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adjusting to life away from her close-knit family unit has, surprisingly, been not too hard for her. nivah spent a short stint in the cult of dionysus and it had been good for her, she met some people and spent time with her grief from the loss of her family. she’s coping, which is the best she could be, considering. she feels as though she’s ready to move on from the cult, desiring more interaction with others, with new people. besides her mom and dad, nivah desperately misses the constant social aspect of selling goods. it could be the extrovert in her, but she longs for more.

she’s heard whispers of a relatively new place, some kind of homestead. it’s worth a try, if she doesn’t like it, she’ll just move once again; perhaps she still holds onto some of her nomadic tendencies. she packs her dull spear on her back along with a small sack of things she’s collected, then she sucks on some beeswax that still has a hint of honey left in it; nivah’s gotten a hang of foraging. a light hum vibrates out from her, shaking her head from one side to another in some beat she has going. she stumbles, quite literally, upon the dirt road that leads to and winds through the place wren’s sanctuary has carved out as their own. catching her footing, a little smile manifest on her lips, making its way to her eyes as well.

it doesn’t take too much longer before she comes across the perimeter fence of the livestock. despite her ever-so-slightly labored breathing from the uphill travel, nivah pushes on with the desire to see more of the lush landscape. down the road, she spots someone just going about their day; alright, this is it. she puts her hands up a bit, trying to make her hands seen and let them know she isn’t a threat, " hey!

// this is rough but,, she’s here!!
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