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CHERRY HUNT — sparring
« on: November 26, 2018, 05:23:38 AM »
— Lemy knew the chances of the Vale going into combat were close to none. They were a very isolated group, and they weren't too friendly to outsiders from what he had heard. Well. His pale gaze shifted aside to the direction of a certain large tree in a clearing. A crooked grin crawled its way to his maw, gone as soon as it appeared. That was what he heard. He didn't have a problem settling down.

'Even so... ' Lemy hummed to himself as he finished with his preparations. Although the possibilities of skirmishes or wars were practically nonexistent, it'd be good for everyone to know the basics of self-defense. And what better way to learn how to defend yourself than to learn head on? Sure, it was probably more efficient to teach people instead of just shoving them off a cliff and praying that they knew how to fly, so to speak, but Lemy was an impatient individual. He didn't have the energy to teach.

Finally done, Lemy whirled around in hopes of catching sight of anyone passing by. He had posted several messages around the territory with the words 'Sparring in the Meadow ~ ★' and for the ones who couldn't read, he just doodled a sword, a skull, and a crude meadow. Whoever didn't come could have fun dying in an attack - he wasn't going to be held accountable.

Once a decent amount of people had gathered, Lemy would grin and clap his paws togehter. "Okie-dokie! So, we're going to have a sparring session! We're not going to do that lame, one-on-one stuff, that's boring. This is going to be a free for all! So, if you wanna buddy up with someone, that's cool, but technically everyone is on their own," he took a deep breath before continuing, "the goal here is to grab someone elses' cloth while defending your own," he gestured to the strips of colored cloth at his side. "You can put them anywhere you want, I don't care, just defend it. Anyways! As for the rules! Don't seriously hurt, mutilate, kill, or disfigure anyone, otherwise I won't care," he paused, cheeks puffing up in thought. Honestly? He didn't care if anyone got hurt, but if anyone got seriously injured the blame would lie on him. If that happened then Videogames wouldn't be too proud of him. 'Ah...' "...If what you're thinking of doing might make the other guy stay in the shamans' den for more than a day, I recommend not doing it, okay?" Lemy punctuated his statement with a razor sharp smile.

"The winner and the runner-up get a feather, and the winner also gets a medal." He waved the trinket around, its metallic shine twinkling in the sun. It was hell trying to look for a suitable reward for the winner, but thankfully he found a medal laying about that he polished and shined. He had to venture into the...weird areas of the territory to find it, and he found that he could only take so much bad aura before he had to leave. "I'm going to keep watch, okay? So everyone, grab a piece of cloth so we can start! I'll give the word when everyone's ready." With that said and done, Lemy sat back down, swaying in place while he waited.
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Re: CHERRY HUNT — sparring
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2018, 07:36:01 PM »
//im too lazy to fetch his template or anything rn so Perish
Videogames wasn't a fighter by nature. He wasn't a coward. Or -- he was, just a little. He'd fight, but he always got anxious about it. It's how everything fell apart when he was a kid. He'd learned the hard way that fighing should be avoided unless necessary. What a dark piece of history.
This being said. Sparring wasn't a bad idea. Knowing how to fight wasn't bad, but real, bloody fighting .. he almost shudders. You could take lives or homes or anything, really. And .. that wasn't entirely relevant, was it? This was sparring! Sparring wasn't bad. It could be fun. It was a way to use energy and bond with people. Arrowhead sparred with Videogames a lot when he was younger. So, despite Videogames' initial hesitation in the face of Lemy's sign, he still scurries to the mentioned event.
It was nice to see Lemy, at the least.
"Alright!" His eyes are wide. He doesn't much care for the rewards, but at least there was an initiative to this, instead of just aimless fighting. That got boring, and stressful. Get a bandanna. He doesn't see his clanmates here yet, but regardless, Videogames beams, scurrying over to the cloths. Lets see, let's see ... front was easier to defend, back was harder to reach. Videogames considers this. Tail was good, but not. .. In the end, Videogames ties it to his hind legs, tying the knot as tight as he can manage without losing too much blood circulation.