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« on: September 20, 2020, 05:23:37 PM »
hiii!!! so before i had my break i had been leading a group titled “the cult of dionysus”! lately, the idea of bringing it back seemed to get a lot of encouragement from a few friends who had once been apart of the group before i stepped back and so i thought why not?

i will preface this, that the group will not have a server and i would prefer that all plotting and chat interactions happen in the ooc board just to help give the site a boost of activity if that is alright with staff ofc.

below is the guide!
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cult of dionysus
yesterday i heard you say your lust for life has gone away. it got me thinking, i think i feel a similar way, and that's sad. so let's make a decision, start a new religion! yeah, we're gonna build a temple to our love, orgiastic dances, nymphs in trances... yeah, we'll be the envy of the gods above! i'm feeling devious, you're looking glamorous, let's get mischievous and polyamorous! wine and women and wonderful vices, welcome to the cult of dionysus!
welcome, one and all, to the cult of dionysus. a group that partakes in many of the fun, traditional dionysus-approved activities. the cult of dionysus is a neutral group living on a large island, thriving on agriculture and main production of wine. they believe wholly in the greek gods above, but their main icon is the god of wine himself, dionysus. in this cult, it's not usual to have different partners.
the journey to the cult of dionysus is a unique one. the people live on a large island, the land decorated by ancient greek ruins. the housing, though crumbling and vine-ridden, are easy to repair and are, thus, livable and secure enough. due to their location, the cult is likely to not experience extremely cold weather besides a bit of nippy air. the island as a whole, if given a wide view, looks much like [ THIS ]. during meetings, the people of the cult will gather in front of a large fire [ HERE ] where the anax announces any events, important information, or promotions. due to the group's enjoyment of the arts, on several nights of the week the people will partake in watching ( or being in ) plays or musicals at the Theater of Dionysus; a reference photo being [ HERE ] lastly, the group is agriculture based so there is a large section of land dedicated to farming vegetables, fruits, and taking care of animals.
the cult of dionysus is a neutral group, easily described as a passive group. they don't care to have either enemies or allies, they exist to share their culture with others and the joy the greek gods above have given them. though, if a war were to break out between two groups and one needed their assistance, if asked they are willing to aid. but they do not choose sides.
ANAX aka the leader of the cult. their word is law, and if any are to disrespect them they are subject to jail time or exile. they are chosen by the god of wine himself when it is believed he will come to the anax in their dreams. ( hp )
           — AMADEUS PLAYED BY @venus.
DIOKITIS aka the "second in command". they are the right hand, standing tall beside the anax and aiding them in making decisions believed to be the best for the cult. ( hp )
           — N/A
HEAD MACHITIS aka the head hunter of the group. in charge of the machitis, also known altogether as the protectors of dionysus. ( hp )
           — N/A
           — N/A
MACHITIS aka the hunters of the group. for the most part they do the hunting of food, mainly fishing, or go out foraging on other islands nearby. but they also serve as the fighters, protecting the cult from threats. ( s/hp )
           — N/A
           — N/A
HEAD MIDIKI aka the head medic for the cult. they are in charge of making sure the cult is in tip top shape. they will choose three members of the cult who they believe show promise to someday take their spot. ( hp )
           — N/A
MIDIKI aka the medics in training. they specialize in the more simpler aches and illnesses, as well as gathering whatever the head midiki may need. they are still learning the ins and outs of being a midiki. ( s/hp )
           — N/A
           — N/A
           — N/A
AGROTIS aka the farmers of the cult. this role is applied to any and all members, and holds no hp or s/hp status. these are the members who specialize in farming, wine making, etc.
i. you must place your full belief into the gods above and the anax. if one were to speak in a disrespecting way towards either the greek gods or the anax, they are to be punished.
ii. it is a sin to be drinking wine the week prior to the nights of wine, though an exception is made for eating between 8 and 11 pm. kids under the age of 13 are exempt from this rule.
iii. treacherous acts of betrayal are prohibited, as well as purposefully causing harm to another member. severe punishment will be in order.
iv. there shall be no attempts to cause drama with other groups. the cult of dionysus is a passive group, built on simply being socially welcoming; not making enemies with others.
v. the only religion accepted is the belief of the greek gods above, main idol being dionysus. but different races, genders, and sexuality are welcomed. polyamory is also very welcomed, even suggested.
vi. when kids reach the age of 16 they are allowed to partake in the drinking of wine.
MUSIC, PLAYS, AND PARTIES are a regular thing in the cult of dionysus. every night of the week is busy, loud, and full of music and joy. many people of the cult gather at the theater of dionysus to watch a play or dance the night away, indulging themselves in wine and other homegrown specialties.

NIGHTS OF WINE are a very special event for the cult. on the second to last week of the year the group will fast, giving up luxuries such as food, alcohol, and any other activities they used to do religiously to prepare themselves for the nights of wine. during this last week of the year, the people of the cult go all out; music is played loud, decorations are strung across the whole of the island, and the party lasts day and night. on the last night of the year is the biggest part of the celebration as a large bonfire is the center of the event in the theater of dionysus. unique dances are showcased as a way to thank not only dionysus, but all of the gods for a great and plentiful year. whoever drinks the most wine on this last night and blacks out first wins a wine-glass shaped trophy.

ATHLITISMOS is a large sporting event that happens every two years. the best of the best of the cult are chosen to compete head to head in different challenges. recently, this challenge has spread out to incorporate the other tnw groups. the first place winner receives a large gold trophy. the challenges are subject to change based on the people's votes.
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a falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes.
i screamed aloud, as it tore through them, and now it's left me blind.

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i love the idea of no server! i don't think that'd be an issue

i'm definitely interested, i'll be putting nivah there since thats where i wanted to put her before lol
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This group sounds amazing , count me in ! <3
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you know i’m inch rested!
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ayy ayy might have to actually come back to tnw for this <3 <3
will probs be kinda slow to reply  ⸺  [ dump ]

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I'd love to bring Alexios back in cod <3
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