rewarded? Yes please!

♔   Ves' breath caught in his throat when Teddy dismissed them, and an excited shrill came from his throat and he instantly took off, waving to Axel on his way by. The look on Axel's face was nearly priceless to the younger brother, but he knew, deep down, Axel would give him the scolding of a life-time when he returned. Axel immediately looked towards the way Ves had returned from, seeing Teddy standing there. Axel's eyes narrowed, but he turned around and headed back into the busy streets.

//this is so short aaaa i'm sorry

♔   "TEXT!"

Spoiler: //tags — updated ;; 09/01/21 • show
> vesania bielschmidt | ves, vessie
> male ;; he/him
> 27 years ;; ages real time ;; april 18th
> badlands ;; loner / previous los santos leader

> physical health ;; 90%
> minor injuries ;; n/a
> major injuries ;; n/a
> important things to note ;; situs inversus, the reverse/mirroring of major organs

> long, white hair ; pink-red eyes ; rather thin, small shoulders and wider hips ; 6'01" ; 160 lbs
> tattoos on his whole body, including face ; piercings all over body as well, including ears, left eyebrow, nose, tongue, chest, naval, and other spots ; forked tongue ; sharpened canines
> wears a patchy, old vest with a fur collar ; ripped skinny jeans ; no shoes
> carries a picture of his brother ; some pocket change ; possibly a flask
> important things to note ;; ves has albinism

> very laid back and flirty ; he is easy-going and likes to make jokes ; hides a lot about himself ; really difficult to gain his trust ; just as easily to lose it ; doesn't settle well if he is getting bad vibes from somebody ; very childish when he trusts someone ; bit of a goofball ; very blunt when talking ; not worried about how his words may affect someone ; suspicious of people he first meets ; starts things if he knows he's gaining something from it
> adhd ; ptsd
> plays with his hair often ; blinks really hard during conversations ; is unable to make eye contact

> pheobe bielschmidt x henry bielschmidt ;; pheobe - m.i.a ; henry - deceased
     > henry passed in freak accident
     > pheobe went missing at scene of the crime
> axel bielschmidt ; chris bielschmidt ;; axel - alive ; chris - deceased
     > chris passed away due to an illness
> pansexual ; demiromantic
> no known crushes

> easy mentally | medium physically
> has no filter | ALL IC OPINIONS
> non-violent power play allowed
> will not attack/kill/maim/capture without asking the author
> do not kill/maim/capture without asking me (timothy)
> if you want to attack, use this colour (red) and underline it

misc importance
> "this is him talking." ;; his speech is in italics
> this is him thinking ;; thoughts are in italics


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