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Update Archives
« on: January 24, 2017, 01:03:16 AM »
Though bigger announcements may very well get their own thread, this thread will store the updates you see up in the header, simply to help in case you've been gone for a while and want to know what little things you've missed!

Spoiler: January 2017 updates • show

Update 1/24: Hey all, it's Fangs. Sorry about the site going down again, we're still waiting on upgrading our plan with the site host. We're getting very close to the full release, all we need now is a few more guides and bb is ready! We ask you to please refrain from posting anywhere while the team works as quick as we can to get everything ready for you guys - that's why we locked the main chat. For now, stay tuned. It won't be long!

UPDATE 1/24 The staff team is happy to announce that Bearbones is officially open! Although the site is not completely polished and done, it's open nevertheless! If you come across any errors or glitches, be sure to PM a staff member. Be sure to check out the site rules before hopping in (there's a very important note about subaccounts/seperate accounts there.) If you have any questions, feel free to post in the Helping Hub, or PM a staff member!

UPDATE 1/26 Hey guys, Eskie here! The staff team is continuing our work on the site, trying to improve and polish the site! Currently, we're going through the shop and trying to specify things (especially bodies!) and find a balance in pricing and a way to allow some premade characters to easily purchase exactly what makes them themselves- so stay tuned for that! We have also added a staff request board where you can report bugs, give suggestions, have threads moved, etc. as the threads are being made for that! We are still trying to get some clans and groups going due to busy schedules, but by this weekend, they should all be officially running with secure leaders! That's all for now, guys! Love you all <3

UPDATE 1/28 Hey guys, Eskie here! The staff team has just edited/added some more specific animal bodies to the store, so be sure to check them out to ensure you're purchasing the right item! Additionally, we have decided if you have roleplayed a character on another site before coming to Bearbones, you may be eligible to be reimbursed for store powers/bodies! If interested, click here! Also, please vote for whether there should be gathering for the main warriors game here! That's all for now, guys! <3

Spoiler: february 2017 • show

UPDATE 2/3 Hey guys, Eskie here! As you can see (I hope!) we have a new theme! Aporia and I have decided to surprise you with this new theme! We really hope you like it, but if you prefer the old theme, no worries! You now have the option to select whichever theme you'd like. Additionally, the reimbursement of premade character powers/bodies is still going on, so hurry if you'd like to partake in this, as it will be unavalible as of Feb. 17th! Check it out!

UPDATE 2/05 Hey guys, Eskie here! Just a really quick announcement to let everyone know we now have a feature parallel to the unsubscribe option- now you can simply decide to ignore (unsubscribe) a topic so it no longer shows in your updated threads section! You can all thank Aporia for this!!

UPDATE 2/06 Also, check out the Loner Lands in the Warriors Board! Thanks for the suggestion! ~junker

UPDATE 2/07 Hey there, it's Junker! Today we're announcing our contest for designing graphics to advertise BB! check it out, submitting earns you points!

Also, the default theme will be changing, so be sure to voice your opinion to what colors it should be here! - Eskie

UPDATE 2/10 Hey guys, Eskie here! We'd like to apologize for all the changing of the themes, but we're striving hard to create a theme for most all of what y'all've requested in the past and now, but it's hard to please everyone, so please be patient with us! Once all themes are finished, a poll will be made to determine the default theme- in the meantime, you still have the option to choose from a variety of themes (and I've just added the original pink one back.) I'm still coding themes, so be sure to voice your opinion to what colors you'd like to see in any future themes here! Staff still has many other things to do while we try to maintain activity, but afterwards we'll be mass-advertising, so be sure to tell your friends about us too!

another update from felix! We have a pressing need for your feedback HERE on the new theme design! Really appreciate absolutely any comments! Thanks!

Hey guys, it's felix! For now we're going back to Vaux as a default theme, this is just because we're still working on fixing the login issue! it should work fine here. you're free to switch to use mauves when logged in, of course!
We still are very much in need of everyone's feed back HERE on our themes! Please comment!

UPDATE 2/18 hey there! felix here--just added a new guide, our get started guide! check it out!

We still are very much in need of everyone's feed back HERE on our themes! Please comment!

Eskie here! I'd also like to say staff is currently addressing the inactive leader issue, so expect an announcement about that soon!
The maintenance mode tries for installing more mods went unsuccessfully due to unexpected errors while installing these features. The only way they'd safely work is by drastically downgrading our version of SMF, leading to a multitude of errors. We're still trying to fix this, as we know these features are important!

Eskie here! The login error has been fixed thanks to Fangs, so it's been set as the default theme again! The width of it also has been edited to fit better, and I'm still editing some things y'all've asked for! <3

Spoiler: march 2017 • show

UPDATE 3/04 Hey guys, Eskie here! We are now actively searching for replacements for inactive clan leaders. Leaders that are being demoted are being alerted beforehand, (there aren't many- don't worry.) and we are now searching for the next in line active HP, but if the clan has none, a thread will soon be linked trying out for leader positions. More will be coming soon! We're trying to keep y'all as updated as possible as this happens.

Clans/groups that will soon have a new leader: Badlands, St. Peter's, BloodClan, and ThunderClan.

Update: All groups and clans above do not seem to have a HP next in line that is still active. We will be making a thread for leader tryouts, so if you're interested, stay tuned!

UPDATE 3/26 Hey guys! The leader tryouts to replace inactive leaders has been made for both TNW and Warriors groups! Check it out and apply!

I'm also currently working on a new theme to incorporate both the vaux, mauves, and default features y'all have mentioned to us!

UPDATE 3/31 Hey guys! Sorry for the downtime- our server plan again hit it's max. Fortunately, we're planning to upgrade again to a better plan through a collective donation plan, so expect some future news about that. Again, we're so sorry!

The leader tryouts to replace inactive leaders has been made for both TNW and Warriors groups! Check it out and apply!

A new theme has been made and is now set as the site default now! Give your opinions on it here!

ALSO: Mass advertising will be starting officially tomorrow by the staff team! We urge everyone to invite friends to bearbones as well. From now on, our main focus will be increasing activity and incorporating more interactive events and options for y'all!

Spoiler: april 2017 • show

UPDATE 4/04 The leader tryouts to replace inactive leaders has been made for both TNW and Warriors groups! Check it out and apply! Friday, April 7th, these group leaders will be announced!


you may have to change your post editor settings! check here for info ~firebird

UPDATE 4/17 NEW FEATURE: More genders have been added! Currently, only transgender and intersex options have been added, but I'm actively looking for a way to add more!

You may have encountered an error when viewing threads, and this was simply due to editing the coding to remove a couple thread buttons (the print and send topic through email options) so we can make room for future options I'll be trying to install soon. Sorry about the errors, though they should no longer be an issue! ~Eskie

NOTICE: As of tomorrow, I will be starting to manually enter and edit codes to install mods such as (more genders, subaccounts, bookmarks, and default templates) this will likely cause a few errors, so be aware! The site may temporarily be put into maintenance mode, so don't worry! Just expect a few goofs here and there.

NEW FEATURES: 4/20: Bookmarks have been added! Unfortunately, without folder options, but bookmarks nevertheless! Let me know if you experience any issues- just shoot me (Eskie!) a PM! :^)

4/19: Board Icons have been added! They're a WIP for now; each group will be able to make and submit their own image for their board. More info on this will be added soon, as well as custom board headers! A thread will soon be made about these features!

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