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Welcome to Flintlock Lodge's update thread for all current plots! This thread is designed to keep track of the plots which are presently taking place in Flintlock Lodge, allowing for new members (or current members who are feeling a little lost!) to jump right into plots with minimal confusion.

(Updated 23rd September 2021)

• Tensions are rising between Flintlock Lodge and The Badlands after The Badlands appeared to backhandedly threaten their alcohol production because Flintlock's success is at the detriment of The Badlands' business. Since then, there was an incident where lager kegs in Flintlock Lodge were poisoned by Salem (penned by Cas) in The Badlands, causing many Flintlockers to grow very ill.

As well as that, the Captain's cousin — coincidentally the owner of the bar in Flintlock's village — was killed when he was sent to assassinate a notorious criminal figurehead who was denying Flintlock Lodge the opportunity to trade due to the reputation of the Captain in the criminal world. This was the same figurehead responsible for protecting The Badlands' Administration after the father of the Knope brothers stole from a barbaric drug cartel, killing some of their workforce in the process, and the death of the figurehead compromised The Badlands' safety.

The Badlands viewed this as a direct attack on them so they, more than ever, want to crush Flintlock Lodge's alcohol production as the vendetta has since become personal.

Spoiler: past updates • show

15th December 2020

• The war between Flintlock Lodge and Bluestem Prairie is imminent after Bluestem Prairie sent explosives to Flintlock Lodge. Fortunately, the explosives did not detonate, and so Flintlock Lodge detained the Rancher that brought the explosives to them. This created controversy as the trader was, in fact, only a young boy.

Bluestem Prairie carried out a rescue mission in order to retrieve the apprehended Rancher, killing three Flintlockers in the process, including the Captain's own brother. Due to this, Flintlock Lodge wish to stop Bluestem Prairie and their brutal regime once and for all.

To do so, the Captain ordered for all vulnerable members of Flintlock Lodge to be evacuated to Northstar District until further notice. Now that the vulnerable are safe from harm, Flintlock is planning on retaliating — not mercilessly like Bluestem Prairie, but in a cunning way that will diffuse Bluestem Prairie before they can create any more bloodshed.

29th August 2020

• Back in April, an NPC named Aiden was on patrol with several characters when Elijah (Penned by Vix) accidentally shot and killed her. Joey (Penned by Scully) witnessed the murder and Elijah manipulated her into helping him bury the body from fear of being exiled or punished for his crime. They covered their tracks well and the rest of Flintlock Lodge presumed Aiden missing. Frequent search parties were sent out in order to locate the woman, Eddie (Penned by Truce) taking it very personally as Aiden was his brother's girlfriend.

In early August, Aiden's body was eventually found, buried nearby where she was last seen and, under these suspicious circumstances, Eddie claimed that her death was the result of a homicide. Recruiting a bounty hunter named Danny (Penned by Bryne), Eddie has taken this murder incredibly seriously, beginning to investigate further along with several other members. Flintlock Lodge is in a very tense and stressful situation where all members are aware that the murderer is among them within the group, and they realise that Eddie won't stop until the killer is found.

• After opening the newly renovated village to the general population, there has been an increase of suspicious faces and activity in the village. Despite members' concerns, Eddie is refusing to take their concerns any further.

If your character has an upcoming or current plot which isn't listed on this thread, feel free to PM me (truce.) so that I can add it to the list!

Thank you to Hootowls for coming up with this idea!
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