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angel eyes — open.


This was a thoroughly welcomed surprise.

Each hand held a kitten. Two Siamese boys, the merchant would offer at a heavily reduced price — a silent plea to get into Theodore’s good books. And it worked, it had appeared. With a smug smile bearing his lips, Teddy wagged his brows as he stepped into the casino, relishing the attention he received as onlookers cooed over the two new arrivals. ❝ Ain’t they the sweetest things?! ❞ Teddy exclaimed, grinning with delight as he placed them on the ground to explore. ❝ They were an offer I just couldn’t refuse; what’ta surprise though. Weren’t expecting to end up with three cats today. ❞

Baby blues followed the inquisitive kittens as they ventured around the casino, weaving in between chairs and tables before amusing themselves with a loose thread hanging from the loosened stitching at a booth. ❝ Hope Maia’s willin’ to share her suite with ‘em. They still need names, food bowls, toys… ❞ In Teddy’s voice, it was clear to see the love he had for cats. The smallest of soft spots. But who could blame him? Ever since he first came across Auguste, it became difficult to imagine a life without a feline. Sometimes they were better than human interaction, kinder, more forgiving. With a cat, it was hard to feel disappointment because they never sought to disappoint.


♔   It was almost like a joke, saying that Ves never went anywhere without Twinkie. At this point, she was his ground. His rock. Without her, he would be in constant fits, shaking, hiding, terrified. With her, it felt like he could conquer the world. If there was one thing about cats, it was that they were not dogs. Unlike dogs, cats did not scare him. They did not remind him of what he truly feared. Their teeth were small, their claws were comforting. With dogs, it was like looking in a mirror.

♔   Well, a mirror, that showed his father. Instead of himself, Ves would see his father in his face, in his eyes. That old man was nothing more than a mongrel. His teeth, stained yellow and grey, reminded him much of the decaying teeth of an old dog. The unkempt beard, the stains at the corners of his mouth. He was like an old hound dog, with dangerous teeth, rotten and sharp. It made the albino man shiver, thinking about dogs. They were vicious creatures, created from a fear that would be hard to shake. Ves did not blame dogs for his fear, they had done nothing wrong to him, but to see them bare their teeth, to hear them bark--it was like looking at an old family photo. Those dead eyes of his father, the disappointed gaze.

♔   Ves shifted his attention to Teddy the moment he heard him enter the casino. He had often visited to get his mind off the constant thoughts that circled his brain, instead replacing those circling thoughts with a ball, watching as it spun around a table. The steady clicks, the chatter over a game of poker. Ves never fancied himself to mingle and gamble, not without his own deck of cards. He leaned back in his chair and crossed his leg, hands slipping off the table as he watched the Knope brother set down the two tiny kittens.

♔   Twinkie took this as an advantage, immediately shoving her face into Ves' glass of water and lapping up the lukewarm drink until she could hear the kittens near by. She lifted her head and licked her lips, eyes shifting down to the floor before she glanced at the albino before her. She got up and jumped onto his lap, then onto the floor, taking off after one of the kittens to see what the hubbub was about. The albino shifted in his seat, visually displeased by his cat leaving him, but he did not go after her, instead scratched at his arm and watched.

♔   "TEXT!"

Spoiler: //tags — updated ;; 09/01/21 • show
> vesania bielschmidt | ves, vessie
> male ;; he/him
> 27 years ;; ages real time ;; april 18th
> badlands ;; loner / previous los santos leader

> physical health ;; 90%
> minor injuries ;; n/a
> major injuries ;; n/a
> important things to note ;; situs inversus, the reverse/mirroring of major organs

> long, white hair ; pink-red eyes ; rather thin, small shoulders and wider hips ; 6'01" ; 160 lbs
> tattoos on his whole body, including face ; piercings all over body as well, including ears, left eyebrow, nose, tongue, chest, naval, and other spots ; forked tongue ; sharpened canines
> wears a patchy, old vest with a fur collar ; ripped skinny jeans ; no shoes
> carries a picture of his brother ; some pocket change ; possibly a flask
> important things to note ;; ves has albinism

> very laid back and flirty ; he is easy-going and likes to make jokes ; hides a lot about himself ; really difficult to gain his trust ; just as easily to lose it ; doesn't settle well if he is getting bad vibes from somebody ; very childish when he trusts someone ; bit of a goofball ; very blunt when talking ; not worried about how his words may affect someone ; suspicious of people he first meets ; starts things if he knows he's gaining something from it
> adhd ; ptsd
> plays with his hair often ; blinks really hard during conversations ; is unable to make eye contact

> pheobe bielschmidt x henry bielschmidt ;; pheobe - m.i.a ; henry - deceased
     > henry passed in freak accident
     > pheobe went missing at scene of the crime
> axel bielschmidt ; chris bielschmidt ;; axel - alive ; chris - deceased
     > chris passed away due to an illness
> pansexual ; demiromantic
> no known crushes

> easy mentally | medium physically
> has no filter | ALL IC OPINIONS
> non-violent power play allowed
> will not attack/kill/maim/capture without asking the author
> do not kill/maim/capture without asking me (timothy)
> if you want to attack, use this colour (red) and underline it

misc importance
> "this is him talking." ;; his speech is in italics
> this is him thinking ;; thoughts are in italics


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