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Hey, Una here! I recently brought another character onto the site and I'm looking to see if anyone's interested in playing her close friend/work partner/future s/o. The only requirements with this is that you keep his name, Chris Redfield and that he isn't in the same group as Jill is for the time being. Eventually, they'll be in the same group as each other. Everything else is free game, from what he looks like to his personality, etc! If you're interested, feel free to message me or say something here!

As for a bit of his history with Jill, they were partners in the same police unit and became good friends overtime. The two were separated and lost contact with each other. They won't reunite for a little while, but when they do, it'll be a bittersweet reunion for the two, I would imagine.

Track on Jill's sub.

this seems fun, i'd be into it :0

Alright! :0 I'll make a thread where we can plan things for these two in a min, so we don't flood this thread!


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