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The Badlands / Re: SELF-LOVE // JOINING
« Last post by RIVER. on July 04, 2022, 09:13:04 PM »
It really is her. Lulu. What he could consider to be his first and real best friend.

His heart skipped in his chest as she held, squeezing his hands as if her life depended on it. But once she took him in again, he didn't  deter. He pulled her in once more with a giddy giggle, sounding nothing far from a elementary school child. "Wait-" He paused, pulling away to look at her, eyebrows furrowing. "Your uncle is here? You didn't tell me your uncle had ties to the Badlands. My cousin runs this place!" 

Had Sage known that, they probably would never have left. Not without fishing information out of Lulu and her family anyway. Where was her family anyway?

He was going to ask, but Lulu got to it first, taking whatever excitement he had and washing it down the drain. Sage. She peers behind her, eyes searching hopefully for his brother. River's face falls, the smile he wore as bright as the sun falling along with his shoulders. Realizing how the disappointment might look, he quickly attempts to stand up from the blow with a clearing of his throat. "Uh... yeah. Long story. He's not here." He says awkwardly, placing his hands on his hips and glancing behind him where someone so happens to be coming. He doesn't know much about him. But he thinks his name is Nick?

A perfect way to navigate away from the question his brother — to save himself from the embarrassment.

"No, not interrupting anything at all!" The smile is back as he waltzes his way over to the dark haired brooding man, wrapping an arm around him. "That goddess right there is looking for her uncle. Do you happen to know a uh..." He snaps his fingers over towards Lulu, awaiting an answer.
Character Creation / Re: ೃ˚. HOUND DOG // SHEPHERD K.
« Last post by ✧ shepherd on July 03, 2022, 08:52:53 PM »
shepherd katz. a moodboard.

Northstar District / ﹙ strong looks good on you ┊ joining. ﹚
« Last post by dylan h. on July 03, 2022, 08:43:13 PM »
she was no longer a young girl; she was a woman. a woman who had been through a ton of hell to get where she was, and she wouldn't trade that hellish journey for the world. she grew from it, she learned from it. without the past she would not be the dylan she was today, and to her that was a dark thought. sure, it was difficult some days, but it wasn't anything she couldn't handle. her father was long gone and heaven above could only know where her old friends were at. her old stomping grounds were no longer a home, but instead a memory of the past that she looked fondly upon. she wondered if many of her old friends, old "crushes", were doing good. if they had found the loves of their lives, if they had a family of their own. a lot can happen over the course of a few years.

as much as she appreciated the years to herself, and the few strangers she met on the way, she was lonely. she had discovered a lot about herself and her identity. she had lost a lot of those close to her and watched relationships fade. she had lost her own furry friend, ollie, during her journey of self-discovery. wherever he had run off to, she hoped that he had found himself a new family. it was probably for the best, anyway; some days were a struggle for her and he deserved a family that would give him the best care he deserved. she was just glad her trusty steed was still by her side.

speaking of said trusty steed, dylan was sat atop the equine. and as they walked towards the start of northstar district's territory, she could see the hustle and bustle of bodies and it brought a feeling of relief over the woman. she took in a heavy breath, exhaling slowly so as to calm her nerves. she had not stayed in one place for long, and to find herself a proper home again was all that dylan desired. they came to a stop at last and she hopped off of desert rose, praising the horse for all these years of service. she ran a hand over desert rose's neck, kissing her on the tip of her nose. dylan, with the reins in her right hand, stood tall beside the horse. she had done this enough times to know what needed to be asked of her. ❝ dylan hartmann, i'm looking to take residency here. if you will have me. ❞ she announced loudly.
The Badlands / Re: the sky above the rain — announcement, open.
« Last post by Salem on July 03, 2022, 05:00:56 PM »
And that is all she needed to hear.

No one really listened to Salem: not because they didn't respect her, but because she didn't let anyone hear what she had to say. Despite her efforts, she found it difficult to break through this wall she had first erected when she came here. When people did listen to her, she never spoke about anything meaningful. And she made a point not to discuss Teddy.

This was her opportunity, some tiny voice whispered in her mind. She won't have to hold this burdensome sorrow on her own for any longer. She didn't have time to consider what the consequences of her actions may be before she opened her mouth.

"You see the resemblance, don't you?" She gazed at Jasper, his bright blue focused, at the moment, on Laurent.

His uncle.

