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‘cause they’re the ones who made me - JOINING, OPEN
« on: April 06, 2020, 10:57:51 PM »
it’s time for nivah to move on. her and her older brother had been searching for their eldest brother and parents for what seems like weeks now; she’s convinced that they won’t find the bodies, at least not till the snow entirely melts and she’s not sure she wants to be there for that. her brother held onto hope that they were just sheltering, but there’s no way in hell that their brother would’ve found them. not matter what nivah said to him, he wouldn’t admit that it’s probably true. because of this, she felt like she was just watching her brother descend further and further into madness, it broke her heart to watch and she had wanted to be there for him, but it scared her. she’s worried about herself and self preservation kicked in one night after seeing her brother speak to no one as if it was their father.  a deep panic had set in her, flight seeming her only way out. that night, once her brother lulled into a restless sleep, she grabbed a spear with an arrowhead that her father had carved and a necklace adored with homemade beads and left.

knowing she didn’t stand a chance on her own, nivah knew she had to get to a group. luckily, because of her family travels, she’d seen a lot of them and heard of just about all of them. weighing her options, the cult of dionysus feels the most fitting, their celebratory nature and sedentary lifestyle is something she likes yet still different. a place to settle. it’s a concept she hasn’t experienced, being on the road since birth, the change in pace sounds like what she needed. since, she hasn’t had the opportunity to grieve for her loss because of the actions of her brother. now, alone in the world, she needed time to reboot and rebuild. the cult (is that what they called themselves?) seemed like the best option for the girl at the moment, she just had to find the island.

after a few days of strenuous travel, the island comes into view. it’s very iconic and identifiable, so she knows this is it. getting a small grin on her face, she begins to pick up her pace in excitement. taking in a breath, the air feels more fresh than it has in quite awhile, motivating her even more. she adjusts her grip on her spear and pops the last couple berries she found into her mouth; they’re sweet, right next to being too old to eat, just as she likes them because of the heightened sweetness. as she nears the old grecian style buildings, she begins to realize that she’s not sure how to actually get onto the isolated island, and becomes worried that she may appear to be a threat. nivah puts the tip of her spear down and she glances around for a patrol or anyone, really, who could help.

"please tell me people are still here and haven’t died off," the girl mutters to herself.
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