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« on: April 29, 2018, 08:33:02 PM »
Hello, bearbones! As you all know, TNW is a game that was created a while back, and it's come to attention that we haven't done what's right, and acknowledge the incredibly talented, creative people that helped put the game together! I personally was never involved in its creation, but as a user I feel incredibly indebted to them, and incredibly thankful. So, here are our contributors! You might recognize some of these names - if you know someone who is (or you are a player) that actually goes by a different name now, please let me know!

Eskie, Felix, Asyli, Kaliko, Sultan, Woodsy, Fuentes, trailhead, Jenn, teayl, Amberpelt9752, Dovey, Snowashe, Monaco, Saccharin, ~treble~, MikeFuentes, shortcomings, and ALL the former/current leaders in TNW who currently tweak and add their own spin on this grand idea!