Salem shuddered at the thought before she continued. "We were doing so well...he and I. But I got too comfortable. And now, well now I can't let him anywhere near me," she forced a crooked smile, "I don't think having a bastard son would go over well with Tatiana."
> overall status: 100%

> physical status: stable.
> physical health: 100%
> physical afflictions: none yet.
> minor injuries: none yet.
> major injuries: none yet.

> mental status: stable.
> current status: stable.
> mental health: 100%
> mental illnesses: None
> mental damage: None
> Elisa Barone | "Salem"
> Female
> 24
> Dark brown hair that varies in shade, pale, blue green eyes.
> Carries at least 2 cigars at a time, a small handgun, and a small switchblade.
> tall, lanky and a bit awkward physically.
> N/A
> N/A
> medium physically | easy/medium mentally
> non-violent power-play allowed
> no kill | request maim/capture
> ask to attack in bolded, underlined and italicized black
> Lionel King x Melissa Barone
> Son Jasper
> Half brother Rafe
> Half niece Gigi
> Cat Chrisanthymum "Chrissy"
>Bisexual | no crush
> this text + this color = this meaning
━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ even if my way is wrong
a small everyone. | beware hidden scrolling
The Badlands / Re: HELLBOY // JOINING
« Last post by Lillith on July 03, 2022, 04:49:41 PM »
Lillith was too new to be getting involved with matters such as who could join and who couldn't. But la dee da, here she was! On a casual stroll near the border, Lillith came to a stop when she spotted Corrinne, Nikolai, and Thatch. She didn't know a single one of them personally - she'd seen Corrinne and Nikolai wandering about the Badlands, but hadn't bothered to approach them - but the tiny looking kid looked unfamiliar.

Ever so nosy, Lillith scurried over and furrowed her brows at Nikolai. "Hey, calm down. He's just a child."

She bent down to Thatch's level: she'd never had much experience with kids, but she thought she was decent at calming people down, so she figured she'd give it a shot.

"It's alright, you're safe here! We're just wondering what you're doing here, little guy. Do you want to join this group? We're a group of people living here, and we defend our borders pretty strictly, so sorry if we scared you a bit." Lillith offered an open palm to the kid. "I'm Lillith! What's your name?"
The Badlands / Re: there are violets in your eyes ┊ beach (O)
« Last post by cobain. on July 03, 2022, 03:15:56 PM »
It was better this way. Lonelier, perhaps. But better.

It had certainly been lonelier trying to be hers this whole time, but now Tatiana had found herself committed to a man who wasn't even an ounce good enough for her. But that was okay, Cobain was used to being nothing more than a passive bystander in his own life. If he were to ever try make a stand, he'd more likely trip over his own feet than make a solid case in his favour. Not everyone was created equal; Teddy would win the princess and Cobain would forever remain the appallingly shifty yet unassuming drug dealer. With a reputation as monotonous as that, no wonder Cobain was so often overlooked.

But it was better this way.

Cobain rarely had luck in love. Perhaps it was a Caruso thing; Mercury had been gifted a long-term relationship and even a daughter, but not even that kind of love would last forever. She would soon break up with Colby (amicably, if Cobain were to remember right), leaving his twin a single mom in an area that wasn't fit for happy families. But, if Tatiana and Teddy could play happy family, then so could Mercury. Not everyone was created equal, but Mercury deserved that much at the very least.

Cobain, on the other hand, was not so well versed in love. As naive and foolish as he was, Cobain had enough self-awareness to say that this lack in the romance department was entirely on him — well, mostly. Probably. There had been little luck with Tatiana, and maybe that was okay. It meant that he could become well acquainted with Maeve, if that was what they called it nowadays. But, as soon as they began to get too close, too intimate, she made a swift run for it.

Maybe there was something inherently wrong with Cobain. Maybe it was his awkwardness — a type that could not even be described as endearing — or the way he stupidly fumbled for the right word when spoken to. He was known as a drug manufacturer and dealer because it was a life he had always known, but it never meant that he was fit for the job. Just a boy trying to fill a big man's shoes, Cobain would be met with little success.

It was okay, though. It was better this way.

Picking mildly at the strings of an acoustic guitar, Cobain was somewhat distracted as he sat upon steps that lead to towards the beach. A mindless tune sounded peacefully, but his thoughts were not with the music. Eyes instead lingered upon the new beautiful blonde that he had since become smitten with. Lips parted slightly and brows furrowed deeply as he glanced up to admire Corinne every once in a while. It was as if karma was making a fool of him now — as most things in life did — by bringing a woman as pretty as a picture into his life, only to find that she was a Knope.

