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donate to our server!
« on: January 06, 2019, 11:31:07 PM »
As per usual with most sites, our site runs off contributions from members like you - and here is the perfect place to do it. Thanks to Felix for putting this whole concept together!

As of right now, our funds/invoices are stored and made through Truce's personal PayPal, all transactions are carefully noted and you can be assured your donation will go directly to the site. If you do not feel comfortable donating to a personal PayPal (or donating at all), that's perfectly fine, and there is no requirement or pressure to donate!

If you donate and are interested, we have rewards! Some of these are works in progress, but we'll keep notes on who receives who. Our current rewards are:

• For every $1 donated, you will receive 10,000 bones.
• For every $5 donated, you will receive the ability to sticky 1 certain thread for 1 month.
• For every $10 donated, you will receive a shop item worth 100,000 bones or below.
• For every $10 donated, you will receive a prefix for fandom/other roleplay.
• For every $30 donated, you will receive the ability to add a fandom/other roleplay board, similarly to the established backboard.
• For every $30 donated, you will receive ability to move an established backboard to the front.
• If you'd prefer to not receive an item/ability, let us know and we will give you the bone equivalent of the money donated!

IMPORTANT: When you click 'next' after showing how much you would like to donate, you should see a text field to give us a note. Let us know your BB username, so we can reward you! If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, that's perfectly fine! We will not be posting PayPal names.

PayPal information will be kept strictly confidential, and will only be seen by Truce.

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