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Suddenly, it felt as if the world was caving in.

All of this was an act. It always had been an act, riding solely on circumstance. But, if circumstances changed, then what would that make Teddy? Tatiana shared the news that she was expecting, and the realisation that his life would change forever suddenly felt daunting. An understatement at best, but something in his eyes went cold the moment he learned that she was with child. The word ❛ father ❜ rotted in his mouth — whilst he placed Papa on a pedestal, Teddy resented him in so many ways. Was it love or the fear of losing him forever? The desperation to finally please Papa in the hopes that maybe this time he would stay. Was that naïve of him, allowing for Papa to live off of Teddy’s success when he’d only given Teddy as much as a mechanical, sneering grin to confess his ❛ gratitude ❜ in vain? He milked Teddy’s success for all that he had, attempting to live the life that he could never achieve himself.

Teddy feared Papa because he knew exactly what he was like; self-serving and hollow-hearted. Years of neglect had taught Teddy that much. But, what Teddy feared more than anything was that he would be the same to his own children some day. Perhaps this was the underlying concern that he was too afraid to admit to anyone. In fact, Teddy adored his nephews and couldn’t wait for Juliette to give him a new niece or nephew in the upcoming weeks. He was good with children, but refused to bear his own. The word ❛ father ❜ was too terrifying to cope with. He wanted so desperately to insist that he and Papa were not the same, but sometimes it felt as if he was staring straight into the mirror whenever he saw Papa’s face. The apple never fell far from the tree; a cold and harsh realisation.

On the beach, Teddy stood barefooted as he watched the waves rolling back and forth. The warmth of the sun’s parting hues glistened across the water, sighing with the current gently. Soon the moon would rise and the stars would sprawl across the sky. They were beautiful but, in the end, even the stars chose destruction over life. Perhaps Teddy was the same in that way. He could claim that he had everything he could ever wish for — God he had so mercilessly slain and devastated innocent lives in this dog-eat-dog world in order to find any semblance of success — but how had he survived for this long when he was so self-destructive? So self-sabotaging? He would turn his nose up to any change of circumstance, not because he didn’t want it but because he was afraid of change. This mask he wore was not transitional; it could not morph as he grew. He could blame anyone else for his hesitancy to become a father, but it was his own insecurity and reluctance to change for fear of people truly seeing him in the same way he saw himself.

Teddy had not told anyone of the news just yet. Not Papa. Not Juliette. Not Micah... Luckily, Tatiana was still in the early ages of her pregnancy and it was hard to really notice any change to her body as of yet. Good. It gave Teddy some time to come to terms with his new life of his. Pinching the bridge of his nose, Teddy released a stressed sigh before he turned to begin walking along the shoreline towards the casino hotel. The water was cold as it splashed at his ankles, his free hand sliding into the pockets of his trousers whilst the other hand held onto his shoes loosely. He had avoided Tatiana all day, not that she had done anything to deserve the treatment. But every time he looked at her, the gnawing anxiety only seemed to grow. Badlanders passed by, greeting Teddy with the hope of getting any sort of recognition and acknowledgement, Teddy instinctively settling his grievance with his mask as his lips twisted into a baring smile and greeting. But, once they passed by, Teddy’s face fell again, clearly deep in sombre thought.

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Axel thought he looked up to his father. He had to have someone to look up to. His mother, bless her heart, never remained involved throughout his childhood, she was when he was first born; his first two years were two of the best ones in his life. He was their only son, he was their love of their life- but then Ves was born. Nothing had changed immediately, they were still a happy family. Ves' albinism took a hit on their father's ego, but he didn't take it out on the boy. Henry would talk to Pheobe frequently, express his concerns about the way his baby boy looked. Axel didn't understand what was so wrong with his younger brother.

Chris was born, two years later, and things started to become downhill, especially after Chris' death. "Why couldn't you just be normal?" He'd scream at the middle child. "Why do you need to look like that!?"

His father's death was both the most relieving thing, but also the most stressful thing the brothers had to bare. Ves had no idea what to do. His dad's body at the bottom of the steps, Ves' hands shaking as he stood at the top. The fire starting in the living room. Ves hardly could remember that night. Axel remembered it vividly. The two had never seen their mother since that night. The fire was so great, he was shocked to see the house still standing when he passed by it.

Axel spotted Teddy, saw the constant expression change when he passed by the other people on the beach. His own face contorted into a frown and he headed over towards the other man- he figured that maybe, just maybe, he could talk to the man. He could help him with something that bothered him. He'd be able to be on the man's good side, and that was more than enough for the oldest Bielschmidt son.

By now, he had a slight stubble growing on his chin. He'd have to shave it off before it got any worse. He looked too much like his father with facial hair, he found out the hard way. Ves was terrified of him. He never talked to him until Axel shaved it off, and as the older brother stood in front of the mirror, he could see his own father's face staring back at him. He was practically a spitting image. Axel cut himself shaving, not caring once about being careful. He wanted the facial hair off. He hated his father with all his might, the spite of becoming a better man than him was so strong, it overtook him.

"Hey, Theodore." Axel forced himself to greet the leader, hiding his shaking hands in his pocket.

Authority terrified him.


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It was the perfect storm.

Salem was too anxious about herself to notice Teddy's withdrawn energy. Throughout the entire pregnancy, she had made it a goal to stay away from him. She couldn't let herself get attached, not when it could risk the mental health of her child later on.

On some level, she knew what she was doing. Approaching him, wide eyed, brow knit. She had caved into the impulse that had been plaguing her since she started thinking of baby names. She had settled on November for a girl, and she hated to admit it, but she needed the child's father's advice for a boys name.

"Teddy," she cast a glance to Axel. She didn't care what he heard or thought at this point. "What do-what do I name it...if it's a boy?" She bit her lip, so clearly feeling how close she was to saying the word we. They aren't a unit, have never been, and would never be. Teddy was, in some capacity, with Tatiana now. But still...she still needed help.

She didn't mean just naming help: she had started to realize over the past few weeks that she had never even seen an newborn in the flesh, never mind interacted with one. Salem told herself she was asking Teddy because he had experience as an uncle, and was the closest thing she had to a friend. And friends helped each other out, right?

She tried to reassure herself of this as she went on, her face turning more and more red as she spoke. "I don't think I can do this alone, Teddy. I don't even know where to begin," she closed her eyes, not bearing to look at him. She had never done anything like this before. "Can you me out a little bit? I need someone with experience with children." She tried to keep the tremor out of her voice as she spoke. She needed him. She would never say it - hell, she didn't even consciously acknowledge it - but she wanted him to be in this child's life. Whenever the thought came up, she rationalized that it was because he was the leader, and that he had experience with kids. She knew there was no way she would want to spend her life with him had she not gotten pregnant, nor would she ever want to be with him physically again...but there was some part of her that she just couldn't deny.

Some part that just knew she loved him.  VITALS> overall status: 100%

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