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hello~ welcome to cult of dionysus s/hp tryouts! the group is very new and is in need of some ranks to be filled to help set things in order. (: the ranks are determined by your activity, involvement in the group as well as your character's, and ability to help contribute to the group. the last day to apply will be by next meeting.

DIOKITIS aka the "second in command". they are the right hand, standing tall beside the anax and aiding them in making decisions believed to be the best for the cult. ( hp )
HEAD MACHITIS aka the head hunter of the group. in charge of the machitis, also known altogether as the protectors of dionysus. ( hp )
MACHITIS aka the hunters of the group. for the most part they do the hunting of food, mainly fishing, or go out foraging on other islands nearby. but they also serve as the fighters, protecting the cult from threats. ( s/hp )
HEAD MIDIKI aka the head medic for the cult. they are in charge of making sure the cult is in tip top shape. they will choose three members of the cult who they believe show promise to someday take their spot. ( hp )
MIDIKI aka the medics in training. they specialize in the more simpler aches and illnesses, as well as gathering whatever the head midiki may need. they are still learning the ins and outs of being a midiki. ( s/hp )

--- Code: (form) ---[b]CHARACTER NAME[/b]: text
[b]ACTIVITY LEVEL[/b]: rank out of 10 // note any obstacles in your usual schedules
[b]DESIRED RANK[/b]: text
[b]SECONDARY RANK[/b]: like a backup or second choice
[b]CHARACTER TRAITS[/b]: brief, no sweat! maybe a reasoning why they'd be a good fit too!
[b]OTHER[/b]: text
--- End code ---

Alienated Pupper:
Fancy seeing you again!  I hope it's okay that my character here is brand new onsite (I've roleplayed him other places before so he isn't new to me).

character name: Nikolai Sokolov
activity level: 7 // I have multiple discord roleplays and Lioden roleplays with the same character (nothing occurring in relation to this AU of the character) so I might experience minor burnout with him.  I love him dearly, though.
desired rank: Midiki
secondary rank: Head Midiki
character traits: A very noticeable trait about Nikolai is that he's autistic, and often has a hard time reading the emotions and facial expressions of others.  That being said, he is very detail orientated when it comes to even the tiniest of details, and has a very sharp memory on top of that.  While he is introverted, he is known to step into the spotlight and take control of a situation when he senses weakness in those around him.  One of his own weaknesses would be loud noises, such as shouting or screaming, which can lead to him having to stim.
other: I understand if he isn't fit for the part.  I also understand if you want to see me around more, although I'm just jumping into things now, so I haven't much to show yet, unfortunately.


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