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hello! i'm marsy, aka the one who procrastinates too much and then stresses out when they only have five minutes to get something done. i have severe anxiety, but it's gotten a lot better, and i'm even thinking about joining drama at my school! i've always had passions for most of the arts, including drawing, music, and acting. i've also always had a deep love for nature and all of its inhabitants, and i am a strong believer in nonviolence, but also self-defense when it is called for. i'm white - specifically irish and german (so basically i am Extra Fuckin White) - and i've lived in iowa my whole life, but my biggest dream is to travel the whole u.s.; but especially to other countries. i'm a sixeen year-old junior who is non-binary, but i haven't come out to my parents yet for some reasons, and i am pansexual, panromantic. i prefer they/them pronouns, please!!

as a final note, i'd like anyone who is reading this to know that i am always here for you if you need to get something of your chest, or if you just want to chat! feel free to shoot me a pm, and if you're comfortable with it, you could give me your skype and we could communicate there, too! (you could also shoot me an e-mail, if you're comfortable with that!!) i love you, you're amazing, and i hope you lead the beautiful and fulfilling life you deserve. <3

i give it all, and when i fall, i get up and give some more
xvi. aka marsy. leo sun. she/he/they. full of love, anger, & anxiety. sad 'n' dumb but trying their best.

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February 18, 2018, 04:36:08 AM

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