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hello c: ( returning )

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hi(: it's been a rough couple of years but i'm finally in a place where i can return. can someone please tell me what's new? i haven't been on since 2018. so much has changed. i can't wait to get rping again!

Welcome back!! As you can see we've changed up some of the groups and leaders, and animal rp no longer exists here, at least not actively. If you want to learn more specifics about the groups I recommend checking out the guides or PMing me or another staffer! : )

Thank you so much! Wow, it's so different! But I love the new groups (: Thank you for the warm welcome. I hope you have a great day!

hey!! i just returned from the same length break a week ago!! wb!!!!! (it’s rook/skylar/faithy if u remember me :3)

hello!! that's so cool(: welcome back! i think i remember seeing a 'faithy' throughout the forum back in the day<3 it's so nice to see that you're back as well!!


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