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project name poll — feedback needed (last minute votes needed; closing soon)

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So I have a little project in the works, I won't get too into it right now, but I'm trying to figure out the best title for it.   The general theme is just a cozy sort of feel and aesthetic appeal.   When I was thinking of names, my brain just said 'Comforting Written', which is not grammatically correct, so you can see we were off to a great start.   There might be too many options, so I'm so sorry.

How this will works:

Pick whichever gives you that nice cozy, comforted feeling.   Think these are all bad or just enjoy making up titles?   Recommend me another one!

I also saw the Danish word 'hygge', but I don't know how I'd use that

dandle and lion is cute AF ok

I love dandle & lion

dandle and lion and cosset and dandle are so cuTE

thank you all for your nice comments and feedback!


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