Two women began to engage in conversation with Corinne, and Cobain wondered what they could possibly be talking about. Had they taken notice of Cobain's doting eyes, mistaking it to be more menacing than intended? He wasn't a weirdo, just shy. So painfully, awkwardly shy. Okay, he just made things weird; they probably didn't even notice his existence. Eyes darted across the scene up ahead. The dog playing on the beach, the women all so eager as they spoke to one another, the way that Cobain wished that he had to guts to just walk up to people like that. He was more used to people approaching him first and still that was solely down to Cobain's role in The Badlands. That's how deals worked, right? Cobain would never make the first move; that was simply not in his nature.


Cobain visibly cringed to himself at the dissonance of two clashing notes, his hand buffering much of the noise by laying his palm across the strings. This moping about was doing no good for him and his racing thoughts. Maybe he ought to approach the group at some point to assure them that he wasn't being as peculiar as he was making himself out to be. Overthinking everything was truly a bitch. Truly, utterly, exponentially. And so, leaving his guitar propped up against a tree, Cobain began to wander towards the group, hands leaving his pockets so that he could pet the dog once he got close enough.

❝ I've always wanted a dog, so I thought I had to come say hi... to the dog, I mean. ❞ He petted the dog on the head, quiet for a second before correcting with a wavering voice, ❝ And to you guys, obviously. But also to the dog. And you guys... Isn't the weather so nice out today? I thought I had to chill outside with my guitar for a while. It'd be criminal not to. Hope it wasn't too distracting... I'm sorry if it was. ❞ He smiled between Ziggy and Lillith, eyes avoiding Corinne entirely because if he did, he'd probably faint. Or die. Or both. He wasn't actually sure what would be worse. Sorry, did I interrupt you guys? I've seen y'all around before, just never actually got the chance to say hi. ❞ Well, that was because he was too awkward. Is too awkward. Too stupidly awkward...

Okay, where was Mercury when he needed her?!
Creative Center / Re: AND I OOP - // DUMP .
« Last post by cobain. on July 03, 2022, 10:45:25 AM »
another and I oop
I think I need a new dump
Private Threads / stupid for you — emery.
« Last post by julian. on July 03, 2022, 10:10:50 AM »
This place did have its consolations.

It had been a whole year since he’d learned of his brother’s death and a whole year since he started to feel a burning distaste for this whole fucking place. He’d blame it on the grief — he had to displace his anger somewhere after all as he was never good at managing his anger on his own. But, it left him reckless, somewhat a nuisance to the higher positions around the lodge. He was mouthy and vulgar, and rarely knew when it was no longer appropriate to blither on indiscreetly. His personality was explosive, incessantly savage in nature as if being a force to be reckoned with was the only way he could cope.

At least, that was how he viewed himself. Monstrous, almost. And maybe this place wasn’t so bad after all. Perhaps all Julian needed was someone to tell him that he wasn’t as horrible as he thought he was, and over the past year he fell effortlessly for someone who turned his fervid energy into something good. Something beautiful. From dating to marriage to their first born, Julian and Emery's love was one that many envied. Whilst baby Mallory napped back at the lodge, the couple decided to go on a well-deserved walk for some quality time together.

❝ You won’t believe what I found. ❞ Julian pointed out as he wandered back over towards Emery, a girl whose brain was as beautiful as her appearance. It was nothing like his uninhibited veneer. No, this was all genuine. She was genuine and much too good for a man like Julian. Chewing on his bottom lip, Julian hesitated before presenting a handful of messily arranged wildflowers for her to take. ❝ For you. ❞ Whilst there were not many things that two people could do for a date around these parts, this seemed more than perfect in Julian’s eyes.

❝ Just you wait… There’s more. ❞ Wagging his brows with amusement, he tried to conceal his cackling as he trotted off nearby, crouching down to pick more flowers along the way. If it made Emery laugh or smile, then that was a success in his eyes. ❝ I know you like the colour orange. There aren't many around but... ❞ Julian pointed out, distracted whilst his gaze lingered for more sight of orange in the sea of wildflowers, pinching the current bunch of flowers between his fingertips.
Creative Center / Re: AND I OOP - // DUMP .
« Last post by finny. on July 03, 2022, 09:48:54 AM »
Creative Center / Re: AND I OOP - // DUMP .
« Last post by julian. on July 03, 2022, 09:43:36 AM »
huh shouldn't have deleted his sub HGJHLKL
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