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Title: boy with the broken halo — punishment, open.
Post by: teddy. on March 24, 2022, 07:21:47 PM
tw. violence is likely to occur later in the thread... what's new for teddy's dramatics

Foot tapped impatiently on the stamped concrete ground. The sun was glaring down like a spotlight and the curtains were drawn back. It seemed like everyone but God was watching, and so Teddy intended to give them all a good show.

Stumbling over quaking legs, debilitated by his exhaustion, the thief was dragged into the town centre by two burly made men before he was tossed to the ground. The growing crowd circled the circumference around Teddy and the petty criminal, unwittingly forging the confines of the thief's worst nightmare. A public punishment organised by a man nobody wished to cross. From the outset, Théodore Knope appeared to be an epicurean at best, indulging in his carefree yet extravagant ways of life — truly an alluring and extroverted social butterfly at heart — but oftentimes his darker reputation preceded him. One would marvel at the Knope's beautiful lives, barely stopping to think of how many lives they had to destroy in order to get to where they were today. When people were to begin questioning the Knope family, it was often a thought that came too late.

This thief had come to underestimate the brutality of The Badlands. The image of luxury that the Knope's had branded themselves with often brought about a false sense of security along with it. What could go wrong if one were to sneak into the lion's den and bring home with them a souvenir from their travels? They were just a family of rich socialites, right?

Teddy's lip twitched with disdain as he looked down upon the thief. ❝ Ya come into my suite for a drink with me, and think I can't tell when my favourite rings then go missin'? ❞ He scoffed, lifting his head to peer around the onlookers to try and spot anyone particularly good at giving a good beating. The thief stared up with parted lips, brows bunched together with worry as he awaited Teddy's volatile response. ❝ Oh dat signet ring, ❞ Teddy gestured with a nonchalant huff, pointing towards the man's fifth digit adorned with a a golden ring, ❝ it's my favourite. ❞ The irony was that nearly a decade ago Teddy had stolen that very emerald ring from a lover in Boston. It appeared they both had sticky fingers.

❝ Should we find Laurent and Juliette for this? ❞ Oh God, no. Teddy barely wished to be in the same room as his older brother let alone hand the reins over to him for this beating, and Juliette probably had so many better things to do with her time than to stultify herself with all of the imminent blood and bruises. Teddy scoffed, clearly uninterested in the sincere offer before waving them off with a dismissive hand. ❝ For what? Supervision?! ❞ He pointed out with a curl of his lip. ❝ Think we can handle dis just fine, don't be stupid. ❞

Teddy turned his attention back to the thief, brows quirking with amusement as the thief tried to put up a fight. ❝ It's probably not even yours, I know what you people are like! You're bad people! ❞ Well, props to him. If he was going down, then he'd go down fighting. That was more than Teddy could ever do — honestly, he was more the slimy, ass-kissing type when cornered and forced to concede defeat. To entertain the man's fear, Teddy slowly leaned in, condescending eyes gazing down at the thief before he murmured softly, ❝ Ya know what? Maybe I am. But I suggest ya look at yourself for a minute because you won't find a saint there. ❞

Nowadays, there were no good people in this new world; just bad people or people willing to do whatever it took to survive.

Straightening up, Teddy began to wander a few steps back, then turning his attention towards one of the made men. ❝ Ya did find the pruning shears, yeah? ❞ He enquired, glancing back towards the thief momentarily as he noted the fear growing in his eyes, his chest rising and falling more rapidly as his lungs began to react to his panic. The made man handed the shears over, Teddy crinkling his nose up with satisfaction as he waved it around for today's audience. ❝ So who wants to retrieve my signet ring for me, 'ey? ❞ He enquired, ❝ If no one offers then I'll be choosing one of yous at random! ❞ Teddy wasn't going to do it himself. Oh, no, no — he never fought his own fights nowadays. In fact, blood and gore made him somewhat squeamish.

Besides, this blazer was designer!

❝ Please, no. No, you can have it! Here! ❞ The thief tried to rip the ring off of his finger, only for Teddy to whip his head around and snap, ❝ No! Y'ain't gettin' off dat easy! You tried ta screw me over, and I ain't having dat! So c'mon; who wants to do me the fuckin' honours?! Before I get impatient... ❞
Title: Re: boy with the broken halo — punishment, open.
Post by: Salem on March 24, 2022, 07:35:33 PM
She had just wanted her son to get some fresh air. Never did she mean to stumble into the growing crowd of onlookers, watching as Teddy pulled an unknown man in front of them, threatening to cut off his fingers. Salem instinctively moved her hand that wasn't supporting Jasper's back to cup his ears: she knew he probably had no idea what was going on, but she couldn't risk it. This was no place for a child.

As Teddy turned to the audience, offering up the shears, the trance that had overtaken Salem suddenly broke. What was she still doing there? Slowly, she began to back away, shrinking under Teddy's gaze. She needed to get Jasper as far away from here as possible, before anyone got hurt.
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