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Hello! Welcome to Neptune Ridge's HP Tryouts and Mass Adoptions! Neptune is a newer group in Wilderness Rising. Here is the Guide. And here is the chat thread

- All BB Rules Apply
- Please try to be as active as possible with your high positioned character! Two weeks of no posting (without an inactivity notice, of course) you will get a warning, after three weeks with still no inactivity notice your character would be demoted. (But don't worry, there's always a chance for them to get that position back!)
- You do not have to be a preexisting character in Neptune for you to be accepted as an HP!
- Have fun!

High Positions Needed

Spectrum Council HP , 0/4 - Spectrum Councilmembers are very important to the group. They are consulted by the Stellar Crown and Nova when making decisions. They are in charge of patrols, training sessions, events, and keeping the group active.

Celestial Apprentice SHP , 0/1 - The apprentice of the healer. In charge of assisting the Celestial Healer, tending to the herb garden, and teaching others about their deity.

Litter 1
Spoiler: showParents: Astra L’Atroce x Tiger NPC
Relations: Declan L’Atroce [Uncle. BDM Medic.], Astra L’Atroce [Mother, NR Supernova]
Slots: 4
Age: 6 Months
Aging Rules: Real time preferred, but discretion may be used.
Genetics: Technically standard tigers, but Astra has several supernatural mutations (Black fur + White stripes and violet eyes)
Rules & Misc.: Space themed tiger litter!


--- Code: ---[b]character name:[/b]
[b]rank desired:[/b]
[b]backup rank:[/b]
[b]character experience:[/b]
[b]roleplayer experience:[/b]
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---[b]litter number[/b]
[b]character name[/b]
[b]character appearance[/b]
[b]brief description of personality[/b]
--- End code ---

haven't started roleplaying yet but tossing this in for when i do!

character name: kaleo
rank desired: celestial healer
backup rank: spectrum council??
character experience: kaleo has a passion for healing/medicine and has taken care of injured folks before. he's very concerned about the health and well-being of others. he isn't overly religious but understands neptune ridge's traditions and rites.
roleplayer experience: i've played a large number of high positions, including a handful of leaders spanning across many different sites!!
other: (:

accepted, kaleo will be promoted during the meeting, i will be posting(:

character name: Astra L’Atroce
rank desired: Supernova
backup rank: Spectrum Council
character experience: Astra is the twin sister of Declan, who are both fragments of an updated version of decoratedemergency, who held high positions in blizzardclan and the exiles of ff and was second in command of the painted brigade on both bearbones and crittercosmos at one point.
roleplayer experience: i also played anarchistthrones/annie, who was a medic in phantomclan. courtney/seto led the geist. i currently lead sequoia falls.
other: :p

accepted! i will be posting the promotions in the meeting right now c:


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