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The Badlands and Los Santos both are in need of leaders, as @wisteria. and I are unable to continue leading at the present time. Since this is happening at the same time and both of our groups are incredibly slow, double tryouts! To apply, just fill out the form below and start making threads in whichever group you're hoping to lead, there might not be anyone there now but once it starts getting active again, that'll change very quickly. Plus, we want to see that any applicants are really committed to the group.

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Username: Truce.
Activity/Muse: I'm online literally everyday and post frequently, in other words I have no life. I've been excited looking at ways to revive the Badlands and return it to its former glory (and I'm well aware that it requires a lot of work to do so!!), and my muse is almost always high (unless I'm having the occasional bad week in which I delegate my power to a HP if I can).
Character Name: Theodore Knope aka. Teddy (To work alongside Micah Knope & Juliette Rousseau)
Short Character Blurb: Teddy is the twenty eight year old definition of a baby-faced gangster with an entrepreneurial mind. He is a charismatic, ambitious, personable and suave man who is all brains and beauty. He's smart and he knows that he is, but tends to use his intelligence in very backhanded and sly ways. The world is his stage, he works hard and plays hard, and he works in a cool and collected manner to make people believe that he is everyone's friend. With that being said, he'd also very unpredictable. It's hard to know when you've angered him because he has very good self-restraint, but he will also eventually make you wish you never crossed paths with him because he will turn on someone in a blink of an eye. As long as you stay on his good side, he will be a very nonchalant and polite; otherwise, you're nothing to him, and that's a dangerous position to be in.
Ideas/Plans You Have: Right, here we go GHKJL
• Update that territory. Include references in the guide and make a Pinterest board to visualize the territory and the theme better.
• Bring back the presence of a highly sophisticated criminal network within the group so that there’s a more solid theme, but don’t thrust this theme upon everyone; allow for there to be a variety of people in BL who provide for the group, and perhaps those who prove their loyalty gets an initiation (and remove branding) which confirms that they are loyalists to BL’s cause.
• Develop it into a bad group - must have a reason for being bad. They need to have an ambition to explain why they do the things they do, why they are a powerful force and most importantly why people would want to join in and reap the benefits of a criminal group.
• No neutral groups. Allies purely serve a purpose to them; everyone else is fair game.
• Change the ranks up and create a clear delegation of powers. If the trio comes in, perhaps changing Top Dog to “The Administration” as that’s what they often call the top three people in a crime syndicate??
• Encourage a general mobocracy within the group where there is a collective decision making system to enforce strict rules (the codes of honor).
• Encourage a lawlessness where members have freedom to do what they want as long as they pay their dues and prove they exert this freedom with a good level of discipline.
• Change the use of bandannas and piercings to dog tags. It’s easier to make dog tags than it is to find bandannas. Perhaps when someone joins the BL, they are given a dog tag necklace and they're given additional tags with their promotions? The more tags you've got, the more established and well-respected you are within the group?
• Establish a meritocratic system where merit gains respect, trust and promotions into the group.
• Ensure there are consequences for leaving the group - a punishment of some sort. Makes it seem as if once you join you will inevitably get caught up in the midst of the business with no means of safe escape. Example of a punishment is that a member must pay back everything they had earned back to The Administration, else there will be a bounty for anyone who escapes without paying back what they owe BL. Essentially, the longer you pledge allegiance to BL, the harder it is to get out.
• Home in on the fact that they will offer a range of illegal goods and services, perhaps covered up with a legitimate business plan such as opening up beach side casino and speakeasy where the house always wins. Get in on manufacturing and distributing their own alcohol, cigarettes, weapons and drugs - could use their legit business to advertise their goods and create business and trade links for their more illicit goods. Additionally, distributing these goods has customers place a reliance on them, meaning that BL has a tight grip on people which gives them more power.
• Also contract killings, kidnappings, blackmail, theft, extortion, fraud. Even things like stealing livestock to trade on to other groups.
• They may also try to monopolize trade industries by sabotaging other groups so that more people must rely on them to survive.
• Hopefully all of this will help bring back activity enough to revive BL, and also give TNW the bad bad group that I think we truly need.

track! will post in a bit

Username: finny.
Activity/Muse: i am active pretty much every day on both the site and in the discord servers, though my muse can be a bit up in the air. however, the badlands has always been one of my favorite groups in the new world and i'd love to help restore it to how it once was, so i'm definitely going to do everything i can to keep my muse up!
Character Name: juliette rousseau (will be working alongside micah knope and theodore knope).
Short Character Blurb: juliette is a twenty-seven year old woman who is quite the enigma to most people and likes it that way. when first dealing with juli, she tends to radiate a very sophisticated presence, she carries herself in a very graceful way and her manners are always on point. on normal occasions, she is easy to get along with and tries to keep on a sweet personality, but once someone gets on her bad side she sees red. due to her sweet demeanor and size, people tend to underestimate her, which she tries to use to her advantage. as long as you're on her good side, juliette tends to be very caring and affectionate to those she is close to, taking on an almost motherly role. though the number of people she is caring towards can be large at times, she is very selective when it comes down to trusting people. juliette is also very observant, always taking notice on little behavior patterns people have in case it could come in handy to her in the future. she is also quite smart and calculative when it comes to planning and dealing with things, she would much rather have a thought out plan rather than rushing into things without a second thought, though when her emotions get the best of her, she can act quite hastily.
Ideas/Plans You Have: i've been discussing everything with truce and scully and agree with all of the plots truce has listed! if i think of any more, i will edit them in!

Username: scully
Activity/Muse: i check here at least one a day, usually more. my muse since hopping into tnw has remained quite good and consistent, i post every few days or so and have characters in almost all the groups. as well, i'm literally constantly on discord so if i can't be reached here, i can easily be there lol.
Character Name: micah alexander knope, to lead along side teddy knope and juliette rousseau
Short Character Blurb: currently thirty-one years old, micah knope is a stoic and strong presence, standing at a staggering six foot four and entirely covered in tattoos. he strives for control and needs to make sure everything goes perfectly for his group, often putting the individuals at risk for the "greater good" of the whole. micah deals with every inconvenience and annoyance swiftly, with an iron fist. his sole allegiance lies with his girlfriend/wife, juliette, and his children. he thinks well on his feet and very rarely loses his temper, simply redirects it into his schemes.
Ideas/Plans You Have:
- okay! i've been talking with truce about ideas and agree with the ones she has listed!
- next, a big event to celebrate the new trio of leaders, this can be a way to lure in new members, with an emphasis on their lawlessness, gambling, alcohol, and drugs. as well, this could also be an official wedding between micah and juliette to have a strong, united force.
- have a list of bounties they have out on those who have wronged the group and/or left them without going through the steps they've set to leave. this also will add to their bad nature, making it nearly impossible to leave without having to entirely escape, but even then, there will be a bounty put out on them.
- the antagonizing of other groups, encouraging more interaction between them. whether this be stealing, raids, threats, trespassing, etc. simply causing problems for the other more peaceful groups. and. quick flips on supposed allies, constantly keeping groups on their toes.
- a casino that is heavily rigged and gets the patrons hooked and almost stuck there. the only way to win is to be a part of the badlands and accessing other things, possibly a fight club of sorts, which could also  be a punishment for wanting to leave, having to participate.


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