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THEME SONG ♡ pillow fort
« on: November 26, 2018, 12:03:38 AM »
Caboose was .. childish, in a kind of infuriating way. It wasn't Caboose's fault -- this was obvious to near anyone interacting with him. He asked question after questions, a blank sort of puzzlement in his eyes. He didn't understand commands half the time, didn't know left from right. He liked drawing with crayons, too. His drawings weren't bad -- they used to be better, but than stuff happened and what happened again??
He doesn't remember.
Caboose likes blanket forts. He made them with his sisters, before he applied to college and then got sent away to what was not college at all. He missed his sisters. He had a lot of them, and they were so nice and they played with him and ... and ...
Caboose's mouth is full of blanket. He doesn't know where he found it, or the others, or even the blankets. (they were in a box somewhere, in reality.) But, he has them now!! It's a very exciting experience. The little town in the woods isn't very occupied, but it is the only place that has places to put the blankets. (and cover from the snow, but that doesn't matter really, does it?)
So, in one of the buildings, Caboose is making a mess. He bodily shoves a nightstand, and then he stumbles and lands awkwardly, and then he ges up and throws a blanket over it and then puts something there to keep it there. And then he keeps going. Blanket and pillow and blanket. Caboose is grinning, eyes focused in a strange sort of way. He's no good at a lot of stuff, but he likes making this stuff.
Until he knocks it over.
It's an accident -- he's just trying to put it right, up high, and then he falls. He lands safely in the blankets, but he hears(doesn't register) one of the stools fall. He blinks. Blinks again. Looks at the sheets surrounding him, until it registers. it collapsed. He has to do it again!! Caboose feels a flicker of disappointment, but isn't bothered for long. He just has to do it again, better!! Building it was fun, so it just went on for longer, now!!
(he hasn't gotten up quite yet, though, just flopped in a pile of blankets and pillows that was obviously a fort.)

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Re: THEME SONG ♡ pillow fort
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2018, 08:40:53 AM »
The scientist had not usually partaken in such activities. Gaster had considered it childish, that it would get in the way of his work. However, being in this place, he felt like he had to. It was a way to get out and interact with people. The skeletal-looking dog paced up to the fellow canine, tilting his head upon seeing the pillow fort collapse. "Would you like help putting it back up?"